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Journey through Sound: Decoding the Musical Milestones of Greg Paulus.

Kono Vidovic June 26, 2023 114 2 5

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Greetings to our readers! Today we have an exceptional treat for you all. We’ll be diving deep into the musical journey of the illustrious Greg Paulus, a virtuoso trumpeter, producer, and vocalist based in Brooklyn, NY. Greg has woven an extraordinary tapestry of sound through his work with the group No Regular Play, collaborations with artists like Matthew Dear and Beirut, and his own riveting solo projects. Today, Greg will guide us through ten pivotal tracks that have defined his career, providing an exclusive lens into his artistic growth and evolution. So sit back, tune in, and prepare to immerse yourself in the music that has shaped Greg’s trajectory.

No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus teams up with Taylor Bense on the ‘Heat Makes Senses EP’. It was released on 30th June on London label cornerstone Freerange, Paulus’ second release on Jimpster’s imprint.  We thought it would be interesting for Greg to talk us through ten tracks that serve as milestones throughout his musical career.

Greg Paulus

Meet Greg Paulus.

Hello! Greg Paulus here! For those who don’t know, I’m a trumpet player, composer, producer and vocalist based in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up as a jazz musician and eventually got into hip hop and then electronic music, mainly house for the last 15 years, during which I’ve toured with my group No Regular Play, Matthew Dear and Beirut.

No Regular Play – Owe Me 2009.

Our first ever release, and many say our best lol! I recorded the vocals with a drum mic, and it’s about traveling a long distance for a late night triste. Ricardo apparently played it twice in one night at Fabric when it came out.

Greg Paulus – What’s Mine Is Yours 2010.

This is my first ever solo record, released on Gadi Mizrahi’s (Wolf + Lamb) Double Standard Records. A tattoo artist was in my house and I told Gadi I’m getting the logo tattoo’d on my arm, “so you have to start the label!” He came upstairs and we both got the ink in the same spot and started the label.

Greg Paulus – Nightime (Crazy P Remix) 2011.

My first solo release on Wolf + Lamb, I was able to stretch out on it and was so fortunate to have the legends Crazy P knock out this stellar remix! Lee Burridge ended every gig with it for years and years.

Francis Harris – Lost Found (Mathew Herbert’s Let Yourself Go Mix) 2011.

I’ve worked with Francis for over 10 years on almost every record he’s done, and it’s been so lovely. What an honor to have Mathew Herbert lend his hand for a remix. He’s a constant inspiration.

No Regular Play – Endangered Species 2012.

Our first LP as No Regular Play had this as the main single. We were so proud to finish this record. It’s me on the vocals pitched down. Panned by critics and loved by the people. As Phillip Glass says, “I never let a bad review ruin lunch”!

Guy Gerber and Puff Diddy – Floating Messiah 2014.

I still have the P Diddy and the Fam CD I grew up listening to. To add trumpets to this was a mind blowing honor. My horns came on accidentally in a studio and Diddy and Beyonce‘s team argued over who could have them. Diddy won!

No Regular Play – Lake Gilmore 2016.

Our second NRP album, we achieved a new sonic and compositional level on this one, complete with a great remix of this by our friend Juan MaClean. The song is about my father and the lake cabin we grew up frequenting.

Greg Paulus – Breezy Point 2020.

The lead track off of my first release for Jimpster’s Freerange label, I was so happy with how it all turned out. It’s about a beach entrance I often go to out on Far Rockaway Beach with my lady.

Yotam Avni featuring dOP and Greg Paulus – Just Another Day 2020.

What a jam this is! I was honored to be hit up by the dOP friends for this one, total jam, Yotam was a joy to work with and to be included on a Kompakt release is a true career milestone!

Jimpster – Soul Spectral featuring Greg Paulus 2021.

Recorded in the depths of the pandemic, I was so happy to lend some trumpet to Jimpster, especially after he believed in my sound and music. I hear it often in clubs and still get some nice compliments about it 🙂 Thank you Jamie!

A few final words.

We’ve reached the end of this auditory exploration, and what a journey it has been! A huge thank you to Greg Paulus for taking us on this insightful tour of his musical life, sharing the stories behind these milestone tracks. It’s an experience that’s truly illuminated the path he’s threaded throughout his illustrious career.

If you enjoyed this musical voyage, please consider subscribing and sharing with your friends. Stay tuned for more interviews and insights into the lives of your favorite artists. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the ‘Heat Makes Senses EP’, releasing on 30th June on London label Freerange. Until next time, keep your music passion alive!

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