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Interview with Processman and Cady: Exploring the Modern Brazilian Disco World.

Kono Vidovic March 28, 2023 164 4 5

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Welcome to the modern Brazilian disco world of Processman and Cady. These two talented musicians have teamed up to create an EP that will transport you to the vibrant and lively music scene of Salvador, Bahia. Processman, a DJ and producer hailing from this city, has joined forces with Cady to release two electrifying tracks, ADUPÉ and SOU BAIANA, under the label File Under Disco. If you’re a fan of disco and Brazilian music, this EP is a must-listen. In this Q&A, we sit down with Processman to delve deeper into the making of the tracks and remixes, and get a closer look at the world of modern Brazilian disco.

Adupé Original.

The track ADUPÉ is about gratefulness and contains Yorubá words and terms, related to African-based religions, such as Candomblé: Adupé means “thank You”, Ilê means “home”, Oxalá is the Orisha (a divinity/ god) associated to the creation of the world and human race. Part of the lyrics was written by Mocottó, a friend of Cady and I who is a percussionist in a house of Candomblé (Terreiro de Candomblé). I started the creation of the track with the instrumental part: the idea was to mix a percussion groove with arps and a synthesized bass line. Then Cady came up with some vocal ideas based on the lyrics Mocottó suggested. When we went to studio to record we invited Clariana to double the main vocals with Cady. There are also layers of vocals recorded by them and by Elis, my 11 year old daughter. 


Adupé JKriv Remix.

Jkriv is an experienced producer from NYC besides being a talented musician and bass player. He explored the “capoeira”  feeling given by a synth I recorded to play the part of a “berimbau”. It is a bit faster than the original without losing the groove and he created a sort of progressive mantra, adding elements as the time runs.

Sou Baiana Original.

SOU BAIANA is an attempt to honor early house tracks, those with almost no vocal melodies, with long speeches about relevant issues. There’s an electronic agogo beat making an ijexá rhythm that brings a Brazilian feel to the track. I had the bass line and groove done and invited Cady to record her voice. I made her some questions about being a woman from Bahia; women who are generally friendly, smiling and helpful and men often mistake this for a sign that they want to date. I gathered the most relevant pieces from her speech, created the hook based on the sentence “Porque sou baiana, véi… É o que?! Oxen…” and doubled it with synths and a strings section. Then I added a bridge with a vocal melody line to bring a contrast. I mixed both Sou Baiana and Adupé and tracks. When I produce electronic music I generally have many mixing ideas while building the arrangement.

Dicky Trisco

Sou Baiana Dicky Trisco Remix.

Dicky Trisco is a DJ who lives and breathes what he does. Music for him is all about people and one thing Dicky loves is people. He is particularly addicted to the way music connects people and makes for better days. In this Remix he used some vocal elements and explored more the original groove and instrumental elements. He added some synths and a piano. I believe he made it housier!

Adupé Joutro Mundo Remix.

Joutro Mundo is a Brazilian producer who has strong knowledge in Boogie, Disco and Funk. His remixes have a peculiarity: he is able to make new tracks sound like old 80’s vinyl  tracks. That was what he did with Adupé. He was the first person I thought to remix the track; I sent him the stems and he worked on them pretty fast.  I recorded an electric bass line for him using a Precision Bass after he showed me the sketches. He was very clever choosing vintage synths and drum sounds.

Joutro Mundo

Adupé Processman Disco Mix.

I decided to create a disco house mix for the track. Faster BPM and more danceable. I used only the vocals stem and built a brand new arrangement from scratch. This time I grabbed my MusicMan electric bass and delivered a funky bass line. I also added some strings and piano riffs to bring that 70s disco feel. Also I used some Roland drum machines sounds from the 80s.

Adupé Dicky Trisco Ruff Dub.

Dicky is a master in re-arranging the track using the same materials from the original. In this case he changed the song structure, mainly the form. In the original there is a piano almost hidden in the mix that he brought to front as the main role in his version . I loved it. I even thought he had recorded it even though I had done it myself and completely forgot! When I listened to the remix in a party where Dicky was playing I thought: “He put a nice piano in his remix. I should have done it in the original…” LOL!

A few last words.

As we wrap up this fascinating interview with Processman, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to him and his collaborator Cady for sharing their creative process and giving us a glimpse into the world of modern Brazilian disco. We hope you enjoyed learning more about the making of their EP, featuring the electrifying tracks ADUPÉ and SOU BAIANA, as well as the impressive remixes by Jkriv, Dicky Trisco, and Joutro Mundo.

If you’re eager to experience the magic of this EP for yourself it’s available on vinyl and digital at all major digital platforms and record stores. Don’t miss out on the chance to add these dynamic tracks to your music collection and immerse yourself in the energetic rhythms of Salvador, Bahia. Once again, a big thank you to Processman and Cady for their time and creativity.

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