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Behind the Beats with Hudson’s Choice: Exploring the Tracks That Shaped a Dance Music Visionary.

Kono Vidovic April 16, 2024 50 2 5

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With his debut release dropping on the hallowed Delusions of Grandeur in a collaboration with label founder Jimpster, Scott Hudson makes a bang on Myatts Field.  Delivering four cuts of chug-esque dance matter, we are intrigued to know a little more about this young bubbler. We invite him to share some of the records that have been part of his musical education. It’s a great list from future house soldier that is Hudson’s Choice!

Hudson's Choice & Jimpster

1. D-Train – You’re the One for Me

This track was my introduction to dance music. My Dad had a hefty system at home (neighbours loved it) & D-Train were on a heavy rotation! 

Amazing memories of Me, My Dad, Mum & Brother all giving it flaring arms, air keys & sub-par vocals at home. I must have been as young as 3 when I first heard this record – Lucky kid!

2. The New Jersey Connection – Love Don’t Come Easy

Another family favourite. So much so that my first tattoo was actually from the cover of this record .. My Dad’s collection featured so much great Funk, Soul, Disco from the late 70’s / early 80’s – I would later discover all the wonders of this music & the links to The Paradise Garage etc!

3. Maze & Frankie Beverly – Twilight

Much to the gratitude of my Dad’s taste, I’ve been spinning this one my whole life.

I think this one was a game-changer for me – opened my ears musically for sure. It’s got a bit of everything & defo a curve-ball for Maze & Frankie Beverly!

I’ll still play it now & there’s always those one or two people who give the ‘nod’ of approval. Timeless sonics 🙂

4. Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions

Just wow. The first time I heard this I must have been 14/15 & it blew my mind and continues to do so now.

Much like the Maze record, this is still sounding incredible in 2024. Proper music with a powerful message!

5. Kurt Harmon Project – Comin Back (Prescription)

One of the first House records I bought when I was 19/20. Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson production with Kurt Harmon vocals – Blissful!

Thankful for pioneers such as these for putting endless amounts of incredible music into the world. From this point, I guess there was no looking back for me!

6. Moodymann – The Day We Lost The Soul (KDJ) 

I love this record for so many reasons. A tribute from a great, to another great of a different era. I love to hear the influences that one artist can have on future artists & how they perceive / re-construct their music in a different time 🙂

Listening to Moodymann tracks, you get this in abundance & it’s a bottomless pit of inspiration for anyone making electronic music – Or doing anything creative really.

7. Peven Everett – Put Your Back Into It ‘Quentin Harris Remix’ (Unified Records) 

Shout out MCDE Dekmantel Boiler room!

I’ve watched this Boiler room set a lot of times ha .. As a certified ‘scholar of the Boiler Room generation’ I’d find a lot of music in my late teens / early 20’s whilst dancing around a laptop screen. 

For me, this was also a big lesson in being able to play many different types of music alongside one another and still have them do the job in the dance 🙂

8. Pulse 8 – Radio Morocco (Johnny Rock Edit) 

Ah man, I’ve rinsed this one!

This record opened my ears to how club-ready music can draw influences from all different corners of the globe.

I love to hear this & it’s definitely something that we’ve tried to do in the Myatts Field EP.

9. Delano Smith – A Message For the DJ (Jimpster Red Light Remix)

Deep. House. From the masters .. 

If you’re making house music, this isn’t a bad place to start for inspiration.  Big up Delano, Jamie & all the producers still doing it to this level!

10. Hudson’s Choice & Franc Spangler – AcidMan 

To be releasing music alongside one of my idols feels absolutely mental.  I feel mad privileged to be able to spend time with & be guided by someone who has such an imprint on the thing we all love. 

The whole experience of putting out my debut release has been made so much more comfortable by the opportunity to do it alongside a proper living legend & a great friend / mentor! 


And that’s a wrap on today’s electrifying journey through the musical roots of Hudson’s Choice! We can’t thank Scott enough for sharing his inspiring stories and influential tracks with us. Don’t forget to check out his stunning debut, the ‘Myatts Field EP’, available now on Delusions of Grandeur. Tune in, turn it up, and let Hudson’s Choice take you on a mesmerizing sonic adventure. Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, keep your vibes high and your spirits higher!

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