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Wild Wood Disco 2024 Presents: Kitty’s Musical Odyssey – 10 Tracks From Bristol Beats to Global Grooves.

Kono Vidovic March 25, 2024 98 5 5

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Bristol-based Kitty loves to transcend the boundaries of musical genres. Her music taste is in a constant state of evolution, as she fearlessly delves into rhythms inspired by every corner of the globe.  Her sets are an eclectic mix featuring old-school breakbeats to soulful vocals, Hindustani hip-hop to hard house, 98′ jungle amens and more. Kitty’s sets are a testament to her commitment to musical diversity and joy, with the aim being to get people’s KNEES UP!

Kitty made her debut at Wildwood Festival in 2022 after winning the ‘Female Emerging Talent Competition’ which kickstarted her performance career. Since then, Kitty has played at iconic festivals such as Shambala, Secret Garden Party, and Balter and performed in staple venues in Bristol like the Trinity Centre. 

Back at Wild Wood Disco 2024, we thought it would be a good idea talk about ten tracks that mark her musical journey.

Max Romeo – Chase the Devil

This is the first tune that came to mind. I have loved this track since I was in the womb. My mum says she remembers me doing somersaults in her tummy when this tune would come on, and I still love it! Absolute Classic.

Amy Winehouse – You’re Wondering Now 

Oh Amy! I have always been and always will be one of Amy’s diehard fans. One of our most played records at home, I listen to this all the time.

King Britt – When The Funk Hits the Fan

My Uncle is an icon in the queer disco scene in Ireland, I remember he put me onto this tune and started my love affair with disco. The bassline on this never gets old.

Jamiroquai – Canned Heat

One of my all-time FAVOURITE tracks. I used to end every set with this when I started playing out for the first time, and still do sometimes. Even though I have steered away from disco and house it will always be in my roots.

Freestylers – Ruffneck

I remember listening to this whole album when I was sixteen, and it resurfaced into my rotation recently. This track never fails to make a crowd move, but it’s so good it can be hard to know what to play next!

Funky Destination – Balkanarama

This was a staple in my sets for over a year, it sometimes throws the crowd off completely – which I love – but there is always at least one or two people who just completely embrace it… such special moments.

Dubtribe Sound System – No Puedo Estar Despierto

My Dad showed me this when I was around 18 and it blew my mind. I think this is where my love for fusing genres came from – funky disco house beat with carnival samba and then acidy electronic breakdown… Yes please.

Dreadzone – Dancehall Priority

Dreadzone has created a bond amongst so many of my best friends and family. This one reminds me of my sister!

Hoagy Carmichael – Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish

One of my best friends sent me this when I was having a really rough time, and now it is my go-to comfort tune. I would still be a miserable git if it wasn’t for this tune.

Ant to Be – Special Request

I had to include some jungle in here, but it was so hard choosing one track. The Sade vocals on this make it accessible to even the most unlikely jungle lovers – I have fond memories of playing this at Shambala and just closing my eyes and having a little moment with myself thinking WTF. 

Wild Wood Disco Festival 2024 Program

Final words.

As we wrap up this incredible journey through the tracks that have shaped the incomparable Kitty, we’re reminded of the power of music to transcend boundaries and bring us together. A huge thank you to Kitty for sharing her musical heart with us, and to you, our listeners, for joining in this adventure. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic live at Wild Wood Disco Festival 2024. Get your knees up and your spirits high in the enchanted Woodland Glade. Tickets are flying, so secure yours now and be part of something truly special. Thank you, Kitty, and thank you to all the festival-goers ready to make memories under the disco ball. See you in the woods!

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