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How to make a Podcast

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How to make a Podcast.

how to make a podcastFor over 3 years and more than 180 Episodes of our international podcast and radioshow Dirty Disco Radio you can say i know how to make a podcast. When i started doing this i didn’t know anything about making podcasts and everything that comes looking around the corner doing so. I crawled around here on the web and feeded myself with enough information to get myself started on making podcasts. I’ve been DJ’ing since 90’s so before we are going to start this article is not going to explain how to DJ or how to make a proper mix. We are way beyond that now. I’m going to explain you how to make a podcast assuming you know how to record a proper DJ mix, even though a podcast doesn’t have to be filled with music it can also be a podcast where you talk about a something.

What is a podcast?

To be clear about something, in my opinion a podcast is not just a DJ mix uploaded tot the web, that’s just a DJ mix or DJ set or Liveset how ever you want to call it. A podcast should contain something extra for an example like a hosted radioshow, where you play music and presented the music to the listener with additional information, having guest DJ’s and interviews and such. Or a show where you talk about a specific subject. It’s easy to just record a mix and call it a podcast.

But since we at Dirty Disco run a podcast where i play you a fresh mix with new tracks every week and where i present you artists and new music we are looking at the matter from our point of view and experience.

Let’s start.

1. A theme, Subject and format.

The very first thing to do before you start recording and working on your podcast is to have a format.
What is your podcast about? Choose a subject, and how are you going to make the podcast sound like? are you going to have different items in a longer show or are you going to talk about one subject for 15 minutes?

Before you start you should have a format. Things you can do is to write your format down on a paper, note everything down, this way you can keep track of what you are doing and being consistent in every new podcast episode.

  • What is your podcast subject? Choose something that you love and are passionate about.
  • How is your podcast intro going to sound? This is the branding part of your podcast.
  • How long will your podcast be?
  • How frequently will you make and upload a new podcast?
  • How is your artwork going to look like?

2. Equipment & Software.

The next step in how to make a podcast and once you have an idea of how your podcast format and concept will look like you are ready for the next step. In the 2nd step it’s all about the equipment that you need to make a podcast.
With the abundance of technology there are nowadays so many possibilities to record audio and even video, but we are going to do it the most common and probably the easiest way.

What do you need to record a podcast?
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You want to talk to your listeners right? so you’ll need a Professional Microphone, why professional? because listeners want quality and you want to stand out, so to record your voice properly you need a high quality professional microphone and the best pop filter, this can be a USB or Analog microphone there are several brands and models on the market that are complying, And you really don’t have to be afraid that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on a good quality microphone.

The very next thing that you need is some piece of equipment that can record your voice and process it. Let’s say we use a computer for this, This is where you connect your Microphone with and with the use of some proper software you will be able to record your voice.

There are so many software apps and programs out there to fill your needs in this, so depending on what you want to do exactly you can go out there and choose the best podcast software for your needs, Here at Dirty Disco we use Ableton Live together with Sony Soundforge, In Ableton we record everything, and since we play music we can edit our Jingle’s, Intro’s and the music in Ableton Live, My advice would also be to use Ableton if you want to go beyond just a simple recording of something that you want to say, Ableton gives you the total freedom to manipulate your voice in every single way, the enhance it and make it sound better by compressing it and other effects that you can use in Ableton Live, Next to Ableton we Use Sony’s Soundforge to export the .wav file that Abelton creates to a .mp3 file. Next to this Soundforge has amazing other capabilities, if you are just looking for a piece of software to record your voice Sony’s Soundforge can be your tool.

Publish your podcast

Now that you have your podcast recorded and you know how to make a podcast it’s time to get it out there on the world wide web and get listeners to listen to your podcast.
Once again also in this part of how to create a podcast and starting a podcast there are so many options to choose from, nowadays with the free internet radio and the big podcast directory out there, there are a lot of people that want to start a podcast and even more people are looking for a podcast download. Again the reasons why you should stand out with your podcasting.

So you need to publish your podcast and there are several options, i,m going to talk about the 4 most common ways of publishing a podcast, some of them are easy and you might already know them but some other require some more skill.

