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Unveiling Nebraska’s ‘Senza Parole’: A Deep Dive into His Musical Inspirations with this Track Talk.

Kono Vidovic February 19, 2024 84 14 5

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Welcome to our latest track talk, where the spotlight shines on the incomparable Nebraska and his latest auditory masterpiece, “Senza Parole”. As a devoted fan of music’s boundless landscapes, I’ve always been fascinated by the stories behind the tunes that touch our souls. Today, we’re diving deep into the musical mind of Nebraska, Alistair Gibbs, a name synonymous with innovation and timeless grooves. With “Senza Parole”, Nebraska invites us on a journey through the tracks that have sculpted his sound, a voyage that promises to be as enlightening as it is exhilarating. Join me as we explore the melodies that resonate with Nebraska, from the jazz-infused beats of Dave Brubeck to the pioneering electronic rhythms of Yellow Magic Orchestra and beyond. It’s a privilege to share this space with an artist of Nebraska’s caliber, and I can’t wait to uncover the inspirations behind his sensational new release on his own Friends and Relations imprint.

Nebraska Track Talk with Dirty Disco

Dave Brubeck – Quartet ‘Take 5’.

My Dad was big Brubeck fan and used to play this a lot a at home. Looking through my parents’ collection again recently, Brubeck is by far the most represented artist in the collection. Great drum sounds in the intro.

Yellow Magic Orchestra – ‘Theme form the Invaders/Firecracker’.

My older brother brought this home around 1980 and my dad was totally baffled by 2 minutes of video game sounds. I realised the significance of YMO to American Hip Hop and Techno DJs much later; similar to how European acts like Kraftwerk and Gary Numan were re-contextualised by kids in The Bronx and Detroit. I saw Sakamoto standing alone backstage at a show a few years ago, but decided to leave him be rather try to ask the same questions he’d answering for years.

David Bowie – ‘Golden Years’.

My older sister was the Bowie fan in our house. It never connected with me until much, much later, but when it did it was significant. The period around Young Americans and Low is my favourite era. Pretty funky track.

Art of Noise – ‘Beat Box’.

These early-80s forays into sampling were creative and fun, but still somehow maintain an ‘art’ mentality. The use of a wordless, pitched single-note voice sample was an influence on my latest release, ’Senza Parole’. 

Coldcut – ‘Say Kids, What Time Is It’.

I’ve waxed lyrical about Double Dee & Steinski many times in interviews, and Coldcut proving that the cut’n’paste mix could be done credibly in England made it feel even more achievable. I taped this off of John Peel’s radio show, probably in 1987.

DJ Cam –  ‘Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens’.

I first heard this on Massive Attack’s Essential Mix and loved the lush Fender Rhodes sample. One of the signatures of the early 90s sound was the “Sneakin’ In The Back” break, used by both Massive and Cam, among many more.

Nuron – ‘Eau Rouge’.

Beautifully emotive techno. This was on a brilliant mix compilation by Kirk De Georgio called “Check One”, which combined 90s techno with 70s jazz fusion. Big influence on my thinking.

MoodyMann – ‘Black Mahogany’.

I heard this track and immediately understood a different way into House music, one much more informed by a Hip Hop mentality. It directly led to me making my first tracks under the Nebraska name – I was transparently emulating this track.

Sound Stream – ‘Motion’.

This could just as easily have been any of the MCDE Raw Cuts tracks, or a whole bunch of other Sound Stream tracks. Finely-filleted samples presented with a directness I strive for and rarely reach.

Traffic ‘Gimme Some Loving (live)’.

I love playing this out at places like Spiritland, it always sounds great. It has life-affirming groove in every split second of it.

A few more words.

As our track talk comes to a close, I’m left in awe of the musical journey Nebraska has guided us through. “Senza Parole” is not just a new EP with tracks; it’s a narrative woven from the very fabric of musical heritage. A heartfelt thank you to Nebraska for sharing his inspirations and insights with us, offering a glimpse into the creative process behind his latest masterpiece. For everyone tuned in, this is your cue to experience the infectious grooves and mesmerizing melodies of “Senza Parole”. Dive into Nebraska’s latest release and let the rhythms transport you to a place where words are unnecessary, and the music speaks volumes. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable auditory adventure.

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