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Jacssen – LA Nights | Bunshin Records | Track review & Free Download.

Kono Vidovic March 17, 2020 381 48 5

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You’ve might heard the news that we post a free quality music download on our blog every week. If you didn’t know, now you know. So here is another free music download for you to grab and use it how you please. This time we will look and listen to a beautiful well crafted dynamic deep house groover with lots of atmosphere coming from the Bunshin Records label by Jacssen – LA Nights.

Bunshin Records

What or who is Bunshin Records?

Before we look at the artist and his track lets see what the Bunshin Records label is all about. Bunshin Records is a electronic music label that operates worldwide from the location of Basel in Switzerland in Europe. The label is a free download only record company which means all of their released music is offered 100% for free.

Check out the labels music on Soundcloud.

Various subgenres in House Music.

The music style the label represents ranges mostly within the House genre and subgenres like Deep, Tech, Minimal, Garage, Lo-Fi House Music. Using a lot of that recognizable and characteristic 909 and 808 sounds in their music.

How do they work?

Artists and producers can easily send in their demo music for consideration to be released as a free download on the label. This way the label promotes quality music to many people on the world with a big following base on several social platforms which include: Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram.

When your music is accepted and released it becomes available as a free download and offered through all these channel with a lot of reach. Even though there is no direct revenue stream from offering free music artist will gain a lot of exposure which will benefit them directly obtaining new fans across the globe. Which can lead to a sustainable income on the longer term.

The label promotes quality music to many people on the world with a big following base on several social platforms.

Kono Vidovic

Music producer talents on the label.

To get an idea of what sounds and artists you can expect on the label, these music creators have already published their music on Bunshin Records: Le Smoove, Opüs, Harrington, Sam Paradise, Baltimore Chop, NLY1P which we featured a while ago in music podcast episode 341 with the track ‘Get No Love Until You Show Some’.

More names and great producer talents that you can find on the label are Lorenzo Chi, Arie Mando, MATIA, Shane Mahon and of course the artist and track that we are offering today in this music review by Jacssen – LA Nights.


Who is Jacssen?

Now let us introduce to you the man behind the music in this blog. Jacssen is a music producer from Ottawa in Canada that mostly creates Deep House and the Garage House Style.

Jacssen found his love and inspiration in house music through great names like the legendary Daft Punk house music duo. Jeremy Silvester, Sundries and Lisztomania records label head honcho Igor Gonya, and a few others.

Jacssen already released a bunch of dope other tracks on House Cookin’ records, Pogo House Recordings, Spiritualized Music and Plastik People.

Follow Jacssen on Soundcloud and check out his other music.

Next to making music Jacssen also runs a music label called Gemini Wax Records, which is a vinyl only label that publishes their music on vinyl for distribution. Next to this he runs the House Habits mix series as a platform for house music fans with DJ’s from all over the world that are staying true to the real ‘underground’ house sound. In fact this comes a bit down to what we also do here at Dirty Disco.

Jacssen – LA Nights | Track Review.

Now that you know a bit more about producer and DJ Jacssen let’s take a look at today’s free music download that comes from his hands. Today’s free download is Jacssen – LA Nights, which is a smooth with a laid back groove deep house track.

The presence of that typical Roland TR-909 drum sound is clearly hearable as soon as the track starts and becomes even more noticeable through the rest of the track.

A few bars in around 31 seconds an atmospheric deep chord progression comes in that together with additional percussion is supported by the solid drum progression.

Around 1:03 the first break is a fact, presenting you a melancholic arpeggiated sound while the chords are still hearable. Slowly the percussion builds up together with some vocal FX samples.

On 1:34 you can hear the bassline for the first time offering you a very solid overall groove. While the bassline and other elements such as the deep chord, the drum pattern and the fx keep playing slowly a female vocal sample loop singing ‘It’s gonna be alright’ comes in to play in the arrangement.

A solid deep house track.

At this point we are listening to a very solid deep house groover with lot of atmosphere and emotions going on it it while it keeps an laidback vibe. Even with the laid back vibe the track is very approachable for dancing and can be used by DJ’s in their sets on beaches, festivals and clubs as an warmer or a late night, early in the morning track that keeps the party going.

The intro build up in the first few bars as well as the outro in the last couple of bars are perfect to introduce the track into your DJ set and to mix in another track while retaining the harmony in the music.

Even with the laid back vibe the track is very approachable for dancing.

Kono Vidovic

All with all Jacssen – LA Nights is a well crafted deep house groover that we here at Dirty Disco really like. It fits the style of underground music that we represent and therefore we decided to feature it here on our music blog in this track review and we will also support and feature it in our next electronic music podcast #348.

Free track download.

After reading our track review on Jacssen – LA Nights the best is yet to come. You can download the track completely for free when you sign-up to our newsletter. No worries, we will not send you spam or share your email with other companies. We are not commercial and are solely an independent music blog and podcast with a big love for electronic music where we promote music and inspire people with. If you like what we do a donation is welcome but there’s nothing more to it.

When you sign-up to our newsletter, you will not only be able to download this track for free. But we will send all of the upcoming free downloads straight to your inbox. This way you will never miss out on a free music download in the future. Use the box below to subscribe and to download Jacssen – LA Nights.

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