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Journey Through Aura Safari’s Musical Odyssey: Discover the 10 Tracks that Shaped Their Island Dreams.

Kono Vidovic September 11, 2023 239 4

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Red hot Italian DJ and production collective Aura Safari is back with a second album entitled ‘Island Dreams’ on Hell Yeah.  It’s a live and sun-kissed odyssey through balmy Mediterranean evenings, sundown sessions and analogue grooves that will sweep you up into its arms and transport you somewhere tropical and idyllic. Andrea Moretti, Lorenzo Lavoratori, Daniele Melloni, Nicholas Iammatteo, Lorenzo Francioli, Ruggero Bonucci and Nicola Pitassio are Aura Safari. On the week they are about to release their album, we ask them to take us through some tracks that have been highlighted along their musical journey.

Anita Maldonado – What Can I Do to Make You Dance – 1979

Over 10 minutes of pure beauty. It resonates like an energy-loaded mantra. Peter Brown and Patrick Adams, with all their labels, were undoubtedly among the most influential producers of the music that came in the years to follow, creating influences that can be found in many house music producers from the ’90s onwards. All of this has always fascinated me. This record, to me, encapsulates the word ‘dance music.’ (Lorenzo)

Willie Colón – Set Fire To Me (Inferno Dub) – 1986

“Set Fire To Me” was one of the first records I bought. The Inferno Dub is one of my favorite mood-setting vibe tracks. I can’t even imagine how incredible it would have been to dance to this dub at The Paradise Garage. (Andrea)

Soul II Soul – Happiness (Dub) – 1989

One of the many incredible tracks from the album Club Classics Vol. 1, which to me is one of the most beautiful albums ever. From that album, I also want to highlight ‘Holdin’ On (Bambelela),’ that I originally discovered on a tape with a recording of a Tony Humphries set. (Andrea)

Maureen Walsh – Thinking Of You (Dream Mix) – 1990

A record that perfectly embodies my concept of Balearic. It’s some sort of cover version of the disco track by Sister Sledge. I’m quite fond of it, and it also served as inspiration for our LP “Island Dreams.” This track is one of the most beautiful in it’s Dream Mix. (Nicholas)

Alanda – Night By Night (Late Night Mix) – 1990

I found this record on a mid-90s mixtape by DJ Sauro Cosimetti recorded at a Red Zone Club night in Perugia, and for months I couldn’t get it out of my head. I remember how difficult it was to find this title in the pre-Disocgs and YouTube era. Years later, “Baby you don’t know how you make me feel…” still keeps playing in my head. (Lorenzo)


We love Clivillés & Cole so much, and for us, this is one of their most beautiful productions, a dancefloor bomb and that long and murky intro is legendary. (Andrea)

No Smoke – Righteous Rule – 1991

This is one of those records that I couldn’t identify the track for years, which is why it holds a very special value. I discovered it through an amazing mixtape by Larry Levan. In general, we are all huge fans of the Warriors Dance label, and this one is among the finest in our opinion, perhaps also because it took so long to figure out what it was. (Nicholas)

DONNIE MARK – Stand Up For The Soul (Vocal Mix) – 1993

A real party banger. To sing from start to finish. Simply soul, Happy records, UR, Happy Soul, what else can I add? An emotional record and at the same time with an incredible dance vibe. At the time, when I heard it for the first time in a club, I was coming from the soul scene and wasn’t so sure about going to clubs where they played house music. I would say that, thanks in part to this record, things turned out differently. (Lorenzo)

Toni Braxton – Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell Modulated Dub) – 2000

This is another one of those Red Zone Club classics. We are big fans of Joe Claussell and the spiritual house genre. This is one of those records that in the pre-Discogs era was almost impossible to find and is beloved here in Perugia, where it’s considered a holy grail. After years of searching, I stumbled upon it by pure chance in New York for just a few bucks in the dollar bin. (Nicholas)

Aura Safari – Riserva Naturale – 2023

One of our favorite tracks from the album, even though it’s one of the simplest and was born using musical parts from various sessions that we hadn’t used. It was supposed to be a bonus track. But after Ruggerro added that magic guitar and bassline it took on a whole new life.

End conclusion.

Thank you, Aura Safari, for taking us on this mesmerizing journey through the tracks that have marked your musical evolution. As we bask in the afterglow of this tropical and idyllic adventure, we invite our readers to immerse themselves further into the vibrant world of Aura Safari. Don’t forget to check out their latest album ‘Island Dreams’ releasing this week. Dive deep, explore their inspirations, and let the rhythms move you. Remember to share your favorite moments from the interview. Stay tuned for more musical explorations, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more track talks with your favorite artists! Buy the vinyl here.

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