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Kono Vidovic August 17, 2020 295 6 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction to this week mixed electronic music talk show | #369
  • fast_forward 00:16:25 – – New World – Into The Woods on Riot Van | General download info
  • fast_forward 00:31:30 – – Earth Boys – Earth Tones Remixed Album Feature
  • fast_forward 00:46:50 – – DJ Streaks – The Greatest Love Review on Barbecue Club
  • fast_forward 00:47:55 – – Robert Rodriquez – Attraction EP on Poetry In Motion | Review
  • fast_forward 00:58:53 – – Myd – Together We Stand Remixes on Ed Banger / Because Music
  • fast_forward 01:01:23 – – Earth Boys – Earth Tones (Felipe Gordon Remix)
  • fast_forward 01:13:40 – – DJ Streaks – Greatest Love EP | General information on tracklist.
  • fast_forward 01:15:00 – – Off Point – Loose Points EP on theBasement Discos review.
  • fast_forward 01:31:45 – – Roberto Rodriguez Feature | Thinking Forward into Deep House.
  • fast_forward 01:32:45 – – Sign up as a select subscriber or donate to support for the cause.
  • fast_forward 01:33:53 – – Shanti Celeste – The Sound Of Love International Compilation
  • fast_forward 01:53:53 – – Dirty Disco outro presentation | A few last words about staying safe.

Mixed Electronic Music Selections.

The Dirty Disco podcast is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ mixed electronic music talk show. With referring to: one of a kind, i simply mean that there are not much shows that combine the elements of selecting new music, mixing the selection together into a ‘full DJ mix experience’ and at the same time host the show with guided presentation, music anekdotes and a lot of information about the selected releases the labels and the featured artists.

Indeed there are a lot of radio stations and podcasts who deliver quality livesets. There are also a lot of them who deliver great quality talk sessions about any of these subjects. But there simply aren’t a lot who have both elements combined into a mixed electronic music talk show.

Because Dirty Disco understands that there is a demand for all these show variations including the Dirty Disco podcasts. We offer two different tastes. Like you most probably know there is the common weekly mixed electronic music talk show. But for the people who care to listen to the DJ ‘no presentation’ livesets (or both) we offer the music only mixes here on the Dirty Disco Mixcloud Page when you sign up as a Mixcloud Select Subscriber to support the musical cause.

Contents in episode 369.

There is a lot going on in this week’s episode. To sum it all up I listed the head elements here below.

  • 22 new music releases, all mixed together in a two hour liveset.
  • 5 tracks within the selection are available on twelve inches.
  • 3 DJ music promo’s, which are forthcoming at the time of recording.
  • 2 featured music albums: Earth Boys Remixed and The Sound Of Love International by Shanti Celeste.
  • Something to give away. The first and last track of this episode as free downloads.
  • The BPM (beats per minute) is set to go from 111 to 125.

Featured Music Reviews.

The easiest and most enjoyable experience is to tune in and listen to this week’s music show by clicking the play button in the audio player. To strengthen the music releases a bit i listed a few of them here below for your inspiration.

DJ Streaks – Greatest Love EP | Barbecue Club.

While there is a remix from him on this new EP, it’s the first time for the Barbecue Club that it’s not releasing a new EP from Blutch. Instead they are welcoming Liverpool DJ and producer DJ Streaks to the label. Which took them 3 years to find him and produce the Greatest Love EP.

On this 4 tracker EP you’ll find tracks that are already appreciated by bigger names from the scene and used in liveset from Roman Flügel and Cinthie to give a few examples. Add Dirty Disco to that list and the rating is complete.

The Greatest Love is a perfect summer BBQ music experience that goes very well with nowadays temperatures and heatwaves. So tune in, cool down and get your groove on with this beauty of an EP.

Myd – Together We Stand Remixes | Ed Banger / Because Music.

Recently Myd released it’s very well crafted ‘Together We Stand’ original which was warmly welcomed to the scene. Now the remixes that came out on the remixes EP can only confirm how gladly names like: Bullion, Radio Slave, Thomas Gandey and Bastien Doremus were to do a remix on this amazing track.

Because all remixes are so good to listen to and from high quality maintaining the original elements but all so different from each other. I decided to play 3 remixes in this week’s mixed electronic music selection without letting it get boring.

If you love what you hear here from Myd and these remixes. You will be even more happy when i tell you that ‘Together We Stand’ is the first track from Myd’s upcoming debut album that will drop this fall on Ed Banger records.

