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Jan Janssen – The Moon Belongs To Everyone | Houz Records | Free Download.

Kono Vidovic July 14, 2020 385 135 5

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Jan Janssen is not only a typical Dutch name, it also seems that the DJ and producer behind this week’s free download comes from the Netherlands. Before we jump to his free track Jan Janssen – The Moon Belongs To everyone, his name might ring a bell at you. That’s because a little time ago i interviewed theBasement Discos and talked about their latest free EP where another track by Jan Janssen was included.

While Jan Janssen is a real Dutch name, i can’t really tell if this is his real name or just his stage / artist name as a gimmick and his relation with his country of origin. His Soundcloud profile states ‘Remmert Krugers’ so we’ll just go with that one for now. 😉

Jan Janssen - The Moon Belongs To Everyone

The moon belongs to everyone.

It seems that the title for his new free to download track is also a bit of a statement. ‘The moon belongs to everyone’ is clearly something i can only agree on. Just like a lot of other things such as, fresh air, water and planet earth. Even though all these things belong to everyone it sometimes feels that we can use it when we work for it. I will leave the deeper philosophy on this matter to your imagination and own knowledge.

The track was originally released on the 3th of June on the in 2017 founded Houz Records label from Belarus. The track is mastered by WiKETT from France and the artwork (see left) is created by GOSCHN Studio.

Follow Jan Janssen & HOUZ Records here on their socials and channels:

Jan Janssen – The Moon Belongs To Everyone | Track Analysis.

The track length is 6:07 and sits around 127 BPM (beats per minute). ‘The Moon Belongs To Everyone’ is best described as a up-tempo but with a laid back jazzy piano groove. Like most nowadays House music tracks it starts of with a solid kick with a standard percussion arrangement configured together with claps, closed hats and a solid kick drum. Almost right from the beginning you can tell this track is going to take you on a smooth groove combining different Jazz elements together to create a perfect dreamy summer jazz vibe.

Other key elements besides the drum pattern and the Jazzy Piano licks is a sort of ‘Ooh’ FX vocal. A background ‘Cafe’ sample with another short male vocal sample. And then when we listen through the track you can hear it build up a certain amount of positive energy towards the introduction of a Saxophone.

From here and after the second big break all elements come together creating that beautiful sort of cafe noir meets summer on a good morning, sitting at a beautiful ocean view terrace.

Listen to the track here below and see how you feel listening to this.

Download this track for free.

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