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In the Mix: An Exclusive Deep Dive with Club Soda on Their ‘Basso e Batteria’ EP

Kono Vidovic June 8, 2023 81 3 5

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant Italian electronic music scene with the compelling trio, Club Soda, based at the intersection between Bologna and Rimini. With Nicola on bass, Simone working the drums and samplers, and Filippo masterfully handling keys, this inventive team creates a captivating blend of bass, drums, and keys.

The trio hails from Flexi, a shop turned label, opened in ’84 and born in 2016 respectively, that’s long been a beacon for DJs and record enthusiasts with a fondness for warm, soulful sounds of disco, acid jazz, and house. Flexi Cuts consistently releases a dazzling array of music from talented artists worldwide, and now Club Soda is next in line.

Their latest EP, ‘Basso e Batteria’, is a musical tapestry that seamlessly interweaves soulful disco, acid jazz, and house. Join us as we delve deeper with Club Soda into their creative process and the journey behind the creation of this enthralling EP.

Club Soda – Basso E Batteria (Original Vocal).

Basso e Batteria is a track that was born almost 2 years ago during a live session in the studio. The main idea was to make a song that takes you on a journey and a vibe… We have used this often during the closing of our live performances.

Only last winter we decided to arrange it (intro-break-and son on), with the collaboration of Sara Loreni who wrote the lyrics and she sang it amazingly well!

The drums are a 909 Roland, accompanied by some grooves/breaks on the sampler the Akai MPC. The pads (seventh chord) is from the Micro-Korg along with of course our beloved Yamaha DX7, in addition we find the Pocket Piano arpeggio (powerful little synth!). The bass turn is nice and raw, “resting” on the rhythm in a very classy way. 

The end result was …. “Basso e Batteria”. It’s an important piece for us that we hope will make it to the playlists and turntables of many!

Gin Tonic (Studio Jam Edit)

Originally this track was not supposed to be on the EP, however, we decided to put it as the second original (A2) because it fully represents the Club Soda world, and it features all the elements that characterize our jam sessions, and the “way” in which studio pieces are created.

Gino Tonic (Studio Jam Edit): Simone started with a looped sample of sampled congas, and Nicola played over the bass line. Filippo finally stretched out the mat on the groove with his DX-7 with an elegant key theme…and that’s it…all improvisation!

Basso E Batteria (Cristalli Liquidi Remix)

From Bottin aka Cristalli Liquidi

My idea was to augment the Balearic vibe of the original without resorting to retro ambient-house elements or Latin percussion. I set out to explore a ‘futuristic Balearic’ sound that combines four-on-the-floor pulsation with a more syncopated breakbeat-driven groove processed with a vocoder. To make the track less predictable I used hypermetric groupings of 6 bars (instead of the canonic 4). Finally, I aimed to retain a ‘song’ mood without having to fit in all the vocal parts and lyrics, (verses, chorus etc), so I created up some micro-hooks by re-assembling very short bits of the verses, cutting some words short or playing single syllables with a sampler. 

This turned the original narrative singing into a repetitive chant which doesn’t overshadow the instrumental parts. Overall, this project gave me the opportunity to try something I hadn’t personally done before.

Basso E Batteria (Hill Lost Dub  Mix)

From Alessio Collina aka Hill

When I listened to the original version of “Basso e Batteria” by Club Soda, I immediately thought about a dub version with less voice and more groove, a mix for Clubs. 

When i started to work on it everything came out very natural, from the late bass to the dreamy leads combined with the long vocal sample.

Basso E Batteria (Relative Reprise) Digi Bonus

From Simone Guerra aka Relative

While working on the mix of the Basso e Batteria Original Version, feeling the precious material I had…I decided to arrange a slightly more chill-out remix, enhancing some things left behind in the other versions. 

I dropped Sara’s voice, added a played piano chord, raised the arpeggio, added the sound of the sea…. and mixed in a few elements to create just such a “reprise” atmosphere that in my opinion beautifully completes the EP! 

My final end words.

After taking this detailed journey through ‘Basso e Batteria’ EP with Club Soda, it is clear that the trio have a unique voice and a talent for creating music that invites listeners into their sonic world. Each track showcases their creativity, improvisation skills, and their ability to blend different music styles. We are deeply grateful to Club Soda for giving us a glimpse into their artistic process, and we are certain that this EP will find its way to numerous playlists and turntables. Be sure to check out ‘Basso e Batteria’ and immerse yourself in Club Soda’s incredible musical universe.

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