Earth Boys – Earth Tones Remixed | Shall Not Fade.

Not too long ago in music show 365 i introduced the new album by Brooklyn based electronic music producers duo ‘Earth Boys’ called Earth Tones.

Now 4 episodes later I’m even more happy to feature the remixes album on Earth Tones, featuring remixes from names like: Baltra, Interplanetary Criminal, J Albert, Lxury, Soela and Felipe Gordon.

The last two remixers are featured in this week’s mix selection. Both are quality Deep House grooves with the one from Soela bringing in a more dreamy deep vibe. And Felipe Gordon brings his own signature broken deep beat house sound to the remixes album.

Tune in and listen to the tracks while I mix them all together.

Off Point – Loose Points EP | theBasement Discos.

Let me use the famous quote: Oh Yes! Oh Yes! by Carl Cox to illustrate how much I like the releases coming from this young house music label from Spain: theBasement Discos.

The last couple of months I covered so much music coming from them that you would almost think they are paying me to play their music. Well I can wipe that thought straight from the table as they are not. Nobody is paying me to play music, except for the Dirty Disco lovers that support me with donations and by becoming a Select member on Mixcloud.

The fact that I play their music so often and now the new release by Off Point – Loose Points, is because i really love what they do. The quality they bring, the new artists combined with more well established artists. The artwork and overall style just perfectly fits what I do here in Dirty Disco.

Free Downloads in this week’s episode.

I try to bring you free music on a weekly basis in my show and through my weekly free music newsletter. All free tracks ever published can be found here on this page.

Occasionally I’m in lack of time to curate and select a new free download. It takes a bunch of time to present them to you as i create artwork, write a review and organise everything to get it to you. So if you feel like helping out a bit by writing music reviews and be a part of a platform for real electronic music lovers. Do not hesitate to reach out to me.

This week there are two free downloads that you can grab and download for free. The first track of the show (opening track) is from Leslie Lello – Dedicated on the Spa In Disco label. A very hot summer infected track ready to turn any playlist or DJ set into a summer splash.

Stoned Island – Own Flavor.

The second track which i sended out two weeks ago. Is a Deep House groover with a dope male vocal talking about his own flavor in: Stoned Island – Own Flavor on the Imported recordings label. Unfortunately this is one of those examples where I run out of time so i could write a proper review. But you can still grab the file here below after you sign-up to my weekly ‘free music’ newsletter. Once signed up i will send you quality downloads like this every week.

Track-listing and credits.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Leslie LelloDedicatedFree DLSpa In Disco10-8-20
DJ StreaksHouse HeadGreatest LoveBarbecue Club7-8-20
New WorldEnough! (The Juan MacLean Remix)Into The WoodsRiot Van21-8-2012”
New WorldGlancesInto The WoodsRiot Van21-8-2012”
MydTogether We Stand (Bullion Remix)Together We Stand RemixesEd Banger / Because Music7-8-20
Earth BoysLos Angeles (Soela Remix)Earth Tones RemixesShall Not Fade7-8-20
Roberto RodriquezThought ExperimentAttractionPoetry In Motion7-8-20
New WorldFade OutInto The WoodsRiot Van21-8-2012”
DJ StreaksCity Pop (Blutch Remix)Greatest LoveBarbecue Club7-8-20
Roberto RodriquezAttraction (Let’s Make Love)AttractionPoetry In Motion7-8-20
MydTogether We Stand (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Remix Short Edit)Together We Stand RemixesEd Banger / Because Music7-8-20
MydTogether We Stand (Bastien Doremus 12 inch Club Mix)Together We Stand RemixesEd Banger / Because Music7-8-20
Earth BoysEarth Tones (Felipe Gordon Remix)Earth Tones RemixesShall Not Fade7-8-20
DJ StreaksGreatest LoveGreatest LoveBarbecue Club7-8-20
Off PointBurnin’ HotLoose PointstheBasement Discos7-8-20
Off PointLoose JointsLoose PointstheBasement Discos7-8-20
Roberto RodriquezHide & SeekAttractionPoetry In Motion7-8-20
E.B.E.ThinkingShanti Celeste – The Sound Of Love InternationalLove International7-8-2012”
Tom VRAcheless (Edit)Achelessall my thoughts7-8-20
Tom VRIt Swims HereAchelessall my thoughts7-8-20
SoundopamineUna Cu Natura (Harrison BDP Remix)Una Cu NaturaEverydayParadise3-7-2012”
Stoned IslandOwn FlavorFree DLImported Recordings7-7-20

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