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Exploring the Depths of House: An exclusive track talk with MYLAMINE about Nebula Cavern and his inspirations.

Kono Vidovic January 30, 2024 95 16 5

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Welcome to our latest track talk, where we delve into the heart of electronic music with none other than the visionary artist MYLAMINE. Fresh off the success of his 2023 hit “Galaxy Cloud”, MYLAMINE is here to mesmerize us once again with his latest masterpiece, “Nebula Cavern”. This new release, available from January 26th, 2024, promises to be a journey into the emotive and underground realms of house music. With vibrant synths, tantalizing melodies, and an island vibe, “Nebula Cavern” is set to captivate fans of Crackazat, Four Tet, and Bonobo, to name a few. Today, we’re not just talking about his new release but also exploring the tracks and artists that have shaped MYLAMINE’s unique sound over the years.

MYLAMINE Track Talk about Nebula Cavern and inspirations

1. Aphex Twin – Fingerbib.

Words: Aphex was one of my very first forays of discovery into Electronic Music around 22 years ago.  I’ll never forget how listening to this made me feel, it was an entrance to a world of mind-bending sound, as well as delicate and intelligent beat-making.

2. Geometric Farms – Men of Many Sayings.

Words: Techno in general was an anathema to me due to its repetitive nature until I heard the soft complexities of early Kompakt Pop Ambient.  This tune in particular by Jörg Burger has stayed heavy in rotation since I first heard it.  

3. Boards of Canada – Kid for Today.

Words:  Boards of Canada were alongside Aphex as one of my first loves all those years ago.  The dreary, emotional, and nostalgic feelings in this track never cease to touch my soul.  

4. Dimlite – Back To The Universe Pt. 1.

Words: Dimlite is what we would call your favorite musician’s favorite musician.  If you have not been through his entire discography you are sorely missing out.  The organic aspects and live instrument and sound playing is what gave me particular inspiration.

5. Daedelus – Thanatopsis.

Words: Unorthodox and genre defying music is how I would characterize this song and album.  Daedelus has never been afraid to flirt with the unknown and break new sound barriers.

6. Apparat – Komponent.

Words: Apparat showed me that you could use an affinity for IDM across the board no matter what you are making.  His early sound was soft, warm, and glitchy, which is unfortunately a lost art these days.

7. Bibio – The Ephemeral Bluebell.

Words:  I cannot put into words what Bibio has meant to me over the years.  From the day I discovered his music as a young adolescent browsing foreign Soulseek folders, to 20 years later with his much more refined sound.  A true musician and savant.

8. Lone – As a Child.

Words: Lone is one of my heaviest influences.  This album in particular really opened my eyes to the 4×4 and UK sound that I was unable to really understand or penetrate thus far.

9. Mike Slott – Sun Tan.

Words: One of those tracks that you can go back to any day, time, or season and it sounds as lively and wonderful as ever.  I love the chord progressions and off-beat nature of Slott’s work.

10. Crackazat – Tie It Up – Crackazat Rework.

Words:  A more recent influence within the past 5-10 years, Crackazat has been in constant rotation since first hearing his album Rainbow Fantasia.  Such vibrant melodies and synth-work along with very danceable and head nodding beats.

A few last words.

What a fascinating journey it has been, exploring the musical inspirations behind MYLAMINE’s captivating sound! His passion for electronic music and his unique take on house music truly make him a standout artist in the genre. We can’t thank MYLAMINE enough for sharing his insights and inspirations with us. Remember, “Nebula Cavern” is out now on Electronic Brew Records and is available for streaming and digital download. Don’t miss this deep dive into MYLAMINE’s world of underground house head over to ffm.to/nebulacavern to experience the magic for yourself. Thank you, MYLAMINE, and to our readers, keep exploring new realms of music!

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