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JKriv – Within EP – A Sonic Journey: Exploring the Depths of Sound in this Track Talk. 

Kono Vidovic February 19, 2024 109 13 5

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Hello music enthusiasts and sonic adventurers! I’m thrilled to bring you something truly special in our latest track talk. As someone deeply passionate about the power of music to tell stories and evoke emotions, I’m always on the lookout for artists who push boundaries and blend genres to create something unique. Today, we’re diving into the soulful depths of the ‘Within’ EP, a masterful creation by Brooklyn-based producer JKriv. This EP is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a musical journey that reflects JKriv’s rich tapestry of musical influences, from jazz to disco, and everything in between. With an ear for the sublime and a heart deeply rooted in musical exploration, JKriv offers us a glimpse into his world, where every note and beat tells a story. Join me as we explore the sounds and stories behind the ‘Within’ EP, a testament to JKriv’s artistic vision and a gift to the ears of all who seek depth and meaning in music.

JKriv - Within EP Track Talk

We asked the RNT label co-head to talk us through 10 tracks that have made big fat impression on him along the way.

Hall & Oates – Maneater.

I lip-synced to this banger in 1983 when I was 5 years old in front of my 1st Grade class. It’s actually the first memory I have of performing for people. Fun fact: at the time I thought the song was about some kind of nocturnal animal-woman who actually ate men. 

Metallica – Blackened.

On March 17, 1989 my buddy Joe’s absolute legend of a dad made five scrappy 12-year-old metalheads’ dreams come true by taking us to see Metallica live on their “…And Justice For All” tour. It was my first concert ever, this was the opening song of the show, and this link is a fan video of the ACTUAL CONCERT, which I only recently discovered existed. 

Led Zeppelin – What Is And What Should Never Be.

This band taught me about dynamics, and vibe. And John Paul Jones, a huge early bass influence for me, is just the smoothest on this record. 

Sly & The Family Stone –  If You Want Me To Stay.

Sly was my bridge from 70s rock to funk and disco, and Fresh is just a creative masterpiece. I return to this album over and over, and continue to find new inspiration.

Miles Davis – Shhh…Peaceful.

I studied jazz with almost single-minded focus at Oberlin College from 1995-98. For most of that time I was stuck in the years 1940-62; bebop, hard bop, and early 60s modal stuff.  

When I arrived at this era of electric experimental jazz kind of chronologically on my own, it opened up a whole universe of sonic possibilities. And I realize now that the space and texture of this record is absolutely in the DNA of my ‘Within EP.’

Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong (Lonely Mix).

I was part of Tortured Soul throughout the 2000s, and this was our first single released in 2001 on Central Park Recordings, a label owned by NYC record shop Satellite Records. 

The popularity of this remix by Osunlade launched our career as a live house band and led to lots of touring…often in clubs and other party environments that didn’t typically have live music. 

Not only was this the first time in my life that I got to travel extensively as a musician, but it was my first real extended exposure to club world and DJ/dance music culture. It was a huge turning point for me.

Black Ivory – Mainline.

Groups like Black Ivory and producer Patrick Adams were big discoveries for me as I learned about the history of underground dance music from the 70s and 80s.

This song is just perfect to me…the groove, the passion in Leroy Burgess’ voice, the way the harmony shifts from the verse to the chorus – it gives me goosebumps every time. A true career highlight for me was getting to perform this music live along with Patrick, Leroy, and Black Ivory at the Red Bull Music Academy tribute to Patrick Adams a few years back.

Storm Queen – Let’s Make Mistakes.

Morgan Geist’s productions, first with Metro Area and then Storm Queen, have been very influential for me as a producer and big tracks for me as a DJ. I love so many things about this song…the economy of sound and space, the cheeky lyrical message delivered in the most soulful vocal performance, and the moment the bass drops is just 😙👌🏼

Larry Heard – Burning 4 You.

I probably have more Larry Heard/Mr Fingers records in my collection than any other single producer. His prolific output is just so creative and musical and always has a unique atmosphere, no matter what style he’s working in. He’s one of my greatest inspirations and it would be a dream to work with him in some capacity one day.

JKriv – Shine Ur Light.

Of all the songs on my Within EP, this one probably has the deepest significance for me. The rhythmic bones of the track were laid down over 10 years ago, begun as a completely different project that went through various incarnations and forms over the years. 

The hazy guitar motif, influenced by Pharaoh Sanders “Harvest Time” was a much more recent addition and ended up being the glue that brought everything together. This song is about letting your truth shine through, a process that can – and in this case did! – take a long time to fully realize.

A few final words.

And there you have it, folks, our sonic journey through JKriv’s mesmerizing ‘Within’ EP comes to a close. A heartfelt thank you to JKriv for not only sharing his incredible talent with us but also for his generosity, as all profits from this EP will be donated to PCRF (palestinian children’s relief fund) and heal palestine. It’s artists like him who remind us that music can truly make a difference in the world. If you’ve been captivated by the intricate blends of acoustic and electronic elements, the subtle nuances, and the profound introspection within these tracks, I encourage you to support this remarkable project. Dive into the ‘Within’ EP, available now on Bandcamp and all streaming and digital platforms, and let JKriv’s visionary soundscape envelop you. Don’t forget to follow JKriv on social media for updates on his future releases and endeavors. Thank you for joining us on this musical exploration, and until next time, keep your ears open and your hearts ready for the next adventure in sound.

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