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Jimpster’s ‘Tribute EP’: A Deep House Journey Through Africa.

Kono Vidovic April 16, 2023 218 6 5

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Introduction: Discovering Jimpster’s Latest EP.

As a longtime fan of Jimpster and his Freerange label releases, I was thrilled to get an early listen to his upcoming EP, “Tribute,” and it did not disappoint. Jimpster, also known as Jamie Odell, has been a prominent figure in the deep house scene for over two decades, and his latest release is a testament to his talent and expertise in the genre.

Released on March 31st in digital format and May 12th on vinyl, “Tribute” is an absolute must-have for any fan of deep, soulful house. With South African vocalist Mavhungu featured on the lead track and two remixes from Yoruba maestro Osunlade, Jimpster has delivered a captivating and truly unique EP that showcases his ability to fuse different sounds and influences to create something truly special.


The Lead Track: A Tribute to South Africa.

Jimpster has always been a master of blending different genres and sounds, and “Tribute” is no exception. The lead track, “Tribute,” is a perfect example of this. Inspired by Jimpster’s trips to South Africa, the track fuses deep, afro, and soulful house to create a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless. Mavhungu’s vocals are a standout feature, celebrating the beauty of Africa in her native language Venda. The track has a looseness and bounce to the groove, with contemporary sonic textures blending with classic Rhodes pads and analogue synth lines.

Osunlade’s Remixes: A Yoruba Soul Touch.

It’s clear that Jimpster has put a lot of thought and care into this EP. From the instrumentation to the production, every aspect of the music has been meticulously crafted. The result is a sound that’s warm, inviting, and impossible to resist.

The first remix of “Tribute” comes from Osunlade, a Yoruba maestro whose music has been knocking our socks off since his debut LP Paradigms in 2001. His remix keeps the instrumentation and groove more stripped back, leaving plenty of space for subtle Rhodes chords and synth flourishes to shine. The result is a soulful and atmospheric remix that’s perfect for late nights on the dance floor.

Osunlade’s Jazzstrumental version of “Tribute” is equally impressive. This remix switches up the groove, pushing a repeating Rhodes riff and chords to the fore. The result is a rolling remix that will warm the dance floor with its soulful vibe. Osunlade’s remixes perfectly complement Jimpster’s original track, adding new dimensions to the sound without losing its essential spirit.

The B-Side: Jacidswing’s Jazz-infused Acid.

The EP’s closing track, “Jacidswing,” is another original track from Jimpster. As the name suggests, the track sees Jimpster fusing a bubbling 303 bassline with swinging jazzy drums and washes of synthy ambience. The result is a deep, immersive vibe that’s perfect for getting lost in on the dance floor. This is the kind of track that will stay with you long after the EP is over, and it’s a testament to Jimpster’s skill as a producer and musician.

Conclusion: Jimpster Continues to Impress with ‘Tribute EP’.

I played “Tribute” on my podcast episode 500 last week, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Listeners were blown away by the EP’s infectious grooves and masterful production. Jimpster has always been one of my favorite producers, and “Tribute” only solidifies that opinion.

What I love most about “Tribute” is how it manages to sound both contemporary and timeless. Jimpster has always had a knack for blending different sounds and styles, and this EP is a perfect example of that. The EP’s deep, soulful sound is perfect for both late nights on the dance floor and lazy afternoons at home.

If you’re a fan of deep, soulful house, you simply can’t afford to miss this EP. Head to your favorite digital or vinyl retailer and grab a copy today. Trust me, you won’t regret it. “Tribute” is a testament to Jimpster’s skill as a producer and musician, and it’s sure to be a classic for years to come.

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