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How Music Streaming Can Change the Future of DJs

Kono Vidovic November 15, 2019 517

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Technology is continuously evolving, and it has been affecting various types of industries. The music industry, particularly the world of DJing, has also caught of with the technological changes. Whether its professional DJs or hobby DJs at home, it has been said that these advancements in music streaming can benefit them a lot.

From the early days of spinning vinyl to using CDs, the digital revolution is given the power to make up for party music. As the times have changed, music is now integrating streaming into the software used by most DJs. But what does this actually mean for DJs and DJing?

The Revolution of Music Streaming

There is no denying how massive music streaming has become. As internet speed has increased all over the world, the desire for instant media has been boosted. Just like Netflix for films and series, the music industry also joined the game with Spotify being the leader in music streaming.

During the days when using CDs were the norm, the Internet has been home for piracy (remember Napster and Soulseek in the early days), and the music industry was forced to adapt to change, and streaming was seen as the solution.

In music streaming, the listeners do not directly own any of the music that they play, but they now have unlimited access to millions of songs at a much lower price. For instance you can get a Spotify premium subscription starting at $9,99 per month. As DJs need to be in-the-know on the latest music releases, it makes sense that DJs become part of the streaming revolution.

dj music streaming

How DJs Can Use Music Streaming Services

Music streaming for DJs is one of the many subscription-based services that allows them to organize their music catalog with folders, tags, and categories using an app like the ones from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal among others. Access to the music also comes with offline playback, so there would be no problems in case the network connection gets spotty. This setup is disruptive, and it offers an excellent alternative for buying tracks and downloading.

For proper self care, though, DJs must not forget to buy comfortable contact lenses as an additional protection for their eyes. But, they should observe the right use and maintenance, especially when they use their software in their laptops for hours on end. Also ear hearing protection needs to be in order when you play on gigs as a DJ as sound can get loud and damage your hearing over time. In that case it’s always a good thing to get your self some quality earplugs.

For instance, one of the first music streaming platforms is SoundCloud. They have been the home of many established and independent artists for sharing their music to their listeners. This hub showcases 200 million tracks, and this alone can be an effective goldmine for many DJs to discover new music and maintain and follow the music they like. For a stronger alternative, the company is now offering SoundCloud Go+, which gives its subscribers download access to subscribers, which can also be connected to various DJing software for easy access.

The Benefits of Music Streaming for DJs

The most significant benefit of using a streaming service is the immense amount of music a person will have access to. For a DJ’s lifestyle, discovering new music is an integral part of the business. DJs are always looking for the next big track that the crowd will absolutely rave for. By subscribing to a music streaming service, access to hundreds of millions of records would be a fantastic bonus.

Additionally, DJing is about expressing oneself and creativity. Having a limited budget can hamper the DJ’s ability to play around, explore, and experiment. But, if a DJ chooses a monthly subscription from a music streaming service, there will be no limits to art and expression. If you compare buying or downloading per song to subscribing to a streaming service, you will end up saving so much money in the long run.

Additionally, for DJs who have weddings, birthdays, or specific party gigs, having a streaming service can significantly help to accommodate song requests by streaming it in the DJ software.

Possible Cons Of Using Streaming Services

Like everything in this world, using streaming services can also come with a few drawbacks.

First, music streaming services require an internet connection. This can be easy or hard depending on the area, but this is a minimal problem as the world is now even more heavily connected. But, of course, DJs should still consider possible remote locations, internet dead spots, and connective emergencies. For this matter, it is still essential to have a supply of backup tracks in case something goes wrong.

Another potential problem for DJs is that streaming can be a little overwhelming to learn for some. It can be helpful to have access to more songs than you can count, and it can be fun to play something different every night, but the comfort of having a signature song selection can be hindered by too many changes. This can be a harder practice, especially for beginner DJs. 

music streaming for dj's

Is Music Streaming The Future For DJs?

Though there’s no denying that there are cons for streaming, the advantages outnumber the drawbacks. Digital DJing is where it’s at, especially since the music industry continues to expand and evolve. More software applications and streaming services are available to the market, and there’s nowhere to go but up. Even though there are still a lot vinyl DJ’s that combine the best of both worlds. You can even hook up Serato or Vinyl Scratch on your SL 1200 MK7 or any of these other modern turntables and connect them with music streaming services, and do some 12” crate digging on the side. The future is looking bright for DJs, and both professionals and beginners must give this a try! 

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