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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Opening Intro (Das Komplex – XXX)
  • fast_forward 00:00:45 – – Intro speech about this weeks music mix selection
  • fast_forward 00:15:33 – – deRijk – Indian Summer | 13th Hour Records | Tom Jarmey
  • fast_forward 00:26:45 – – Music heads up | Adham Zahran on Mole Music | SMBD on Dirt Crew
  • fast_forward 00:46:25 – – 13th Hour Vol. 5 Feature | People Unite | Talkin' Green
  • fast_forward 01:03:20 – – Listener request | Bruce Trail – Bridgework | Magicwire
  • fast_forward 01:10:18 – – Withheld – Distant Highways Feature on Lisztomania Records
  • fast_forward 01:10:58 – – Newzs & Dormidontov – In The Bus | Mask Sexy Records
  • fast_forward 01:20:00 – – Melbourne Drum Authority – Natural High EP on Refuge Recordings
  • fast_forward 01:30:57 – – You are to late… | Podcasts | 13th Hour Vol. 4 (3 Tracks)
  • fast_forward 01:41:35 – – Swales & Tom Jarmey | Azuro – Get Up Larry | theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:53:45 – – Disco House | Tom Jay on Pomme Frite + Major Outro Speech

Music show introduction.

While the world is experiencing strange and difficult times we will fight ourselves through. I keep presenting you my weekly music show with selections to give you a place and moment to forget about the problems and at the same time give you laughter, peace, a moment of relaxation through music for your mind, body and soul while i also try to give you the power to deal with these crazy times.

Welcome to the Dirty Disco music show episode 360. Once again i hope to inspire you with great new music, whether you are a music professional i.e.: a DJ, publisher, label owner or AR manager. Or when you are a music lover to lighten your soul with new beautiful creations straight from the electronic music scene.

In this episode i’m presenting you 23 new and a few older tracks. With the overall style of sound being ‘Deep Disco’ (Deep House with Disco / Jazz / Soul influences). And towards the end a couple of those real Disco House banging groovers.

Highlights of music show episode 360.

If you are a frequent listener and reader of my music blogs. You know that i always randomly highlight a few of the releases here in the blog that belongs to the current week’s music show. Feel free to use the timestamps in the audio player above to check out certain show sections and jump back or forth to hear me guide you through all those releases. Among these 23 essentials there are:

  • 23 new & a few older tracks. (1 even going back to 2016)
  • 1 free download, which i forgot to play in the live mix (but it’s listed below)
  • 13 tracks from the mix selection are available as 12 inch on vinyl.
  • 6 tracks are ‘on this publishing day’ still forthcoming and music promo’s.
  • 1 track was suggested by one of you as a ‘listener’s suggestion request’.
  • From all releases 1 is a compilation album.

Now that i’ve got your attention look at this small selection of must hear / have releases from this week’s music show.

Das Komplex - Miazsz | STEP.

Das Komplex – Miazsz | STEP.

The head honchos from the STEP imprint which is a sub label from the Polish Pets Recordings recently released their most recent House banger on the Defected Records label here. Now on their own STEP imprint which was started to make room for artists to show their eclectic music production skills. They are welcoming another Polish producer Das Komplex and his latest EP ‘Miazsz’ which includes 5 rhythm driven down tempo tracks.

I took Das Komplex – XXX as the opening track for this music show because of the down tempo retro style and it’s beautiful intro that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel like you are back in the ancient Rome at the start of our modern civilization.

SMBD - Purple Winds | Dirt Crew Recordings. | Music show

SMBD – Purple Winds | Dirt Crew Recordings.

Dirt Crew has been on our favorites list of vinyl music labels for a long time now. As their second release in 2020 they present you an EP the shows you the deep side genres of electronic dance music.

House veteran SMBD a.k.a. Simbad finally dropped his own 5 tracker EP ‘Purple Winds’ on the label after he successfully contributed to the Dampé EP on Dirt Crew.

Ranging from soulful House music to breaks and beats combined with ambient electronic soundscapes. To showcase the diversity on this EP i’ll play you the two tracks: Glory and Piano Lick.

13th Hour Vol. 4 & 5 | 13th Hour Records.

13th Hour Vol. 4 & 5 | 13th Hour Records.

While i was selecting music for this music show i stumbled up on two EP’s from the New York House Music label 13th Hour Records. Their two most recent v.a. EP’s 13th Hour vol. 4 and 5 got me playing seven tracks from them.

On volume 4 you’ll find the British artists Tom Jarmey and Swales bringing you Deep House from the highest shelf.

And on the most recent release volume 5 of the 13th Hour EP you will hear music from deRijk and Australian new comer Soul Wun. Tracks played from these two EP’s are: Naima Blue and For George by Soul Wun. Indian Summer by deRijk, Voices In My head by Tom Jarmey and Roots and Desire by Swales.

Talkin' Green ' theBasement Discos. | Music Show 360

Talkin’ Green ‘ theBasement Discos.

After releasing their recent artist EP Poca Broma by Harvey Touch which we featured in episode 355. And their 3th V.A. compilation album ‘Beyond Paella’ which we also featured here with the beautiful free Perfect Love giveaway track from Etur Usheo.

