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Will McGiven March 9, 2015 102

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Kill Creativity

Came across this great article on the TRUE ACTIVIST site via my favourite media site THE ANTI MEDIA.

Having grown up attending a school where the teachers were more concerned with controlling a class as to not get verbally or Physically abused, I’m not sure if I’m the best guy to comment on Ken Robinson’s views! However, I can so relate to this article in regards to teachers encouraging you to think differently, think outside of the box, even just encouraging you to do something you excel in. I was a top athlete getting great distances in Long Jump & Triple jump, as well as good times in sprinting but I had no encouragement whatsoever from my teachers. When I mentioned to my careers advisor that I wanted to be an athlete she literally laughed and said we are here to be realistic! This was 1989! At least my English literature talent was recognised when I was asked to study Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare on my own as the class was so disruptive!!

This encouragement and backing is only the tip of the iceberg though and I don’t want my experience to shy away from this dictatorial preparation for societies “Mind Control” within our education system. I felt that The True Activists original headline was a bit misleading: ” THIS IS HOW EDUCATION CAN KILL CREATIVITY”. Personally I don’t feel education kills creativity but the system and curriculum it has dictated to it does.

We already know how the media can control everything from what you see, how you see it and regularly go as far as to say what your opinion should be about numerous news and life stories. But here, Ken Robinson highlights how this method of mind/society control starts at a much younger age. I’ll let you digest it for yourself and I’d love to know what you think.


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By Will McGiven

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Will McGiven

A 38 Year old DJ & Radio presenter from Derby, UK. My musical philosophy: "My music is designed to invigorate peoples perceptions of genre's of music......Taking you out of a tunnel vision approach to music, walking down a new path that leads beyond the perceptive boundaries your mind makes about music" I have presented my definitive and different shows for 6 years now, incorporating elements of Electronica/Jazz/Soul/Deep house/Intelligent Drum & Bass/ Folk/soundtrack/Dub Step/Ambient....and many more styles of music. So im now proud to have been asked by the Dirty Disco Guru, Kono Vidovic, to join their amazing global brand. Ill always be looking to bring definitive music directly to you as well as articles on Politics , Art & Design. Not the same old articles either!! Articles that challenge your perceptions on how society is. EMAIL: feelthevibe09@hotmail.co.uk

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