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Italian producers BPlan & Fab_O on their new EP, what inspires them, and what makes a great record.

Kono Vidovic September 15, 2022 155 7 5

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The Italian duo BPlan & Fab_O are quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry with their innovative and original sound. Their new EP is about to drop and therefore we figured let’s invite the cool duo for an interesting Q&A. In this interview, we’ll discuss their new EP, what inspires them, and what makes a great record. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

BPLan & Fab_O

1. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

We are Fabio and Giuseppe, DJ producer and label owners from Ischia in Italy, thank you for having us here today! Long story short, we’re basically just humble music lovers who are trying to spread their idea of music through their label: Caffe Corretto Edits. 

2. Describe the style records that you like to make?

We don’t like to put a label on our style, in all our releases we’ve traveled through afro funk, to disco to more slow obscure tracks. It depends on the inspiration of the moment. Maybe we can say that we like to make mostly groovy and funky stuff using music rarities from all over the world.  

3. What do you do to find inspiration for your productions?

Not every day is a good day to be in the studio producing records. When our inspiration tank is empty and we’re struggling to have things done in the studio, a good way to fill it up is taking a moment to ourselves. The best thing to do to be inspired in our opinion, is to travel and see new places, even a quick nature trip is a good idea when it’s not possible to spend a weekend outside our usual environment.

BPLan & Fab_O

4. If there was a perfect record ever made, what was it?

This is a tough question, maybe the perfect record doesn’t even exist. It always depends on who listens to it: while for us a record could be considered perfect, we are sure for the producer there will always be a little something that can be improved about it. 

For us a “perfect” record from the last few years (not to be always nostalgic digging treasures from back in the days) can be: The Funkin Machine – Allerta Meteo 

5. Your hot tip for another exciting artist to watch from your region?

In Italy there are so many good artists right now. Currently we can advise you to keep an eye on Sam Ruffillo, Dirty Channels and Eternal Love. All great DJs and producers. From our region we can recommend some artists such as Giovanni Damico, N-zino and the very well-known Nu Genea.

6. What do you think are the ingredients of a great record?

Each record is unique in its own way, so there’s actually no recipe for greatness. If we’re talking about edits, the first thing to have in mind when you are adding a little spice to a track made by another artist, is to respect the soul and the uniqueness of that specific song. This is basically our approach, so in our opinion the key ingredient for a good record is: respect. 

7. Your new EP ‘Caffe Edits 04’ is for lovers of..

For sure our next release is for Disco – Afro funk – House lovers!

8. Where is the best place to listen to this new EP and what should we be drinking? Not coffee obvs..

We’ve already had the chance to play our record both in clubs and at beach parties and we can say that there isn’t a “best place” as long as there is the right crowd on the dancefloor. We’ve had a great response actually and we are super happy about it. A drink we’d like to pair our record with could be Gin based, something refreshing with some Mediterranean spices. 

9. What club should we go to if we visit your city / home town?

On our island, Ischia, there are no proper clubs but we certainly have spectacular coasts where a lot of beach parties take place. In the last few years new places have developed such as “Soundset” @Bagno Teresa. Those kinds of parties have brought a lot of great artists to the island such as: Dan Shake, Demuja, N-Zino, Toy Tonics Krew. So if you are in town next summer, you should check it out!

BPLan & Fab_O

10. Where is the best place to grab a coffee ?

In our opinion, the best place to grab a cup of coffee is Napoli. No doubts about it. If you’ve ever been there you can understand the full coffee experience we’re talking about. Espresso or Moka, it makes no difference: Napoli is always a good choice for a coffee lover. 

Some final words.

Thank you very much for this cool interview with us at Dirty Disco, we are really looking forward to what your musical future will get inspired by and bring to us. It’s always great to hear from artists about what goes into making a great record. Their tips and insights are sure to help producers and music lovers everywhere to create amazing music. Be sure to check out their new EP out on vinyl, ‘Caffe Edits 04′, available now!

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