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Last Nubian – Crying on Jet Skis | Moment Cinetique | Review + Free Download.

Kono Vidovic April 14, 2020 352 42 5

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It’s time for another 12” electronic music review which also includes a free track to download. Normally spoken i only feature free downloads with additional information about the creator of the track. This week i stumbled up on a free track by Last Nubian and the Moment Cinetique imprint which was given away due to the delay of the latest release Last Nubian – Crying On Jet Skis. Therefore i decided to do a review on the this new EP and include the free download with it.

Last Nubian – Crying on Jet Skis.

Crying on Jet Skis is a debut EP on the Moment Cinetique label by London based music maker Last Nubian. The official release was earlier but because of the Corona situation and the fact that a lot of the online vinyl shops are having trouble to deliver or to stay open the initial release was delayed to ease the pain the label and producer dropped a free track to ease the waiting pain, which i will feature below. Luckily you are now able to buy the 12” on the selected online vinyl stores.

Last Nubian – Crying on Jet Skis is a 4 tracker EP containing two original tracks by Last Nubian himself and two remixes on his originals by the well established deep house producer Harry Wolfman and the Neovinyl head honcho Carlo.

While this is the first ever release for Last Nubian on the Moment Cinetique records label. You might already know him from his other quality deep house releases on labels like Nomada Records and Blaq Numbers.

12” artwork design.

Just like with everything the visual aspect is an important factor when it comes to the artwork of the 12”. Even though i can’t really find any information about the designer of the artwork for the 12” i do really like it and find it to be in full harmony with the produced music. When you look at the shapes, colors, the elements being used and how all is in harmony you can almost already feel the Deep Disco vibe that you are about to hear when we listen to the tracks.

As the title is saying ‘Crying on Jet Skis’ You can find the full aspect back in the artwork as a mirrored image of a person riding a modern jet ski with a sort of (what i think is a rocket) on the back. The rising hand from the water together with the other elements in the sky leaves enough behind for your own imagination.

Order the 12” here on Deejay.de

12” EP Review & free download.

Let’s take a listen to the music on the new EP released on the in Sheffield, UK based Moment Cinetique music label. In the end that is what it’s all about. The 4 tracks on the EP all breathe the very same Deep Disco vibe with the remix by Carlo on ‘I Left’ leaning a bit more towards the filtered Disco House sub-genre.

  • Crying on Jet Skis.

The main title track from the EP starts very exciting with an energetic Disco stab and building in fading pad to build up the vibe before the drum pattern kicks in to create a rich Disco groove. A few bars in you will hear a far away background vocal that opens up a bit space for a laidback deep chord progression. Another few more bars into the track there is really a lot going on. Not only the very rich drum patterns and percussive elements that make it to a whole, but also a lot of FX, vocals and other beautiful sound elements that make this a very rich deep disco groover.

  • Harry Wolfman Remix on Crying on Jet Skis.

Harry Wolfman is next to a great producer of his own original tracks also a very high in demand remixer. When we listen to his interpretation on Crying on Jet Skis you will direct notice that he delivers an original take on the title track from the EP. Leaving the intended harmony in place by using some elements from the original version, but also added a full new layer of richness by adding his own signature sound of chords and other Deep House elements that we know Harry Wolfman off.

  • I Left Original and the Carlo remix.

Last Nubian – I Left starts with a dope deep disco kind of guitar pluck together with filtered base percussion elements. Almost directly change comes in through a open hi-hat, and a opening disco loop sample. Just like in the title track ‘Crying on Jet Skis’ his I Left track also features a lot of rich sounds and shows his high level of producing music. All tracks are full of that real Deep Disco warmth, a lot of positive energy and well detailed arrangements.

Last but not least the head honcho of Neovinyl DJ and producer Carlo (who we play a lot in our weekly music shows) created his version on ‘I left’. Carlo’s take leans more to a solid disco house stomper than rather to a deep disco groove like the other 3 tracks. It still has that deep disco vibe but is much more of an dance floor ready track to keep people dancing once you builded up the tempo by playing the other featured tracks on the EP.

Free download: Last Nubian – Keep Yo Afro Tidy.

Like i mentioned earlier in this music review, we also added a free download that was given away for free by the Moment Cinetique label and Last Nubian, because of the delay of the release. To ease the pain of waiting for the release and delivery of the 12” through the vinyl platforms. You can download Last Nubian – Keep Yo Afro Tidy for free.

Keep Yo Afro Tidy is a track from the same high quality as the tracks that you can hear on the reviewed Crying on Jet Skis EP. It could easily be added as an extra track on the digital format but instead it’s available for free.

Last Nubian – Keep Yo Afro Tidy is a well crafted deep house track with a lot of dope sounds going on in it. It has a very dynamic arrangements that makes the track never boring to listen to as there is always something else going on. New sounds continuously keep you vibing and wanting more. The track has an overall easy going groove which makes it perfect for a wide range of deep house dj sets and most likely will be featured in our essential mixes as well. Enrich your own DJ set and playlist today with both Last Nubian’s latest EP and this free download here below.

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