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Kry Wolf – DNA. Album Review

Kono Vidovic January 16, 2015 89

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My opinion is that nowadays to be a good DJ, and next to the DJ skills such as beat matching, mixing, feeling the crowd and choosing the right records at the right time, you also have to be a music curator. Basically that is what you are doing in you search for music, DJ’s have to be the best music curators out there, every DJ of course in his or her own genre, but choosing the right music for the right time is a hard job, and searching for music is also almost a daytime job, so being a DJ in the weekend is actually a daytime job, during the week you are updating your music collection, finding new tracks by listening to hundreds of new releases (or old) for good music. In this article right here on of our guest writers “Ian Skeavington” goes a little deeper in on the matter of the DJ’s perspective.

But where i want to go with this is that next to being a DJ I’m also a music curator, the main reason why i run the weekly Dirty Disco podcast and this website. In my search for music i hear a lot a lot of music and I’m not even able to play all those dope tracks in my sets. That’s why i post a lot of releases right here on my website / blog, I’m giving you good music and at the same time I’m trying to give support to the DJ / Producer of the release / track. Sometimes i think that writing about music on a website / blog is even a bigger support than playing the track in a club, but that’s worth another discussion which i would love to have, think and talk about with you guys, so do not hesitate and leave your thoughts on that in the comment section here on the bottom of this page.

Alright back to where i came here for and most probably you to 😉

Kry Wolf – DNA

Today i want to share with you this very dope various artists album compilation called “DNA” which is released by the UK based record label: Food Music.
DNA is a series of various artist albums presented by the world most leading and proper DJ’s. The very first one in the series is compiled by London, UK based producers Kry Wolf. On the compilation Kry Wolf is taking you on their journey of proper house music and shows you their taste and music flavors.

On Kry Wolf – DNA you can find some very inspiring and proper house tracks, some tracks are influenced by that Chicago acid warehouse rave sound and other tracks are again more funky and heading to that real UK house sound with a bit of garage flavor added to it which we fell in love with the last couple of years. You can find some very cool names on the compilation, for example you will find Doorly, One of our favorite: Bodhi, a track from Shadow Child, Friend Within of course Kry Wolf themselves, Vyhce, New York Transit Authority, Tones and many more.

Some of my personal favorite tracks on Kry Wolf – DNA are

Bodhi – 88 which has that real oldschool house sound.
Toucan – Get Up also makes me groove out of my chair, again some oldschool flavored synth stabs and a vocal telling you: To get up now, to the groove. 😉
Tones Ft Sophie Brown – Thinking About You
has a very dope bottom end coming from the bass-line played by the deep subby toms or kick I’m not sure.
Kry Wolf – U Like (Waifs & Strays Remix) is a real groover with that laid-back sound which you can use perfectly in a set to bring down the energy a bit without losing the groove and the people on the dance floor.
Demuja – Come Along, would be a very good next choice to bring that energy back and make dance floor go nuts. 😉 And last but not least is
Liquid – Sweet Harmony (Kry Wolf Remix) which gives me real goosebumps. What a melancholic vibe.

Kry Wolf – DNA is a very inspiring album compilation, it takes you on a ride, and gives you a look in what to expect the coming year in “Electronic Dance Music”
I will definitely play a few of the tracks in my weekly podcast and radio show.

If you love the compilation just as much as i do, you can support your artists right here by buying Kry Wolf – DNA here in the Itunes store.

Follow Food Music on Soundcloud.

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