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Meal Delivery Services

Kono Vidovic May 20, 2016 51

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We as DJ’S, Producers and musicians also have to eat, and it’s not that we just need to eat, we love to eat. In common artists are people that love life, and love to live it in it’s fullest, enjoy every aspect of it before it’s all over 😉 Food is a very important aspect in our lives and also one that’s very enjoyable, so in this piece we are going to talk about food, and particularly about Meal Delivery Services.

Meal Delivery Services.

Let’s start at the beginning, what are meal delivery services exactly, and why do you see them more and more? Meal delivery services are companies that deliver a food subscription box or bag, but the most common names for these kind of services are: Meal boxes, food boxes, meal-kits, dinner-kits, food subscription service of subscription boxes. As you can see there are many names for one service. But what is it and what are the differences?

First of all a meal delivery service is something that brings you ease and a lot of time-saving, when you are subscribed to a similar service, you can skip the groceries store and spend more time doing the things you love. Professional chefs and nutritionists create chef-designed recipes with farm-fresh ingredients in the right portions and put them all in a box which gets delivered at your home or work address.

There are many meal delivery services and every month new services rise, the online food market is rising on a big scale and many companies want a piece of the market, companies like HelloFresh, Plated, Home Chef, Blue Apron & Marley Spoon, just to name a few are players in this market where Blue Apron is definitely the biggest player in the United States and with HelloFresh being the biggest in Europe.

Fresh ingredients.

Next to time-saving, easy to home cook recipes which everybody can cook and serve within 30 minutes, the meals are very healthy. The ingredients used in the meal-kist are mostly from local farmers and very fresh, straight after the harvest they are being selected for the dinner-kits and delivered at your doorstep. There are many meal services and with that many differences. A lot of them use organic foods, like 100% grass fed beef, organic chicken, vegetables and fruits, and all other all natural products. These products on there own are already very healthy and with the recipes being made by nutritionists the meals are also designed to make your eat pattern very healthy.

These meal delivery services are not just time-saving and easy to cook but also much healthier than the ingredients from the grocery stores. There are no additives & strange e-numbers being used, the production process is sustainable in the most cases. So using a meal delivery service is more than just a convenience, you are also helping to improve the environment.

Where to start looking for meal delivery services?

Most meal delivery services work with a weekly flexible subscription, where you can, adjust, pause or cancel at anytime. Using a service like this will bring you surprising new meals every week, you will try new ingredients and learn a lot about these products and about cooking them. With all the differences between the meal-kits it’s hard to know where to start, what would you like, do you have some special whishes, like allergens, or are you following a special diet? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? all these option are available and more, for example if you don’t like meat but you love fish, there are also services where you can choose your own meals, this way you can select your preferences.Because there are so many meal delivery services nowadays, i found this website which is a listing where you can find all food services and compare them with each other, the best part is that you can search for services in you area, this way you can exactly see which meal delivery services deliver at your door, at the same time you can search in categories, if you love organic food, or if you are looking for a service that has a vegetarian meal box, it’s all there!

Go to www.mealdeliveryservices.net

I use those services a lot, and i have already tried a lot of them, i love them and they make my life easier, i save a lot of time which i can spend in the studio or go and do fun stuff with my kids. Next to that every-time again it’s like receiving a present. Do you have an meal service experience? Please feel free to share your thoughts and why you use them, and which one you like the best.

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