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Behind the Beats of Empowerment: KASIA Unravels the Journey of ‘Heartstrings’.

Kono Vidovic February 21, 2024 34 12

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Hello, beautiful souls! I’m thrilled to share with you an exclusive interview that truly resonates with the core of creativity and healing. In this heart-to-heart, we dive deep into the journey behind “Heartstrings,” a masterpiece that not only showcases an incredible blend of musical genres but also carries a powerful message of empowerment and resilience. This song, deeply personal and beautifully crafted, is a testament to the transformative power of music. Join me as we explore the inspiration, the struggles, and the triumphs behind this captivating work with none other than the incredibly talented Canadian, Vancouver based KASIA in this exclusive interview.

In depth interview with KASIA on Heartstrings.

Can you share more about the personal journey that led to the creation of “Heartstrings” and how your experiences have shaped the song’s message?

The genesis of “Heartstrings” is deeply personal to me. Many of its lyrics emerged from the raw emotions of a tumultuous relationship, some penned nearly a decade ago during a particularly trying period. The song poured out almost effortlessly after the departure of my ex-partner. Interestingly, it wasn’t until I sang those words that I found clarity and the resolve to move forward. This track, therefore, became not just a musical expression but a pivotal moment of self-discovery and empowerment.

Your music incorporates a unique blend of house, bass house, pop, and ethereal elements. How do you approach blending these genres to create your distinctive sound?

In crafting my sound, I’m drawn to the ethereal and bass-heavy realms of music. I find solace in the celestial ambiance of ethereal house, coupled with the visceral impact of bass-driven beats. It’s a delicate balance of crafting melodies that soar like angelic voices while grounding them with the weight of deep bass lines. This fusion allows me to create music that feels both ethereal and powerful.

“Heartstrings” is described as inspiring healing and empowerment. How do you hope your music impacts listeners who may have gone through similar experiences?

My aspiration for “Heartstrings” and all my music is to evoke a sense of empowerment and resilience in listeners, especially those who may have weathered similar storms. Through infectious beats and uplifting melodies, I aim to instill feelings of strength and liberation, reminding individuals of their inherent power to rise above adversity. Ultimately, I want my music to serve as a reminder of hope and a catalyst for positive transformation.

KASIA - Heartstrings

In creating the music video for “Heartstrings,” what was your vision, and how did you aim to visually represent the song’s themes of resilience and self-discovery?

The vision for the “Heartstrings” music video was to encapsulate the song’s themes of resilience and self-discovery in a visually captivating narrative. Set against the backdrop of Vancouver, a city close to my heart, the video showcases moments of joy and liberation amidst the urban landscape. By featuring my ex-partner, the video subtly conveys the message that relationships need not end in bitterness but can evolve into supportive friendships, echoing the themes of growth and healing that are central to the song.

How does your songwriting process unfold, especially when dealing with such personal and emotive themes?

My songwriting process is basically me taking pages from a diary, with each lyric being a reflection of my thoughts and emotions. It’s a deeply introspective journey, navigating personal experiences and transmuting them into poetic expressions. I enjoy using metaphors to articulate complex feelings with clarity.

Can you talk about your creative partnerships with artists like The Funk Hunters and producers such as Jonathan Campbell and Sam Ryan? How have these collaborations influenced your music?

Sam Ryan, in particular, has been a mentor figure, imparting invaluable knowledge and expertise in electronic music production. Jonathan Campbell’s collaboration is an exciting new chapter in my artistic evolution, promising fresh sonic landscapes and creative synergies. As for The Funk Hunters, the prospect of collaboration brims with potential, offering an opportunity to explore new music territories and expand my musical horizons.

Having transitioned from being a synth-pop artist and international model to producing electronic music, what has been the most rewarding part of this journey?

My transition from synth-pop artist and international model to electronic music producer has been a journey of self-discovery and artistic fulfillment. While my modeling career provided a platform for expression, it was through music that I found my true voice and purpose. The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been the ability to channel my creative energy into a medium that resonates deeply with me.

Who or what are your biggest musical influences, and how do they inspire your sound and creative process?

