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Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja | Music review + 4 free tracks.

Kono Vidovic June 16, 2020 468 42 5

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As the head honcho of Sundries and Lisztomania Records, Igor Gonya introduces today’s free download as his Kitchen Ninja EP. I prefer to refer to the terms ‘Studio Ninja’ or ‘Disco Ninja’ when we talk about the creator of these four well crafted Disco House tracks.

Igor Gonya, who’s behind the music?

Before we jump to the music i always like to look where the music is coming from and who is behind it. This not only gives the music another dimension when you listen to it. But also serves the common good in the electronic music industry as music inspires people from all angles.

Igor Goncharov a.k.a. Igor Gonya is a Russian DJ, music producer and label owner who runs a multitude of different labels showcasing and releasing music in a diversified field in electronic music. Some of the labels Igor runs are: Lisztomania Records and Sundries. if you listen to Dirty Disco on a regular base you most probably have heard me playing tracks coming from Igor Gonya and or his labels often as i included them in many shows.

I prefer to refer to the terms ‘Studio Ninja’ or ‘Disco Ninja’.

Kono Vidovic
Igor Gonya

Music from the soul & releases.

When we look at what Igor Gonya has done so far in music the list becomes extremely long. Not only running different labels and publishing platforms is what he does. As a passionate DJ and producer his list with music releases also got him a lot of attention.

Some of the labels he released music on are so to say ‘not the least in the industry’ and many of them frequently get played by me here in Dirty Disco. Examples of them are: the Mexican Discoweey label. From Valencia the House Music label theBasement Discos. London based Tropical Disco Records. Samosa Records, Sub Urban, Plastik People. This list can continue forever.

Let’s look at the overall music style Igor Gonya represents in his music productions, you can once again use my preferred term ‘Disco Ninja’ as most of his music breathes the modern Nu Disco and Disco House era where sampling well and lesser known Disco samples, as well as creating original Disco and Funky House grooves with funky guitars, lucious piano riffs and buzzing bass lines is of no ordinary for Igor Gonya.

Check out & follow Igor on these platforms:

Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja | Free Download.

His ability to produce quality Disco re-edits and remixes is once again proved with his most recent free to download EP” Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja. The EP includes 4 free tracks that take you on a all inclusive non-stop Disco House journey.

A big fish ready to get cut up in Igor’s Kitchen.

Kono Vidovic

As you see and could hear for yourself by using the Soundcloud audio player here above, there are four beautiful tracks on the ‘Kitchen Ninja EP’ by Igor Gonya. Let’s break them down one by one starting with the main title track.

  • Kitchen Ninja: He may or he may not created this in his Kitchen as some producers refer to the studio by using words as ‘The lab’ i can imagine Igor refers to his studio by using ‘Kitchen’ as a metaphor. (we might ask him once in an future interview) Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja is what you call a perfect opener for this EP as well as for entering the dance floor. Energetic horns, a soulful electric piano and dreamy vocals take you on a little sophisticated introductory ride into the funky disco mind of the creator.
  • Cotton Candy Knockout: Slowly but steady a dope filtered Disco sample fades in. Together with the beat and percussion it works up a few bars into the very first break where you can witness the soul sample from one of the most successful hits by The Temptations – My Girl from 1964.
  • Smiling Sturgeon: The Funk just got delivered! Modern Disco in House Music is often more or less a blend off the Soul, Funk, Disco and Jazz styles. Smiling Sturgeon delivers that authentic Funk vibe in a House jacket. As the tune itself describes this is a big fish ready to get cut up in Igor’s Kitchen.
  • Swinging Hammock: Right from the start the solid 4 x 4 kick drum with rhythmic percussion elements stands out. As slowly a happy feel good synth melody enters and makes space for a soulful vocal about love. Swinging Hammock is a solid groove with that iconic modern Disco vibe.

Grab your copy and enjoy.

Now that you know about Igor Gonya – Kitchen Ninja and how i feel about the music. It’s time to leave all things aside and get you a copy of this free EP. Just fill in your email address in the box below. Press subscribe to get on my newsletter so i can send you a free download every week from here on. Once you press subscribe the links to the free download appear here below.

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