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Johannesburg City Guide: SculpturedMusic’s Guide to the City of Gold’s Deep House Scene.

Kono Vidovic February 13, 2024 272 14 5

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Welcome to the heartbeat of South Africa’s deep house rhythm, where the vibrant streets of Johannesburg echo with soulful beats and the spirit of music brings the city to life. Freerange Records is set to captivate your senses with the release of ‘City To City: Johannesburg’ – an EP that showcases the rich tapestry of sounds from the City of Gold’s most talented producers. Dive into the world of SculpturedMusic, who takes us on an insider’s journey through Jo’burg, revealing the city’s hidden musical treasures and the stories that make it a beacon for dreamers and creators alike with this exclusive Johannesburg city guide. Join us as we uncover the soul of Johannesburg through its deep house scene, a city where every beat tells a story of resilience, diversity, and passion.

SculpturedMusic Johannesburg City Guide

Johannesburg City Guide with SculpturedMusic.

I live in Gauteng west of Johannesburg, the City of Gold. Literally it is, because everybody is a hustler In Jo’burg. It’s also the heart of our entertainment industry, where you go to if you want to make it or get recognized. It’s like our New York City where dreams are made. You will find here the most popular clubs and festivals. We have the most diverse culture in the city because you can find all of our twelve official languages in Jozi. 

The problem with my city is the issue of Loadshedding (our power supply gets cut off for a specific amount of time, because they can’t keep up with our demand).  That needs to change because it’s messing up peoples’ businesses and costing a lot of money to install solar panels and generators. It opens up a lot of opportunities for bad people to take advantage of our disadvantages. That’s the one thing I hate about our city. 

All of my identity comes from Johannesburg. It has influenced the way I speak and interact with people, and being aware that we have different cultures from all walks of life around the country, respecting each and everyone. It has taught me to adapt to the speed in which my city is moving. It has provided me with lots of opportunities. “

What is your favourite place to sit and watch the world go by?

It has to be Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden. That’s my favourite place because of all the nature around it, not to mention the waterfall that just gives you peace of mind. And, everything is nearby. 

What is your favourite music venue?

If I have to name one it has to be Mea Cupa in Cew North of Jozi. It has an indoor area and a rooftop for those sunny summer nights. 

Mea Culpa

Mea Cupa in Cew North

Favourite place to grab some food?

A place called Sakhumzi in the west of Johannesburg that’s where I get my South African traditional food. Is in the heart of Soweto. 

Sakhumzi Restaurant | Best African Restaurant in Soweto, Johannesburg

Sakhumzi restaurant in Joburg

Favourite bar.

I like going to Tigers Milk to watch some soccer. Plus it’s close to my place. Cool place to meet up with friends too. It’s in the west of Johannesburg. 

Kwena Square – Tigersmilk

Tigers Milk in Johannesburg

Favourite club.

And Club in Newtown Johannesburg, it has the best sound in town and one of the few clubs that exists in downtown Jozi. 

AndClub – AndClub

And Club in Newtown johannesburg

Fave record shop.

I would say Mr Vinyl (wink) has the best collection. Since they don’t focus on one genre. They have a wide range of vinyl for every music lover out there!  And, their Oh One One shop which is mostly online. Also AcarajeMusic records in Pretoria. 

Mr Vinyl – Record Store

Vinyl store in Johannesburg

When time permits, what is the thing you like to do most in your city.

I like to go with my family to a place called “Reflection” to relax. It helps me to forget about the night life a bit. The place is refreshing, especially on a hot summer days. 

reflection in Johannesburg

Final end conclusion.

Thank you for embarking on this musical odyssey through Johannesburg with us, guided by the insightful narratives and personal favorites of SculpturedMusic. From the serene landscapes of Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden to the electrifying atmosphere of And Club, we’ve explored the corners of Jo’burg that pulsate with the heart of its deep house scene. As we part ways with the City of Gold, remember that the journey doesn’t end here. Dive deeper into the soulful sounds of Johannesburg with the ‘City To City: Johannesburg’ EP, available from 16th February. Embrace the rhythm, feel the pulse of the city, and let the deep house beats of Johannesburg inspire your next adventure. Don’t miss out on this musical masterpiece – explore, listen, and let the vibrant spirit of Jo’burg move you.

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