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Interview with Naz: The Rising Star of Melodic Techno and House.

Kono Vidovic May 9, 2023 193 4 5

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Are you ready to be blown away by the powerful language of music? Meet Naz, an Iranian/Australian electronic music producer and international touring DJ who has been making waves in the underground scene. With her passion for different and eclectic sounds, Naz has already made her mark with releases on Anjunabeats and her debut on the international stage, playing at high profile events across the US, UK, Europe & Australia. I had the pleasure of chatting with Naz about her inspiration, recent experiences and exciting new projects.

Naz interview

A short introduction to Naz.

Naz is an up and coming Iranian/Australian Electronic Music Producer and international touring DJ that hails from the Land Down Under, Australia. With releases on Anjunabeats and a passion for the underground scene, her production style is driven by mood and emotion, often resulting in different and eclectic sounds. Her goal is to ‘make people feel’ through the powerful language of music while pushing boundaries with genres and style and sound design.

In just under a year, Naz made her debut on the international stage, playing at several high profile events and venues across the US, UK, Europe & Australia such as Creamfields, Brooklyn Mirage, The Gorge, Piknic Electronik, Drumsheds plus selling out her first headliner show in Sydney, Australia at the end of 2022. 

Please can you introduce yourself briefly and tell us what you specialize in?

Hi there, My name is Sanaz, artist name Naz and I make electronic dance music… predominantly melodic techno and melodic house, and progressive.

Where do you look for inspiration? 

Everywhere to be honest! I listen to such a wide variety of genres and often find myself getting inspired that way quite a bit. Or it could be through reading, or art.. I love matching musical pieces to visual art. 

You recently opened for Tale Of Us… how was that experience? 

This gig was absolutely huge for me on so many levels. Tale Of Us have been such a massive inspiration for me for many years, even before I started on my own artistic journey. So to be able to be direct support and open and close for them at one of the US’s biggest and best venues was… unreal. Still pinching myself about that haha.

Naz interview

You have a new remix coming on Enhanced Music soon – how did you get involved with the label?

Yes! I got the chance to remix Chemical Affair Ft. Tea Petrovic from Farius who is not only an extremely talented producer, but someone I consider a dear friend. He released a gorgeous track recently and reached out and asked if I’d like to have a go at remixing it and I said yeah absolutely!

What can we expect from this remix? 

I went for a progressive dance floor feel that has an epic build in the breakdown… Tea’s vocals are so beautiful and the original is such a great track so I really wanted to do it justice and give the vocal the space it needs to shine. 

What was some of the equipment you used when making it? 

This one I created whilst on the road so it was done completely in the box. The sounds I made were mainly in Serum and I think I used Diva as well for one of the bassline layers. But yeah, 100% in the box.

Do you usually go into the studio with a concrete plan? Or is it more about experimenting? 

I wish I was this disciplined haha. Actually no… sometimes I do have a plan, and that’s if I’m looking at working on a mixdown of a track. But if it’s to create from scratch then I love being open and just experiment, play around on the keys and see what comes to fruition.

For you, what’s the greatest dance record ever made and why? 

Oh my gosh what a tough question!! Ummm… Honestly there’s heaps and I feel sort of guilty just naming one but I’m going to go with one of my favorites and I’m choosing this because it’s sort of the first track that really made me fall in love with this genre and it’s an older one of Sasha’s I think I mention quite a bit to be honest haha but I’m going to go with Sasha – Ohmna.

What’s next for Naz?

My remix on Enhanced is out May 3rd which is exciting. Working on lots of new music, finalizing my summer and fall tour dates and working on a bigger picture project which is keeping me excited and motivated! 

A few final words.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Naz is a rising star in the electronic music scene, with her unique style and passion for pushing boundaries. From her debut on the international stage to opening for Tale Of Us and her upcoming remix on Enhanced Music, Naz is constantly making waves and captivating audiences with her music.

I want to thank Naz for taking the time to share her insights and experiences with us. It was truly an honor to chat with her and learn more about her journey.

For those who want to keep up with Naz and her upcoming projects, make sure to follow her on social media and check out her music. With her dedication and talent, there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to make a huge impact in the world of electronic music.

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