Influences such as Grimes, Caroline Polachek, and Flume have left a mark on my musical journey, shaping my sound and creative process. Grimes’ avant-garde approach to music production and genre-blurring experimentation inspires me to push boundaries and defy conventions. Caroline Polachek’s ethereal vocals and innovative songwriting techniques resonate deeply with my artistic sensibilities.

With “Heartstrings” being the first release from your debut 2024 album “BASS,” what themes and sounds can listeners expect from the upcoming album?

“HEARTSTRINGS” sets the stage for my album “BASS,” a sonic odyssey that explores themes of empowerment, resilience, and self-discovery. Expect a tapestry of heavy basslines, ethereal melodies, and mesmerizing synths punctuated by infectious rhythms and uplifting vocals.

Reflecting on your performances, including the notable slot at the Rifflandia Music Festival, what has been the most memorable moment of your live music career so far?

Playing at the Rifflandia Music Festival stands out as a highlight of my live music career so far. Performing with a live band and witnessing the enthusiastic response from the audience was incredibly gratifying. The energy of the festival atmosphere created an unforgettable experience.

As you continue to evolve as an artist, what are your primary goals or aspirations for your music and career?

My primary goal as an artist is to create music that resonates deeply with audiences, sparking introspection, inspiration, and positive transformation. I aspire to use my platform to advocate for social change and empowerment, leveraging the universal language of music to uplift and unite communities.

How do you hope to connect with your audience through your music and live performances?

Through my music and live performances, I aim to make genuine connections with audiences and foster a sense of unity and belonging. I strive to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and ignite a collective sense of empowerment and liberation.

Being signed as a producer and mentor with Powher Sound, how important is mentorship to you, and what advice do you have for aspiring female artists and producers in the industry?

Mentorship plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent and fostering diversity in the music industry. As a producer and mentor with Powher Sound, I’m committed to empowering aspiring female artists and producers, providing guidance, support, and opportunities for growth. My advice to aspiring female artists and producers is to embrace their unique voices, cultivate resilience, and advocate for themselves in a male-dominated industry.

Your music incorporates the intriguing concept of integrating 432 healing frequencies. Could you delve into the significance of these frequencies and their role in crafting the spiritual and invigorating journey you seek to offer through your music?

Absolutely! These frequencies hold a profound significance as they are believed to possess healing properties. Solfeggio frequencies have a rich historical background, resonating within ancient sacred music traditions dating back centuries, including Gregorian and Sanskrit chants.

The nine distinct tones within the Solfeggio scale carry specific therapeutic attributes. For instance, 174 Hz aids in relieving stress and enhancing concentration, while 528 Hz is associated with awakening creativity and fostering love and intuition. By weaving these frequencies into my music, I aim to create a sonic landscape that not only entertains but also uplifts and heals the listener on a deeper level.

The choice between 432 Hz and 440 Hz tuning is also significant. While 440 Hz serves as the conventional standard for musical instrument tuning, 432 Hz, with its slightly flatter pitch, has garnered attention for its purported universal and spiritual healing qualities. This alternative pitch has sparked debates within the industry, with advocates arguing for its adoption as the new standard, emphasizing its potential to resonate harmoniously with the human body and spirit.

Are there any artists or producers with whom you envision collaborating in the future, and what draws you to these potential partnerships?

Grimes and Caroline Polachek immediately come to mind. Each of these artists possesses a distinct musical identity and innovative approach to their craft that deeply resonates with me. Grimes, known for her boundary-pushing music and conceptual artistry, offers a dynamic blend of electronic and experimental music that I find incredibly inspiring. Similarly, Caroline Polachek’s ethereal vocals and avant-garde compositions captivate me. 

A few final words.

And there you have it, folks, a glimpse into the heart and soul of a remarkable artist and her journey to creating music that moves, heals, and empowers. A huge thank you to KASIA for opening up and sharing her story and insights with us. Your bravery and creativity are truly inspiring. For everyone out there, “Heartstrings” is more than just a song; it’s a beacon of hope and strength. If you haven’t already, immerse yourself in the empowering beats of “Heartstrings” by KASIA, now available on YouTube and Spotify. Let’s support this incredible talent and stay tuned for her upcoming album “BASS” in 2024. Here’s to music that heals, empowers, and unites us all!

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