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Introducing Yuu Udagawa – Forever EP (debut), Tokyo-Based DJ and Producer.

Kono Vidovic February 16, 2023 269 13 5

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It’s always exciting when a new artist emerges onto the scene, and that’s exactly what we have for you today on the Dirty Disco blog with Yuu Udagawa. This Tokyo-based DJ and producer has just released her debut EP, “Forever,” on CYPHON Recordings, and it is absolutely amazing. Drawing inspiration from a variety of musical influences, Yuu creates music that is both uplifting and healing. Her productions are elegant and sophisticated, and they showcase her mastery of the Golden Mean philosophy. If you’re looking for some fresh electronic music to add to your playlist, then be sure to check out Yuu Udagawa!

Yuu Udagawa.

Yuu Udagawa, a Tokyo-based DJ, producer, and sound artist, is set to take the world by storm with the launch of her debut EP ‘Forever’. With a broad variety of inspiring sounds like rock, hip-hop, Latin jazz, techno and house having shaped her inimitable style over the years. It comes as no surprise that Yuu’s music is truly captivating. It is both uplifting and soothing; marked by an elegant sophistication that reflects her desire to find harmony according to Golden Mean theory. Since 2000 Yuu has been serving crowds at clubs, festivals and fashion shows with her repertoire as a DJ and it was only natural that this creative energy found its way into making music, so prepare to be taken into the groove!

It’s easy to lose yourself in the world of Yuu.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the musical world of Yuu. From self-released singles to creativity-igniting commissions for Sony Playstation3, museums, theaters and apparel brands. Yuu’s music has served as a powerful source of serenity and calm. Cyphon’s third ear was equally captivated by this meditative palette of sounds, instantly leading to the collaboration that is ‘Forever’. This collection of analog slo-mo electronica and leftfield minimal house truly encapsulates the perfect balance between warmth and depth. Propelled by emotion , energy and creative fluidity, Forever is sure to be an exciting experience for any music fan.

The Forever EP track by track.

Kick off your dancefloor adventure with ‘Mojito’ – an exquisite deep electro cut sprinkled with twinkling synths and beautiful vocals. Fantasizing a dreamy new world? ‘Hug Close’ is your go-to jam, brought to you on a crunchy minimal groove, hot keys and reflective synths. Delve into the soulful vibes of ‘Illuminated Night’, filled with dark atmospheres and bright synth stabs flawlessly merged with R&B influenced vocals. And lastly, wrap up your night in blissful fashion when saying farewell to the dancefloor – take it slow with ‘Stay With Us’! The sounds of funk-inspired chords and shuffling rhythms are here to hug you one last time before heading out the door…

Cyphon Recordings.

Get ready for a blast from the past with Cyphon Recordings, the new label created by Jimpster from Freerange and Tom Roberts, is here to take us on a journey through the groundbreaking sounds of mid 90’s electronica! Drawing inspiration from electro, abstract electronica, IDM, and Detroit-inspired futurism, this label is looking to the future whilst paying homage to the formative music which helped shape today’s electronic music scene. Cyphon wants to provide an open space for all sorts of artists without any boundaries or borders, while simultaneously encouraging up-and-coming talent in their artistic development. So if you’re a fan of classic sounds and have an eye (or ear!) towards something new – get ready, because Cyphon Recordings is gonna be something special!

Our conclusion.

Yuu Udagawa – Forever EP is a perfect blend of electronic music and Golden Mean philosophy, creating an uplifting yet soothing soundscape. The Forever EP will take you on a journey from deep electro cuts sprinkled with twinkling synths to soulful vibes filled with dark atmospheres and bright synth stabs. If you’re looking for classic sounds blended in harmony with new ideas then be sure to check out Cyphon Recordings! Stream or buy the music on limited edition vinyl now through Bandcamp so that you can experience Yuu’s beautiful musical world first hand.

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