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Proud to be a Mixcloud Select Curator – Dirty Disco 310

Kono Vidovic June 10, 2019 475

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Welcome to the 310th installment of my weekly podcast series. This week i have some exciting news to share with you, as i have officially become a proud Mixcloud Select curator. Read on to let me explain to you what Mixcloud Select is, and how you can be a part of it as well.

Mixcloud Select - Dirty Disco 310

Mixcloud Select.

Many of you know that Mixcloud is a platform for music content creators such as DJ’s radio-hosts, pod-casters and any other type of audio content creator. Even though Mixcloud looks similar to Soundcloud it’s quite different where Soundcloud is a platform with the focus on labels and music producers. Where Mixcloud is specific for podcast, radio shows and DJ mixes. And not for single audio tracks as music productions.

So with that being said, you now know what Mixcloud is. Next to my website I have been uploading my shows for many years now on Mixcloud, and it always have been a place where you could easily listen my latest show, see the track-list and follow me to stay updated on new episodes. Since a couple of months there is Mixcloud Select, which is a member based part of the platform where curators can interact with there most loyal fans and give them exclusive access to audio material as they subscribe as a member. This way Mixcloud Select aims to create a better and fair distribution model for the music industry.

My Mixcloud Select Welcome Page

Fair distribution for everybody in the music chain.

With this fair distribution model Mixcloud Select makes sure that everybody in the music chain gets equally paid for their work and efforts. As most of the years in the music industry and until now this never was a fair deal. Everybody knows that DJ’s are a very important part of the music chain. Now more than ever DJ’s are needed to push music and without DJ’s many producers wouldn’t even exist. DJ’s were always needed for producers and labels to push their music out to the masses but where never really appreciated for their effort in terms of revenue.

Through the years the music industry and they way we listen to music changed. From listening offline to a very active and mostly on the internet being music industry ways of listening to music changed. Now more than ever music curators are needed and there is a whole scene with music curator out there as there is a place for them where they can be recognized. Mixcloud Select is taking that to a higher level where curators and DJ’s can finally be a part of the revenue that comes in.

It’s also taking care that the right money comes to the right people. As a ‘Select’ subscriber you pay a monthly fee which comes to the DJ / curator you sign-up to and the music / artists he or she plays. This is a win win situation for the music industry as now everybody in the chain gets an equal part of incoming revenue. With being a subscriber to my Mixcloud select channel you will support the music industry in the best way you can.

So what are the benefits for you?

When you become a ‘Select’ subscriber / member to my Mixcloud account you will have access to:

  • Upfront track-lists. You can check out track-lists without even hitting the play button on my podcast episodes.
  • Listen offline. You can download each episode to the Mixcloud app and listen them offline when you don’t have an internet connection.
  • Get access to exclusive content. From now on when i create an Dirty Disco special like i did in the past with the House Classics special right here. Or the Kerri Chandler Special here. Or the not to long ago 6 hour mix-session with the XL mega DJ mix. When i make these kind of specials from now on they will be available to ‘select members’ only.
  • DJ Only Mixes. As you know there are the DJ only mixes of every episode that i create. From now you will have full access to them when you sign-up on my Select page.
  • Support your favorite music curator, DJ and the music from artists that is played.

Dirty Disco 310 - Mixcloud Select

Episode 310 of Dirty Disco.

For now every episode will be available to everybody, wether you are a subscriber or not. You can always subscribe if you wish to support me. The future coming special episodes and the DJ only mixes will be available for subscribers only. Specials are mostly a community based collaboration where everybody gets involved in choosing the music and the theme of the next special. So make sure to be a part of this and follow the Dirty Disco Facebook page here.

Last week i found and selected a bunch of dope new releases on labels like: Feedasoul Records, !K7 Records, Lumberjacks In Hell, Studio Barnhus, Distant Hawaii, Church recordings and so much more. This week i will play you new material from Peggy Gou and her DJ-Kicks EP. Marcel Vogel – Fuck The Bass Up on Lumberjacks In Hell. Poko Poko – Who Wants Somebody, Aura Safari, Envee – Brotherman EP on Local Talk Records, Mount Liberation Unlimited from Sweden. Mood J – Looking Further EP and so much more..

Dirty Disco 310 - Mixcloud Select

Normally spoken i highlight more music in the blog-post but i already wrote a lot about me being a part of the new Mixcloud Select platform. Which i’m very proud of and looking out to make the most of it with your help and support. Feel free to connect with me in any kind of way. Get in touch directly here. Or follow me on one of my social channels. I’m looking forward to hear from you and what your thought are on the select feature.

Envee - Brotherman EP - Dirty Disco 310

Track-listing episode 310.

Mount Liberation Unlimited – Climb Me Up
Marcel Vogel – Fuck The Bass Up (Ft Tim Jules)
Marcel Vogel – If You Like (Ft Tim Jules)
Poko Poko – Letters From Callisto
Marcel Vogel – Close The Door
Black Loops – Orange Carrot
Replika – Stirred
Jehan – Redlight
Marcel Vogel – I Got Jesus (Ft Tim Jules)
Poko Poko – Who Wants Somebody
Andy Buchan – What U Do 2 Me (Pete Herbert remix)
GZZ – Pop Music
Crowd Control – Breathe
Freudenthaler – I Have No Patience
Mood J – Looking Further
Mood J – Don’t Cha
Jeff The Fool – Kids
G.Markus – Dreemscape ’93
Carlo – Lottus
Envee – Brotherman Pt.1
Mood J – Tribute (To the B3)
Girls of the Internet – Your Love (Ft Princess Precious – Sports mix)
Nightmares On Wax – Back To Nature (Lobos On Wax House Mix) Ft Kuauhtil Vasquez & Wixarika Tribe
John Tejada – Promo Committee
John Tejada – Calibaration
John Tejada – Stack Ranking
Project Pablo – Eye Mask On, Think About Everything

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