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NATE08 – Furaha Track By Track on Needwant Records.

Kono Vidovic November 15, 2022 204 5 5

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Mumbai-based artist Nate08 is quickly making a name for himself with his unique take on R&B, neo soul, and soulful house. His debut album ‘Furaha’ is a masterfully crafted collection of tracks that showcase his skill as a producer and performer. We sat down with Nate08 to talk about the album and get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of ‘Furaha’. Nate08’s passion for music is evident in every track on the album, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Nate08!

Nate08 - Furaha
  1. Furaha.

I really wanted to play around with some percussion the day this song happened. So I put on a loop and played some chords. A good friend of mine Harsh Gadhvi really elevated and made this song what it is with some beautiful guitar playing throughout the track.

  1. Trigger Fool.

I had a rough sketch of this beat and thought it could use some vocals on it. Azamaan smashed it on this one with some really catchy hooks and phrases. I think we finished recording vocals for the entire song in about 3 hours. 

  1. Bunker.

This one came about super organically. I just mindlessly put down some chords and played some drums to it. I was stuck at some point as I felt it needed some sort of hook/melody. An extremely talented friend of mine Ron Cha graced this tune with some beautiful piano and Rhodes. I then layered the melody with some funky wah guitars.

  1. Hold Up.

Started off this tune by just listening to a breakbeat and finding sounds that inspired me from there. I used a sampled mallet sound and put down the chord structure for this one with that sound. Some lush pianos make an appearance halfway through the song as well. While laying down bass for this one I was feeding off the percussion elements a lot which is why the very attack-y / percussive style bass playing.

  1. Sunrise Sunfall.

I wanted to make a chord progression which wasn’t the usual 4-8bar loop. So this one’s a long 16 bar chord progression and what I liked about it when I made it was that I couldn’t really tell where it starts and ends, it felt like a very flow-ey loop which I really enjoyed. Was hearing vocals on this one as well so I sent it to Jitwam and what he did on this track took it to the next level. 

  1. Untitled. 

Kinda like part 2 to Furaha, Harsh Gadhvi, again, on guitar.

  1. Lets Go To Ibar.

A voice note I found on my phone backup from 2015. Was just hanging out with some friends trying to figure out where to party that night. A very dear friend of mine who isn’t with us anymore – Karan Joseph was just noodling around with his keyboard while we were all contemplating on what to do. Still remember this moment like it was yesterday. Miss ya Karan! RIP.

  1. Want You.

I had a skeleton of this tune lying around for a while and had no idea where to go with it. Till I met Megan and played it for her and asked her if she’d like to do something on it. She killed this one with the lyrics and vocal texture and everything.

  1. Feel It.

I was trying to play around with some slower tempo ideas the day I was making this. For some reason a four on the floor kick at a slower tempo just hits differently. Sent this over to Lojal and he sent back 30 files of vocal takes with adlibs etc. Was so much fun playing around with all the options he sent me. Very D’angelo and Kaytranada inspired this one.

  1. Cold Muse.

I’d been listening to a bunch of artists from the UK and was really inspired by the two-step type vibe. So I tried to channel that into something that’s my vibe. Siddharth Shankar helped me out with some guitar on this tune.

  1. Primrose.

Again, very percussive driven with the use of congas etc. Some rhythmic side gated synths etc going on in this one. And Naisha effortlessly put down some beautiful vocals. 

Nate08 - Furaha

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