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Kono Vidovic March 4, 2019 421

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It’s only a week ago since we spoke, or at least since i spoke to you. Many of you do talk back and respond on the episodes through e-mail and on my social channels. So yes there is a 2 way communication system. Back to the topic, I’m back with a brand new show filled with great music. And as you know Dirty Disco is for everybody, we play music for professionals, Disc Jockey’s and music lovers. We are a source for inspiration whether you use music in your profession as a DJ or as a music lover who loves to listen to and enjoy music.

Music for professionals, DJ’s & Music lovers.

Electronic music has evolved, and is bigger than ever! There are not only DJ’s and ravers that love electronic music genres like” House music, Techno and all other genres. Electronic music has become much wider and nowadays is a genre not only to dance and rave to, but also to listen to as a music purist, or for other reasons like music for sporting, creating moods and atmospheres on gatherings, party’s and other occasions where music is a great guidance. At Dirty Disco we play music for professionals, DJ’s & music lovers. For whatever reason you like electronic music you can come to us to fill your needs.

Music to get inspired by.

Among our listeners are people that use the music we play in a great variety. There are other DJ’s like myself that listen to me to get inspired with new music from the scene. There are other music professionals, like podcast and radio show makers. Playlist curators like myself, record companies and publishers that are out to look for new talent. Singers, songwriters they all listen to Dirty Disco to get inspired in some sort of way.

Music lovers, purists and vinyl lovers.

I do not only play music for professionals & DJ’s. But there is a very big group of music purists and music lovers out there that love to get updated on new releases and new music. It might even be older music that they just never heard before. Therefor Dirty Disco is not only a place to get inspired but on the other hand we are also a place where talented music producers get promoted and get that perfect exposure to the right people. Among the music lovers there are also people that love to play vinyl, and also this group can get a lot of satisfaction in our weekly music podcast since 50 until sometimes 100% of the music we play is available on vinyl and as a 12”. Mostly limited but that what it makes so special nowadays and that’s what we are a good place for crate diggin‘.

Get inspired with Dirty Disco 297.

Let’s see what i curated this week for you in Dirty Disco episode 297. Last week the first half of the show was filled with new music from The Reflex, Folamour and some other very good Disco House Producers. Check it out here. The second half of the show became deeper where i played you fine deep-house music. This week is no different, i start off with some very dope Disco edit’s by Motte, on famous Disco classics by Keni Burke, Melba Moore and R. Scott. To add some more Disco groove to it, you can also hear some great music from the Sundries Digital imprint, and a little bit older track by Yuksek on Party Fine France.

As soon as we enter the deep zone with these very good deep house tracks that i curated this week. You will hear new music by Fold, Fort Romeau, Boddhi Satva on Local Talk records. Do not confuse this with Local Options on Lisztomania records. Dana Ruh and The Mole on Slices Of Life 10.1 where we played the other two tracks from John Tejada and Baaz in last weeks episode. Like every week, all is mixed into one smooth episode which is also available as a DJ only mix. Just contact me for the download link to the DJ only (music only) mix. Now let me highlight some of the music this week.

Keni Burke - Risin To The Top (Motte Edit)

3 Free downloads – Disco edits by Motte.

After hearing these Disco edits by Motte on these famous Disco tracks. I would say Motte is a real Disco edit expert. The first 4 tracks in this weeks episode are all tracks produced or edited by Motte. 3 of them are disco edits and available as a free download. The other one is coming from his recently released Boogaloo EP on the Re-Loved imprint. Starting off with the very much grooving Risin’ To The Top by Keni Burke. Followed up by We Can Make It Better – R. Scott, and Melba Moore’s – Love’s Coming At Ya. Just click on the links to grab them for free.

Fort Romeau - Heaven & Earth

Fort Romeau – Heaven & Earth.

That’s it for the free downloads. If you want all the other music played in this weeks podcast. You really need to buy them at your online record store. Or you might just grab your chances in e-mailing me about them ;-). Oops did i really say that? Well i did not say I’m giving away music downloads for free right? But you can always try to ask. Different to the free disco edits by Motte, this new release by deep-house specialist Fort Romeau is quite something. It’s deep, atmospheric, uplifting, somewhat dreamy here and there but overall this new release Heaven & Earth is just dope! I included 3 tracks from the EP that is released on the Permanent Vacation label, in this weeks episode. You i suggest that you just hit play and enter the groove to witness the power and dirtyness of Dirty Disco.

Local Options - The Feels

Local Options – The Feels.

Last but not least, i would like to share with you the latest release on the Lisztomania records label by Local Options – The Feels. This track really give deepness and extra dimension, especially in the beginning of the track where it builds up towards the first drop. A dreamy deep atmosphere is the right thing to say here. This is a track that i would def play this summer somewhere on the beaches, parks or festivals where i get booked. You can e-mail me for bookings here, and discuss the details.

Like every week that’s not all. I just highlighted 3 releases here, but there is so much more in this weeks music podcast. The best thing to do is to just listen and tune in. You can use the track-list here below to find those gems i just played you and support the artists.If there is anything else you are missing here or that you would like to discuss with me. Feel free to reach out.

Dirty Disco 297 playlist.

Track title Artist EP / Album Record Label
Risin’ To The Top (Motte Edit) Keni Burke Free Download Motte Traxx
We Can Make It Better (Motte Edit) R. Scott Free Download Motte Traxx
Love’s Comin At Ya (Motte Edit) Melba Moore Free Download Motte Traxx
Boogaloo (Extended Mix) Motte Boogaloo (EP) Re-Loved
I Don’t Have A Drum Machine Yuksek Recover Re-edits compilation Vol 1 Party Fine France
She Goes Disco Munky Fike Keep On Pushin (EP) Sundries Digital
Keep On Pushin Munky Fike Keep On Pushin (EP) Sundries Digital
Hallelujah (Extended Mix) Motte Boogaloo (EP) Re-Loved
Onion Gravy Fold Astral Planes (ep) Shall Not Fade Records
Some Common Sense Fold Astral Planes (ep) Shall Not Fade Records
Together (Main Mix) Boddhi Satva Basic Knowledge (EP) Local Talk
The Feels Local Options The Feels (EP) Lisztomania Records
Heaven & Earth Fort Romeau Heaven & Earth (EP) Permanent Vacation
Come On Kid The Mole SOL 10.1 Slices Of Life Records
Danxia Hvmble Texture 2/4 Hvmble Records
Friends Be Like Moff & Tarkin Pass Me The Naan (EP) Lagaffe Tales
Visions Fort Romeau Heaven & Earth (EP) Permanent Vacation
Eye of Re Fort Romeau Heaven & Earth (EP) Permanent Vacation
Play Structure Chrissy Resilience (part 2 of 3) Chiwax
Moonday Dana Ruh SOL 10.1 Slices Of Life Records
The Heart is A Lonely Hunter Jordon Alexander More Than I Ever Thought Looking For Trouble Records


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