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Naked & Uncut in The Mix with 20 Music Gems – Dirty Disco 309

Kono Vidovic June 3, 2019 416

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Last week and just like any other week we had you listening to some unalloyed pleasure. In this weeks installment we just added some naked & uncut to it for even more pleasure. This time i will be naked & uncut in the mix with 20 music gems straight from the Dirty Disco studio.

Naked & Uncut in Dirty Disco 309

Naked & Uncut.

So what’s up with me being so dirty occasionally? Well I’m actually not being dirty, it’s just your mind and how you interpret things. It’s your perspective and they way you look and in this case listen at things. Being naked and recording a DJ mix and new Dirty podcast sounds like something really good! It would really make you feel free and independent. But to be honest it’s not about that, I’m not sitting here naked writing this and or making a DJ mix for this weeks episode.

Or am i? Naked & uncut in the studio in the mix with 20 beautiful new electronic music gems that came out last couple of weeks. Well, i leave the first matter to your mind and imagination. The fact is that i curated and found you some new music releases from which i think you should really take a listen to. Without a sheet for my mouth I’m explaining all there is about on these new releases. In my opinion these are some real gems you need to take in consideration to add to your music collection and or DJ sets to push them even further.

Le Hutin - M.ono - Damian Rausch

Dirty Disco 309 overview.

Le Hutin – Inward Hellflip – De La Groove.

Here are some new EP’s and a album that i think you would like. On the De La Groove imprint there is a new EP by Le Hutin – Inward Hellflip which is the 3rd EP on this label and has influences from jazz, 2-step, lounge and deep house music. Next to that Le Hutin used this new releases to push his boundaries and capacities as a real composer rather than just a producer.

DJ Nature – Comforting Fantasies – Future Boogie.

Next there is DJ Nature – Comforting Fantasies on the Future Boogie Recordings label. With the Comforting Fantasies EP, DJ Nature follows up on his in 2018 released Ultimate Delusion EP on the same Future Boogie imprint. I will play you at least two tracks from his new release, expect earthy vocals, marching rhythms and breezy house jams that make you feel one with nature again.

20 music gems in the mix

M.ono – Spritti Moments Album – Rose Records.

Among the 20 music gems that i selected this week for you there is also one new album by M.ono – Spritti Moments on the Rose Records label. Even-though the album is new and just released on the 24th of may 2019. It includes 12 tracks that have been produced by M.ono between 2008 and 2018. The album is a well thought curated selection from his won tracks that he created through the years. From straight forward house beats, to wandering deep disco and breakish 2-step kind of beats. M.ono – Spritti Moments is a must have if you ask me. It’s available on all formats as digital, through the music streaming services and as a 2 x 12”.

Damian Rausch – Wake Up – Apparel Music.

Next there is Damian Rausch – Wake Up on Apparel Music. This EP includes 3 tracks from this newcomer to the electronic music scene. Apparel Music introduces this young producer with this new EP which is the 8th release on the Apparel catalog. Damian grew up in a musical environment, where his mother was a piano teacher and his father a musician. From playing guitar and in several bands Damian started to move more towards the electronic music scene. Firstly creating Hip Hop instrumentals and not to long after that with the help of the local Techno influences he started to create house music himself. His new Wake Up EP is a real tight house groover that deserves some exposure and being played by more DJ’s globally.

music podcast

Get in touch for some goodness.

But that’s not all. Like i said I’m going to be totally naked & uncut in this episode, as i always try to be. I hope you like the 20 music gems that i mixed together in this weeks DJ mix and radio / podcast episode. Feel free to get in touch for the DJ only mix. Feel free to reach out and book me for your party as a DJ with the Dirty Disco sound system. For anything else like custom DJ mixes and or custom playlists for your own personal pleasure or for your business. Just get in touch and e-mail me about all the possibilities.

Use the track-list below to navigate through this weeks tracks in the show. Buy the tracks as 12” or on digital format that you like. Give the producers and creators some extra exposure on your social channels as well. They will def like it when you promote their music. Thank you for tuning in and listening to this weeks podcast.

309 Play-listing.

Le Hutin – Visiting Washington Groover (Ft Leah)
Corbi – Access Serenity
DJ Nature – A Moment
Corbi – Samurai
Roman Flugel – In Your Wardrobe Pt 2
DJ Nature – Flutter
Siggatunez – The Upper Room
M.ono – Strawberry Schampus Love
Paolo Mantini – Jump over the Hill
Aleksei Nikitin – Dai Svet
M.ono – Where You Are I Wanna Be Home
M.ono – Schlekermaulchen
Damian Rausch – Wake Up
Damian Rausch – Keep On
Fede Lng – Hang Loose
Lake People – Captured By The Bars
Xpansions – Move Your Body (Shadow Child Remix)
M.ono – Bye Bye Butterfly
Finn – Find You
Finn – Do What You Want Forever


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