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Makèz – Holy Sun EP – Heist Recordings.

Kono Vidovic June 25, 2022 210 9 5

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We’re excited to have Makèz back on Heist Recordings with their new EP, ‘Holy Sun’. The duo have continued to explore the loose-limbed jazziness and offbeat rhythms that they introduced on their debut album, ‘City of All’, and this new EP is a perfect continuation of that sound. The four original tracks are topped off with sultry vocals by Ava Lava, and a summary remix by Retromigration. If you’re looking for new music to get lost in, this is definitely the EP for you.

Holy Sun.

The sun-kissed broken beat main title track Holy Sun effortlessly blends acoustic elements, Rhodes pianos and soft electronic twirls with the vocals of Ava Lava. The duo tread somewhere halfway between jazz and electronic pop and somehow make us think about Roy Ayers. It might be the classy blend of elements, or the theme that’s often touched upon by Ayers, here serving as the track’s mantra: “Kissed by the fire, healed by the sun.” Holy Sun is out now on Heist Recordings, get it dance floor ready with the help of Dirty Disco. 

Retromigration on remix duties.

Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Retromigration has delivered an excellent remix of the title track which could easily be played at for example “Defected Malta“, exchanging the offbeat rhythms for a more straightforward 4×4 house beat and transforming the track into full-on boat party and festival mode. Subtle melodic additions add an extra layer of warmth, and the attention to detail with tiny modulations, hits and chords makes this one of the best remixes we’ve heard from this talented artist. Amsterdam is known for its vibrant electronic music scene, and Next Retromigration is definitely one to watch out for. We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

Dance floor ready music.

The opening tracks give way to some serious dance floor energy with ‘Lifted’ and ‘Inwards’. The bassline of each song is syncopated against atmospheric sounds, creating an immersive experience for the listener that draws them into deeper parts within themselves where they can find peace or simply enjoy being held steady on their journey through life; all while feeling like there are no limits when listening, this includes both chillout rooms at home as well as large outdoor spaces perfect if you’re looking forward towards expansion without boundaries!

2 killer cuts ‘Lifted & Inwards’.

The duo take on what easily could have been a Detroit Experiment or UR live recording with their own special twist: blissed out keys and chord progressions that will give you the heaviest bassface this month. There’s more than just booming drums here, as leads are added in for good measure along with an arrangement similar to how Makèz plays around onstage. All adding up to the electronic jazz vibe we’ve come accustomed to from these guys!

Our conclusion on Makèz – Holy Sun EP.

Their sound has grown stronger with every release and this new EP is no exception. With six powerful tracks, it’s clear that the “Makèz – Holy Sun” will soon become one of those records you can’t ignore when talking about contemporary house music!

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