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Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks in Dirty Disco 304

Kono Vidovic April 29, 2019 432 1 5

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Today it’s a very special day because I’m presenting and giving you this Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks in a 6 hour installment of Dirty Disco 304. To exactly understand why I’m doing this you have to read on in this blog-post about Kingsday, the Kingsize DJ Mix and the motivation behind this.

Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks

Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks.

Yes here we are doing what we always do. Presenting you the finest new music from the electronic dance music scene. If you payed attentions last week, you may have noticed that i wasn’t there with you in a new episode. This weeks installment 304 had to take place last week, but because of some unplanned circumstances i had to skip the recording of the podcast. So what happened and motivated me to give you this Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks in a 6 hour journey?

Last week when Dirty Disco 304 had to happen, and you were probably waiting for it to show up here on my website, Mixcloud or any of the other music hosting platforms. You came out empty handed. First, last week was Easter weekend and most of you know I’m always there with a Easter DJ Mix like this one filled with beautiful Easter eggs for you to find. Or this Easter music special here.

Therefor finding yourself empty handed with no new Dirty Disco episode and new music releases. You could expect something may have happened. Through Facebook i left you message that due to some unplanned circumstances i wasn’t able to record a new Dirty Disco podcast. Today it’s time to enlighten you why this happened and why I’m back with this Kingsday mix special.

On Easter and out of the blue my father in law had some serious health issues where he needed to stay in the hospital for a few day’s. Luckily the doctors fixed him and now he is feeling great again. With being Easter, when you have quality family time you can imagine that these situations take a lot of time and focus to deal with. So far for the reason why i was absence last week.

So why this Kingsday DJ megamix?

Many of you know me, and if you know Kono Vidovic, than you know I’m always coming back strong making things up with you. Last week i got hit by the flu and i find myself not feeling so well. Because of the coughing i have a soar throat which you can tell when you listen to this weeks podcast show. On the 27th of April we celebrate Kingsday here in The Netherlands. Every year on this day we celebrate the birthday of our king. The whole country turns in the color orange. And everybody goes outside celebrating, having fun, partying. Kids go out and sell their old toys and old stuff on clothes on the side of the road. Adults go out with their kids and or celebrating by going to party’s watching and hearing DJ’s band and other acts and artist live performing.

Every year there is a lot going on on Kingsday, it’s a real happening where people connect and have a lot of fun. You can already see it coming. Because of the flu i wasn’t able to party and celebrate Kingsday with all the other people, so i decided to kick out my children and wife to go and have fun with the others as i stayed home and took a dive in the studio to treat you guys and girls with a very special extra long Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks in a 6 hour journey.

77 Tracks in a 6 hour megamix.

You guys really motivate me! Every week i receive many messages and e-mails from listeners all around the world. Telling me that I’m doing a great job and they you love Dirty Disco. With that in mind and me being in the studio selecting a bunch of new tracks for every episode. Somethings gets out of hand. Like in this case, where everybody was outside partying and celebrating id ecided to celebrate here in the studio and give you a extra long DJ megamix on Kingsday. There for the reference in the title to Kingsize, Kingsday, XL and so on. But in fact it’s just a large DJ megamix created on Kingsday 2019.

Just like always i will publish the full playlist here in this blog-post. Only this time i will not go to much in depth on all the tracks and releases on all these labels by all the artists because the amount of tracks. There are 77 tracks, which are a lot if you are going to keep track on every singe release and all the release data such as date, record label and so on. So i will keep it simple, you can still use the published playlist to see what tracks i played and when, so you can easily do a Google search with them to find out if they are available on vinyl or digital. And when they are being released and where to buy online music.

This is not the first extra long episode or mix special i did. Here below are a few of the recent Dirty Disco specials i did.


Of course i can give you a little bit superficial information on what you can expect in this Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks.

Recently Bibio released a new album titled ‘Ribbons’ Some extra attention to this new album in the beginning and very end of this weeks show. Nu Disco / Cosmic Disco artists Tiger & Woods released a new studio album called ‘AOD’.

Kaytranada did his magic again in a new track together with VanJess on the vocals called ‘Dysfunctional’. Tiptoes released a new albums which is def a must have. And therefor i playing you at least 6 tracks from their Rhythms & Solos album. Le Hutin, Hotmood, Kraak & Smaak and Girls Of The Internet are back with new music and EP’s.

Hey boy, hey girl. Superstar DJ, here we go legends ‘The Chemical Brothers are back with a full album ‘No Geography’ Expect two tracks from this album in this weeks megamix. Seven Davis Jr collaborated with Blackloops and Nikoss. KETTAMA brings some purified house bangers to the table on his new EP ‘Eastside Avenue. More to name are Vitess, Vanderkraft, Octo Octa, T.Jacques, Das Carma and the list can continue for ever.

