Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (video)

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Oh yes the funk is back! We love music no matter where it comes from if it’s good it good! And Oh yeah this is good!

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars are definitely bringing the funk and the groove in this track. If you wouldn’t know and didn’t saw the video clip, i could easily trick you by saying that this is an old funk record. But it’s now it’s a brand new track and collaboration between Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Maybe they are not the kind of artists that you will find often on our website since we are more about electronic music, but remember music is our passion and if your are into music and you understand music you will know when you hear good music, no matter what genre it is, and when you hear something you like you can share it right, we believe that music is needed to be shared.

Even the industry is telling you that it’s forbidden to share music but where would music be if nobody would share it because it’s forbidden? that’s right think about that for a second. And we are not actually sharing the music file here. We just love music and when we hear great music i want to post it right here on my blog. It’s the way today to find new music new genres get to know about new artists and so on. Well enough talking support the artist and get your copy by clicking on the link here below, it will take you directly to the itunes store.

Get your copy right here in the itunes store.


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