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Marina Trench – Impermeable en ete: 5 Tracks to Put You in the Deep House Mood.

Kono Vidovic November 22, 2022 171 6 5

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If you’re looking for a five-track deep house journey to set the mood, look no further than Marina Trench’s latest release, “Impermeable en ete.” This French producer and DJ has a knack for creating soulful and emotive sounds that will transport you to another place. Her latest EP is a perfect example of her talent – each track is carefully crafted and perfectly executed. We asked Marina to talk us through the tracks, and she delivered in spades!

Marina Trench
Marina Trench


“Ose” means daring – this idea that in life you need to be daring, to experience a great journey! This track is the result of a collaboration with my very good friend Hugo LX. All the elements are inspired by the music we share together. Warm bass, lightly whispered vocals, a very nice synth solo played by the talented pianist and friend Enzo Carniel, bouncy violins, and rolling drums. It’s a good mix of our two vibes and we wanted to give a kind of groove with a slightly old school touch that we love so much. We added little vocal gimmicks, which we recorded together, that remind us how much fun we had working together. 


For me « L’orage » is a track with a special vibe. Which is like an echo to the kind of moment of life when the storm happens suddenly and your feelings are explained by this. I wanted to make a track with a kind of narrative dimension to translate that feeling. A mix between a type of tension from the pads and sound effects balanced by the dancing bass line and a little story telling come from the French vocals. 

Lyrics translated are here: 

« A storm has passed this way, over there and over there. My raincoat soaked, I didn't think I'd have to go home. A lot of wind, what weather! Where does this storm take me, over there, over there"


That song is particularly close to my heart. Rather soft and calm, with some influences of 80’s drums and also a few elements which remind me of «pop music». The swallow (hirondelle) is for me a strong poetic symbol, between freedom, fragility and hope. Throughout the vocals I wanted to tell the idea of distinguishing something in the distance, like something a bit abstract with smoke and finally seeing the swallow. I composed it in 2017 and added several arrangements in 2022. I used my Korg M1 synthesizer to play most of the chords, and the drums were re played by old drum machines like the TR606 from Roland into the music studio for my friend Maxence.  

Some final words.

Thank you, Marina, for taking us on a journey through your latest EP release. Each track is carefully crafted and perfectly executed, and will transport you to another place. We hope you’ll continue to produce music that touches our hearts and souls in the future! Check out her latest music here.

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