Feel free to take the playlist, find the music you like online, Share this podcast and a link to our website. And enjoy this megamix in this Kingsday Kingsize XL DJ Mix with 77 tracks in a 6 hour journey.

Full play-list Dirty Disco 304 – Kingsize XL.

Track title Artist EP / Album
And if, Forget Leon Revol Broken Distric 3
Before Bibio Ribbons (Album)
Night Quake Tiger & Woods AOD (Album)
Forever Summer Tiger & Woods AOD (Album)
NYE’15 Allmostt Cleaning (Album)
S00P Allmostt Cleaning (Album)
Pico Union Just Baker Flower District
Dysfunctional Ft VanJess Kaytranada Dysfunctional (EP)
Drumting HAAi Volume One
Noodles Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
Summertime Ft Ann Liu Cannon MarBlu The Blue Sea (EP)
Waiting Ft Charley Jones MarBlu The Blue Sea (EP)
Dolce far niente Kraak & Smaak Boogie Beats
40 Now Biodive 40 Now (EP)
Highland Park Just Baker Flower District
Noodles (4004 Remix) Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
No Filter Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
Get It Baby Hotmood DW005
Rhythms & Solos (Felipe Gordon Remix) Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
Obscene Intr0beatz KUSK (EP)
I’m Searching Nature Boy Anthology Part 2
Operating Thetan Girls Of The Internet Trophy Wife / Operating Thetan (EP)
Tropicana Hurlee Tropicana (EP)
Feelin Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
What’s Your Problem Hurlee Tropicana (EP)
I Wanna Know Laroze L’amour Existe Encore (EP)
Flower Distric Just Baker Flower District
Back In The Studio Alva Quatre a la suite (VA EP)
Hands On, Handsome Intr0beatz KUSK (EP)
Round & Round Nature Boy Unreleased Ruffness 1993 – 1994
I Am Riccardo James Pepper Black City (EP)
Peaceful Feeling Knuckle G Up In A Haze (VA EP)
Empty Spaces Internet Xacker Disco Voyage (EP)
Motorway Cosmonection Ft Cesar Quatre a la suite (VA EP)
Everywhere At Once The Juan Maclean Zombies In Miami (EP)
Undicidisco (Justin VanDerVolgen Edit) Alexander Robotnick Undicidisco Remixes (EP)
XI.XX T.Jacques Velocity (EP)
Typical Notion Peer Du Quatre a la suite (VA EP)
Feelings Cosmonection Odyssey (EP)
Genuine Adam Emil Travellers (EP)
Lost Islands Cosmonection Odyssey (EP)
Rhythms & Solos Tiptoes Rhythms & Solo’s (Album)
Caught Up In The Basement Le Hutin Up In A Haze (VA EP)
Velocity T.Jacques Velocity (EP)
That City In Acid (Dead Sound Remix) Laesh That City In Acid (EP)
Touch Me Hotmood DW005
Shine On Laroze L’amour Existe Encore (EP)
Trophy Wife Girls Of The Internet Trophy Wife / Operating Thetan (EP)
Larry & Frankie Das Carma STR – MRS
Mandolinio (Cody Currie Remix) Intr0beatz KUSK (EP)
Sunset Junction Just Baker Flower District
Remind Me Seven Davis Jr, Black Loops, Nikoss Remind Me (EP)
Tonite Hurlee Tropicana (EP)
Time Out Of Joint The Juan Maclean Zombies In Miami (EP)
Got To Keep On The Chemical Brothers No Geography (ALBUM)
Optical T.Jacques Velocity (EP)
Dub101 Das Carma STR – MRS
Mistakin’ Messes Basses From da Block (VA EP)
Caramel Beurre Sale (Armless Kid Remix) Vitess Est Ouest (EP)
Zstring (Urulu’s Liquid Earth Mix) Kenton Slash Demon Zstring (EP)
Black City James Pepper Black City (EP)
Good Things Seven Davis Jr, Black Loops, Nikoss Remind Me (EP)
Move On (Frendzone Mix) Octo Octa FRNDZNE01
Breizh Signal Vitess Est Ouest (EP)
Zstring Kenton Slash Demon Zstring (EP)
Eve Of Destruction The Chemical Brothers No Geography (ALBUM)
Falling Down KETTAMA Eastside Avenue (EP)
2PAC Vanderkraft Up In A Haze (VA EP)
Clypp (Skudge Remix) Bartellow Panokorama Remix (EP)
I Am Riccardo (Jesse Bru Remix) James Pepper Black City (EP)
I Don’t Need U Laroze L’amour Existe Encore (EP)
Falling Down KETTAMA Eastside Avenue (EP)
Must T.Jacques Velocity (EP)
Vue Sur C.D.C. Vitess Est Ouest (EP)
Route Arc En Ciel Vitess Est Ouest (EP)
Daylight Octo Octa FRNDZNE01
Ode To A Nuthatch Bibio Ribbons (Album)


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