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Lemonade Baby’s “Xtra Pop”: A Sonic Adventure Dripped in Nostalgia & Modernity

Kono Vidovic August 30, 2023 105 2 5

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Introduction to Lemonade Baby.

Bridging the golden age of the 2000s with today’s fresh sounds, Lemonade Baby delivers a vibrant sonic experience in “Xtra Pop”. Lemonade Baby, the promising Australian artist, has been tantalizing our auditory senses for a while now. With singles like “Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)” and “Tints (feat. Kevin Collett)” echoing the anticipation of a grand entrance, the wait for his debut EP has felt extensive. We’ve been introduced, entranced, and now we’re wholly engulfed with “Xtra Pop”.

Track-by-Track Analysis.

1. “Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)” & “Tints (feat. Kevin Collett)”: These previously released singles established Lemonade Baby’s penchant for engaging hooks and smooth transitions.

2. “I’m Spinnin A Record“: A new gem that delivers a sonic journey, captivating us with its layered production, reminiscent of a DJ set that’s both intimate and grand.

3. “Dry Lungs“: Here, Lemonade Baby shifts gears slightly. A darker, more contemplative tune that offers depth and contrast to the EP’s overall mood.

4. ‘Hounds of Love’: An ambitious cover of the legendary Kate Bush’s track, Lemonade Baby’s rendition is respectful of the original while making it distinctly his own. His signature flair, combined with the familiar cadence of the track, makes it a standout.

Influences & Inspiration

Throughout “Xtra Pop”, it’s evident how Lemonade Baby has drawn from the legends. With nods to Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim’s innovative sounds, and Kaytranda‘s rhythmic genius, the EP exudes rich musical history. Simultaneously, the infusion of modern vibes reminiscent of Post Malone and Playboi Carti provides the EP with a current, relevant feel.

The mix of 2000’s nostalgia with contemporary vocal stylings creates a duality that’s hard to achieve but is executed with finesse in “Xtra Pop”. Each song captures a mood, a memory, and above all, an evolution of an artist who’s clearly put heart and soul into this creation.

Production & Credits

Hats off to Brannon Hughes for the impeccable production and mixing that amplifies the essence of each track. The fact that he also created the artwork showcases the integrated nature of this project. Special mentions to the mastering maestros Ryan Schwabe, Nicholas Di Lorenzo, and Tahlia-Rose, who’ve added the final polishing touches ensuring the EP sounds stellar across devices and platforms.

Final Thoughts

Lemonade Baby’s “Xtra Pop” is a testament to a musical voyage, two years in the making. It’s more than just an EP; it’s a reflection of an artist growing, experimenting, and finding his unique voice in a world saturated with sound. We urge everyone to dive into this sonic adventure, and guarantee it’ll be a ride worth taking.

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