The easiest and probably fastest way to get your podcast out on the web are the popular platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, both very good in what they do and quite similar but there is a difference.


Soundcloud is a very good platform to upload your own music and to promote it, you can also use it to upload your podcast as there are thousands of DJ mixes and other podcasts, next to that when you have your audio file uploaded to Soundcloud you can easily embed the Soundcloud player accros the web, gain followers and likes and promote your podcast in every single way. A very good place to upload your podcast, but! Soundcloud is a strange company as they got famous through the years by DJ’s uploading their mixes and artists their music Soundcloud has a very strict copyright policy, so when it comes to playing music from others in your podcast this can be tricky. Soundcloud is some how owned by the policy of the biggest music record labels on the world like Universal Records and Warner so what they want Soundcloud does. You can upload your podcast or Dj mix the Soundcloud and never hear a thing about copyrights, but one day everything can chance and I’m talking from experience, if you upload a new podcast every week the chances that there is music in it with copyright protected music in it is very big, most labels don’t deal with Soundcloud but if you have music from the bigger labels in it you are risking a copyright notice or even a copyright take down notice and when you get three of those notices your account wilt get deleted. But then again it’s worth the try.


Quite similar to soundcloud if you look at the interface of Mixcloud but there is a big big difference, Mixcloud does not accept tracks, Mixcloud is pure for Dj mixes, radio shows and podcasts, next to that Mixcloud pays the rights for the music to the artists and labels so that they never get to deal with copyright issues and bother you creative process with a copyright issue.

Mixcloud has the same option like Soundcloud when it comes to promoting your podcast, gaining likes, listeners and followers. You can also embed their player every where and use it on your own website or on your social channels to promote your podcast. The one and only disadvantage of Mixcloud is that it has not so many users as Soundcloud and it’s less popular too.

On soundcloud you can get a lot of more listeners and followers but on Mixcloud you never have to worry about copyright issues and take down notices, so you can lay all your eggs on Soundcloud risking the fact that years of building a fan base and followers there can one day be gone. That’s why i would advice to use them both, you can use your branding artwork and podcast description on both platforms if you get skilled in uploading your podcast every week or month you will see that it only takes minutes to put your podcast on those platforms so you might as well use them both.

Podcast directory

There are a lot of podcast directories and that makes it difficult to choose where to upload your podcast to. There are some bigger players like: Itunes, Libsyn, Blubrry, Stitcher.
Some of these directories also offer the complete podcasting package they can provide you podcast hosting, podcast advertisement (to earn money with your podcast) the whole package, but this is against a fee and mostly those fee’s are big, so the best way to create a podcast is to create it for free.


A directory where you really need to put your podcast in and most probably the best and most popular podcast directory is Itunes. Yeah indeed the Apple Itunes Store, go ahead and take a look, you how to make a podcastwill see that they have a complete podcast directory with thousands of podcast varying from music to comedy and business talk, from how to’s till podcasting for pregnant women. it’s all there why? becasue there are millions of people using the itunes store as a free podcast service. It takes a little bit of skill to get your podcast in the itunes store but it’s definately worth the effort, when your podcast is there you will right away see that a lot of people are listening to your podcast, it’s easy to subscribe to your podcast in itunes and it’s also very easy to download a podcast for Itunes users and even easier for Apple Iphone and Ipad users to download your podcast on their devices.

Itunes is a must to upload your podcast to, if their is enough interest in this article i will dedicate another article about how to get your podcast in the Itunes store, but first things first.

Next to Itunes there a lot of different options when it comes to a podcasting directory we can discuss them but my intention for this article is to get you going and explain you the basics of how to start a podcast. Once you know this and you get the hang of it you will find your way and see many possibilities in the world of podcasting.


Podcasting is a from of art, like making music or painting it’s about expression and passion. I hope my tips and information about podcasting gets you started and once again if there is enough interest in this article i will spend some more in depth articles on the different subjects of podcasting.

And please subscribe to our podcast by clicking on this link.

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