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Discover the Top 10 Tracks That Shaped LU/LU’s Musical Journey.

Kono Vidovic June 17, 2024 37 5

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Lumberjacks In Hell is the Amsterdam based label run by Marcel Vogel that was established in 2010 and has long been a great source of leftfield club tunes. Having worked with a variety of international artists like Jamie 3:26, Philou Louzolo, Rayko, Karizma and Giovanni Damico, LJIH proudly presents its first release in two and half years from Lu/Lu & LYMA with ‘Hotmoltenlava’.

Production duo Lucas van Ee and Tjerk Lammers are collaborators extraordinaire, brothers speaking in code and working in unison, a hive mind of ideas and creativity that was always bound to erupt like a Vulcano. Lu/Lu & LYMA is a side project of the Amsterdam based LIKEMINDS, and together they share a studio together on the outskirts of the city. Both Artists are heavily involved in the local music scene, a scene that defies genre in favour of more sonic adventures. As part of this ever-merging network of collaborators, Lu/Lu & LYMA also manifest their music in a vibrant live set.


Across the seven tracks of ‘Hotmoltenlava’, the music serves as a captivating odyssey of electrifying new house anthems that seamlessly combine the pulsating production rhythms of Lu/Lu with the sultry tones of LYMA. Prepare to be transported to euphoric heights as ‘Hotmoltenlava’ marks a triumphant return for Lumberjacks In Hell spearheaded by the visionary Marcel Vogel, propelling it into a stratosphere all of its own.

Here Lu/Lu talks to us about ten tracks that have paved the way for his musical journey.

Serge Gainsbourg – Bonnie & Clyde (Herbert’s Fred & Ginger mix) 

This one’s my introduction to house music. Growing up as a kid with a Parisian mom who played Radio Nova all day exposed me to a wide range of urban music. One song stood out so much that I had to download it later in first grade from Limewire and put it on my MP3 player. The Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot vocals are so storytelling and in combination with the deep cinematic house production of Herbert it makes a super classy house track. Timeless and a good soundtrack for any occasion. 

Jamiroquai – Little L 

I remember when Jamiroquai’s “Little L” came on MTV (2002) back when TV was still great—those were the good old days. The song hit me hard! Growing up in a family that listened to soul and jazz all day got me into disco, especially the more party-focused side of it. But when I heard “Little L,” it opened my eyes to how modern disco could sound for the club. The funky basslines, nostalgic soulful chords, and heavy electronic drum sounds make it perfect for a party with an illuminated dance floor.

Daft Punk – Revolution 909

Around 2006, after school one day, I walked into the Freerecord Shop and saw the cover of Daft Punk’s “Homework.” The logo immediately caught my eye as it embodied youth culture. Without pre-listening, I bought the CD and took it home, excited to dive in. Initially, I was disappointed with the first two tracks, which felt more like “skits” or introductory pieces. However, when the third track, “Revolution 909,” started, I expected another skit due to the long intro. But then, out of nowhere, came the drop. The soulful, warm chords, though repetitive, were captivating. This was the first time I found myself genuinely bouncing to dance music with minimalistic ingredients.

Justice – Genesis

After discovering the “French touch” with Daft Punk, I became obsessed with Justice. In high school, around 2009, I was a massive fanboy. Bought the CD with documentary and went to the concert with the massive cross. Their epic synths, funky basslines, 80’s glam rock guitars, and driving disco drums had a profound impact on me and the entire electronic dance music scene. Lately, I’ve been really into their new track “Neverender” with Tame Impala. The moody synth chords and Kevin Parker’s dreamy, spacey vocals create an incredible vibe that’s impossible to resist.

Kyodai – Breaking 

After leaving my friends behind in their minimal techno (Desolat Records) fase of their live (2012, I got into partying in Amsterdam with dj’s like Detroit Swindle (now known as Dam Swindle). Their productions, inspired by Detroit House, had a lot of jazzy chords that I felt completely because of my father’s jazz record collection. One of the labels I got addicted to was Local Talk Records. Their release of Kyodai’s “Breaking” was on the highlights for me. These chords after the breakdown are so tasty. 

Syclops – Where’s Jason’s K

One of the best tracks in electronic dance music has to be the one I first heard in 2013, played by local legend Tom Trago at club Trouw. The bassline alone feels like a complete composition, combining a funky yet gritty sound. The synth solo is breathtaking, and I remember the small silence that followed. The entire crowd wondered, “Is this it?” Then, the kick and bass came back in, taking everyone by surprise. It was an unforgettable moment and also something that I love to put in my own productions. 

Frits Wentink – Shrewd

Frits Wentink stands out as one of Amsterdam’s finest producers, crafting house tracks that captivate both club-goers and headphone listeners alike. My introduction to his sound was through the track “Shrewd,” featured in a Dam Swindle set around 2014. Since then, I’ve been hooked on his unique style, characterized by original swinging rhythms and beautifully distorted tape sounds. Wentink’s music offers a perfect blend of energy and subtlety, setting a high bar that I aspire to reach in my own productions.

Lakim – A Dance With You 

In 2018, the music scene is undeniably dominated by the genius of Kaytranada. His fusion of J Dilla’s hip-hop rhythms with house and R&B is nothing short of phenomenal and a significant source of inspiration for me. However, today I’m spotlighting a track by Lakim, a kindred spirit from the Soulection era. His song “A Dance With You” showcases sampling techniques reminiscent of Daft Punk but with a heavier beat that demands attention. The strong disco influence in this track is a key reason I’m drawn to it, blending nostalgia with a modern twist that’s hard to resist.

Channel Tres – Topdown

In 2019, LYMA and I were already working on house tracks for our upcoming project. LYMA added his deep, talking voice to some of the songs, sounding a bit like Kendrick Lamar. Then we came across Channel Tres and his track “Topdown,” which was exactly what we were looking for. It features an acid bassline, hip-hop verses, and R&B vocals, blending everything perfectly. Even in 2024, Channel Tres continues to be a big inspiration for us.

LU/LU & LYMA – Drunk

Get ready for the second single from our upcoming project, ‘HOTMOLTENLAVA’. This track is a club banger! The bassline started on piano but turned into an energetic house track after we layered it with synthbass. Lyma added the vocals about getting drunk, and when the drop hits, it’s like being at a great party. So, keep drinking and enjoy!


Thank you so much for joining us on this sonic adventure with LU/LU. Don’t forget to check out their latest release, “Hotmoltenlava,” now available on all major streaming platforms. Dive into the vibrant world of LU/LU & LYMA and experience the electrifying energy of their music. Stay tuned for more exciting track talks and keep your ears open for the next big hit!

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