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Inside Siggatunez’s Sound: A Journey Through House Music with 7 tracks.

Kono Vidovic July 14, 2023 160 5 5

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In the ever-evolving world of House music, few artists embody the genre’s heart and soul quite like Berlin-based DJ, producer, and live performer, Siggatunez. With his recent release ‘Live Cutz’ making waves on his own Gooey Traxx imprint, Siggatunez’s blend of rhythm, soul, and innovative beats is setting the stage for the next era of House music. We have the privilege of chatting with the maestro himself about his musical journey, from the first beats that inspired him to his innovative approach to his craft. Dive in as Siggatunez shares seven pivotal tracks from his career that have shaped and defined his unique sound.


Presenting Siggatunez.

“I am Siggatunez, a DJ, producer, and live artist for contemporary House Music hailing from Berlin. With a profound connection to the rich tapestry of American Funk and Soul music from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as a deep appreciation for the vibrant sounds of the US Golden Age Hip-Hop era of the 1990s, my musical repertoire draws inspiration from these influential genres…”

Siggatunez- “Latenight Tale”-Traxx Underground 2016

“Latenight Tale” is a notable inclusion within my “Street Sessions EP,” signifying a pivotal milestone in my artistic journey as it represents my inaugural EP released under a different label, for which I am profoundly grateful. This composition garnered significant acclaim, playing a pivotal role in my artistic development and growth. “Latenight Tale” seamlessly intertwines a selection of meticulously crafted samples, expertly manipulated using my trusty MPC, thereby encapsulating the sonic aesthetics that defined my artistic vision during that period.   

Siggatunez- “Rush Hour”-Times Are Ruff 2019

“Rush Hour” serves as a prominent inclusion within a split EP  produced by myself and Times Are Ruff. This collaborative endeavor allowed Pete from TAR and me to discover our shared workspace within the same building, instigating a series of ongoing cooperative efforts. “Rush Hour” represents a sample-based composition, crafted through meticulous chopping techniques, exemplifies the quintessential characteristics synonymous with Siggatunez’s distinctive musical style. 

Siggatunez- “Listen”-Housewax 2019

“Listen” serves as the primary single on my debut EP released under the esteemed Rawax/Housewax label. This meticulously crafted house track embodies a minimalistic essence, specifically tailored to amplify the energetic ambiance of a club setting. It is worth noting that the composition exclusively comprises original content, with each sound meticulously recorded and meticulously synthesized from its inception.  

Saved My Live- “The Time Is Over (Dub)”-Downtown Romeo Records 2019

“Saved My Life” is a collaborative endeavor headed up by myself and my friend Constantin Sankathi. Our joint efforts are dedicated to curating and enhancing exceptionally rare edits, primarily focusing on Brazilian and Italian Funk and Disco compositions. With utmost enthusiasm, we embarked on our latest endeavor, “Time Is Over,” which showcases our initial foray into crafting original content while incorporating carefully selected samples. The central objective behind “Time Is Over” was to fashion a captivating composition that strikes a harmonious balance between soothing tranquility and dynamic energy. To accomplish this, we harmoniously melded timeless drum patterns derived from a mechanical instrument with the invitingly organic ambiance generated by meticulously chosen samples. 

Rayne-“Gaze” (Siggatunez Lost In The Moment Mix)-Kaleido Records 2022

My acquaintance, Rayne, approached me to craft a remix for two of the tracks featured in her inaugural release. In the case of the track titled “Gaze,” I endeavored to keep the essence of the original composition, while seamlessly transitioning it into a club-oriented context. 

MJB- “Affairs” (Siggatunez’ Live Dub)-Doodlegz 2022

The Live Dub rendition of MJB’s “Affairs” is derived from my existing live set and is typically offered as a supplementary track. However, owing to considerable demand, I decided to produce it on a limited edition white label. 

Gooey-”Wonder” (Siggatunez Edit)-Gooey Editz 2023

“Wonder” is a reinterpretation of a renowned song that is likely familiar to all listeners. This rendition prominently features a plethora of percussion elements, which, owing to the original recording from the 1970s, are predominantly concentrated on one side. I employed meticulous programming techniques to introduce an array of supplementary drum sounds. In line with my overarching approach to editing, I endeavored to preserve the inherent atmosphere and sonic qualities of the original composition. Simultaneously, I incorporated contemporary production methodologies to enhance its suitability for seamless integration within the vibrant ambiance of a disco or house setting within a club environment. 


My final words.

It’s evident that Siggatunez’s passion for the art is deeply embedded in every beat he produces, every track he remixes, and every live set he performs. His continuous exploration and respect for music, both past and present, are what sets him apart in a crowded industry. As we’ve journeyed through these significant milestones in his career, it’s clear to see how Siggatunez is shaping the future of House music.

As we close this intriguing chapter, we encourage you to continue following Siggatunez’s musical journey. Check out ‘Live Cutz’ on Gooey Traxx and stay tuned to his channels for more unique, groundbreaking house music. Keep the rhythm alive, keep dancing, and most importantly, keep exploring the mesmerizing world of Siggatunez’s music.

Thank you for joining us in this insightful exploration. Your passion for music, like ours, fuels this industry, and together, we continue to build and shape the landscape of House music.

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