Kono Vidovic – Deep & Discofied

Everyweek i’m preparing a brand new radioshow / podcast of 2 hours so in the and that means that i simply deliver a 2 hour mix every week which is also hosted by me, we all know this as the famous Dirty Disco Radio, but sometimes i just like to mix spontenously and this time i really got into the groove with some deep & discofied tracks. just as a little present from me to you it’s available for free through my soundcloud page. I hope you like it, let me know what you think of it.

Tracklist / Playlist

  1. Urulu – Lunar Larry
  2. Lay-Far – Get On It
  3. U – I
  4. Lay-Far – Feel Like Making Dub
  5. Borrowed Identity – Get Down
  6. Borrowed Identity – Shake
  7. Lay-Far – Side 2 Side (I Just) (Fouk remix)
  8. Borrowed Identity – Poems For You
  9. Urulu – Moon Unit
  10. Solid State – Philly Live
  11. Inge E Som Vi E – Hogt Over Marken
  12. Floating Points – Sparkling Controversy

Kono Vidovic on Soundcloud
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