The loved label from Valencia is once again back with a 4th various artist compilation album ‘Talkin’ Green’. We talked to Carlos Alandí from theBasement Discos here and learned about the labels music philosphy. Way before this interview with the music label i loved their releases and i knew their music will be widely spreaded all over the world while they grow to be one of the most influencial labels is the future of Disco House music.

From the latest Talkin’ Green album i will play you two tracks to show you it’s versatility. The New York based Azuro with ‘Get Up Larry’ which i a real disco stomper with goosbumping famous disco vocals. And Pedro Cañas – Excuse Me who shows you his Deep House talent.

Melbourne Drum Authority - Natural High EP

Melbourne Drum Authority – Natural High EP | Refuge Recordings.

This one is set for release on the 16th of June 2020 on the in Sydney, Australia based Refuge Recordings. Until now the music label has been showcasing music from well established names like: James Curd, Phil Weeks, Oliver Dollar and Demuir.

Now they are welcoming newcomers Melbourne Drum Authority with two dope House tracks. In The Groove which is a modern Disco groove with dope old school organ keys giving you that feel good sunshine vibe. The main title from the EP ‘Natural High’ leans more toward the deeper side of House music and explores cinematic strings, a live soul bass and dope vocals.

Tom Jay - Thief

Tom Jay – Thief | Pomme Frite.

Belonging to the last part of the mix in this week’s music show within the selection. Tom Jay – Thief is a real Disco House EP including three tracks (2 originals and a remix by Tilman on the original title track ‘Thief’.

To get you in to the groove i’m featuring the two original tracks by Tom Jay in my mix session. Thief and Let Go are two to go to tracks if you need to get your groove and for some proper dancing.

As this is the 4th release on the label and the first of this year by newcomer Tom Jay to the label. We are expecting a bunch more beautiful releases like this is the near future. SO i’ll def keep an ear out on the Pomme Frite label.

Weekly Freebie” Shakatak – Night Birds (Picklejam Edit).

Every week i prepare a new free download that i present to you through the music blog with a music review on the track and artist. After the blog is published i plan a social media post to be published on Wednesday when the free track goes out to all of my newsletter subscribers. And in the music show in the following week i always plan to feature the free track in my music show.

The track only gets played in the show when it fits the rest of the music and within the harmony. Or when i forget to play it. This is exactly what happened this week with the free edit from Picklejam. I totally caught up in the live mix session that i forgot to include it in this week’s music show. Luckily it’s offered to you in various ways and you can always find the weekly free download here on the music blog.

This time i stumbled up on a very dope remix / edit by Picklejam on the 1982 Disco classic Night Birds from Shakatak. Check out the full review here below and grab your free copy of the track as a perfect summer groove.

Track listing & music credits.

The last part of my weekly blogs is always the track listing. As far as i know the most popular part of the blog as many people always want to know exactly which tracks i played when. Therefore the underneath table with track details is just perfect for you.

In addition or as a replacement you can also refer to the every week updated Spotify playlist here. The only downside is that the promo / forthcoming releases are not listed there.

I hope you can find inspiration and comfort in my weekly music show. I’m always open to suggestions, collaborations (as i explained in the show) and people stopping by to say hi. Feel free to follow me on all of my socials and send over a message to let me know how you are listening, what you are doing and where you are from. Until we meet again stay safe and happy!

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Das KomplexXXXMiazsz5-6-20
Adham ZahranLost BluesSunbronMole Music19-6-20
deRijkIndian Summer13th Hour Vol. 513th Hour Records4-6-2012”
Tom JarmeyAt Night13th Hour Vol. 413th Hour Records5-4-1912”
Adham ZahranSunbronSunbronMole Music19-6-20
SMBDPiano LickPurple WindsDirt Crew8-6-2012”
NnatnRobot ManShumai TrackLisztomania Records19-6-20
Soul WunNaima Blue13th Hour Vol. 513th Hour Records4-6-2012”
Soul WunFor George13th Hour Vol. 513th Hour Records4-6-2012”
Pedro CañasExcuse MeTalkin’ Green (V.A. Album)theBasement Discos9-6-20
SMBDGloryPurple WindsDirt Crew8-6-2012”
Bruce TrailBridgeworkBridgeworkMagicwire12-8-1612”
Withheld UKRhapsodyDistant HighwaysLisztomania Records19-6-20
Newzs & DormidontovIn The BusIn The BusMask Sexy27-5-20
Melbourne Drum AuthorityIn The GrooveNatural HighRefuge Recordings16-7-20
Melbourne Drum AuthorityNatural HighNatural HighRefuge Recordings16-7-20
Tom JarmeyVoices In My Head13th Hour Vol. 413th Hour Records5-4-1912”
SwalesRoots13th Hour Vol. 413th Hour Records5-4-1912”
SwalesDesire13th Hour Vol. 413th Hour Records5-4-1912”
AzuroGet Up LarryTalkin’ Green (V.A. Album)theBasement Discos9-6-20
Tom JayThiefThiefPomme Frite28-5-2012”
Tom JayLet GoThiefPomme Frite28-5-2012”
VelourPose (Mr Fries Remix)PoseWolf Music5-6-2012”

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    Always a pleasure to listen to DDR with Kono. Respect for all the great work and effort. Staying connected with great music. It is also great to be able to looking back on shows, reviews and tracklist on this website. Very nice! keep up the good work!

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