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New Electronic Music Commentary, Reviews & Mix Session | Dirty Disco 386

Kono Vidovic December 14, 2020 309 11 5

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Introduction to this week’s music commentary.

Hi lovely people, once again welcome to a new week and new music Monday selection. And like usual filled with music commentary and reviews including a 2 hour full dj mix, which by the way is also available as a “DJ ONLY” mix version here on Mixcloud. (the music without the commentary).

Mixcloud Live Continuous Music Stream.

Talking about Mixcloud, many of you already know about the “Select Membership” that supports me as a creator and directly the music that I play. A fair distribution system if you ask me, Even though the margin is very small. But next to Mixcloud Select, the audio platform also released it’s live (still in beta) streaming section where creators of any kind are able to livestream through.

To provide even a better Dirty Disco music experience I Installed a dedicated computer to run a Dirty Disco Mixcloud Live continuous music stream showcasing the most recent episodes of our weekly music commentary, reviews and mix show. A good place to go if you would like to have the Dirty Disco tunes playing constantly without ever having to think about playing the latest episodes. You can find the Livestream here.

Contents of Dirty Disco 386.

With that all said, let’s get down to business and see which new music releases I curated for this week’s mix session as must-hear essentials.

  • 25 new tracks ranging in the styles: Deep House, Forward Thinking Electronica, Deep Dreamy Breaks & Beats. High Energy House Music Breaks and a little bit of techno with that characteristic deep Detroit synth stab.
  • There are 7 new music albums on labels: Batavia Records, Omena Records, Ahead Of Our Time, Pont Neuf, Running Back and Shall Not Fade.
  • 8 Forthcoming promo releases (on the time of writing this) from artist: Aleksandir with his debut album on Omena, Tsile, Soulfreqtion Ft Kimi, Pushguy on the Batavia Treasure’s vol 4 compilation and Tour-Maubourg with his new album on Pont Neuf Records.
  • 11 tracks available on vinyl from: Aleksandir, KiNK, Tour-Maubourg, Gabriel Rei, Swales, Bella Boo and her new EP and a track coming from the newest album by Byron The Aquarius on Shall Not Fade Records.

Music Service Survey.

In addition to the weekly free download or as a replacement I’m currently investigating the interest in a curated music service based on a recurring membership. I really would like to know your thoughts on this and would appreciate your help by filling in this music service survey here:

Track overview.

For a better overview on what I’m playing for you in this week’s mix selection and music commentary show, you can use the tracklist overview here below and that way find your favorite music, labels and artists for even more inspiration.

Dirty Disco 386 | Music Commentary ReviewsArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?
Aleksandir - SkinAleksandirInterludeSkinOmena RecordsAlbum15-12-2012”
KiNK - ToploKiNKSet the M’ood Right (Ft Rachel Row)ToploSofiaEP30-11-2012”
NAP - ÍntimaNAPÍntimaÍntimaExperiences LtdEP26-11-20
Batavia's Treasure Vol 4TsileIt’s NowBatavia’s Treasure Vol 4Batavia RecordsAlbum21-12-20
Batavia's Treasure Vol 4Soulfreqtion Ft KimiFloating ThoughtsBatavia’s Treasure Vol 4Batavia RecordsAlbum21-12-20
Batavia's Treasure Vol 4PushguyUniteBatavia’s Treasure Vol 4Batavia RecordsAlbum21-12-20
Fate Fiction EP 006Joint4nineChanging TimesFate Fiction EP 6Fate and FictionEP27-11-20
Keleketla & Coldcut RemixesKelektial & ColdcutShepherd Song (Esa Remix)Coldcut – Kelektla! RemixesAhead Of Our TimeAlbum1-12-20
Tour-Maubourg - Paradis ArtificielsTour-MaubourgDiffraction RyhtmiqueParadis ArtificielsPont Neuf recordsAlbum15-12-2012”
Gabriel Rei - City Of DreamsGabriel ReiAll And ThisCity Of DreamsBienevue RecordingsEP1-12-2012”
Swales - The CitySwalesKeep LovingThe CityMutombo RecordsEP29-11-2012”
Swales - The CitySwalesSolarisThe CityMutombo RecordsEP29-11-2012”
Black Loops - HomesickBlack LoopsHomesickHomesickBandcampEP4-12-20
Black Loops - HomesickBlack LoopsDeep House DramaHomesickBandcampEP4-12-20
Black Loops - HomesickBlack Loops & CarloMisterioHomesickBandcampEP4-12-20
Tour-Maubourg - Paradis ArtificielsTour-MaubourgL’invitation Au VoyageParadis ArtificielsPont Neuf recordsAlbum15-12-2012”
Demuja - Riding The CrocodileDemujaOne Decision Away From DisasterRiding The CrocodileBandcampEP3-12-20
Damian Lazarus - Holy (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)Damian LazarusHoly (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)HolyCrosstown RebelsTrack9-12-20
Adelphi Music Factory - My People (Love Can't Live Forever) (Mark Broom Forever Remix)Adelphi Music FactoryMy People (Love Can’t Live Forever) (Mark Broom Forever Remix)My People Mark Broom RemixesHigher Ground (Mad Decent)EP27-11-20
Adelphi Music Factory - My People (Love Can't Live Forever) (Mark Broom Forever Remix)Adelphi Music FactoryMy People (Love Can’t Live Forever) (Mark Broom Breaks Vocal Remix)My People Mark Broom RemixesHigher Ground (Mad Decent)EP27-11-20
Will Silver - We Can Talk (Supreems Remix)Will SilverWe Can Talk (Supreems Remix)My People Mark Broom RemixesHigher Ground (Mad Decent)EP27-11-20
Aleksandir - SkinAleksandirOvergrownSkinOmena RecordsAlbum15-12-2012”
Tour-Maubourg - Paradis ArtificielsTour-MaubourgSaint Thé À La MentheParadis ArtificielsPont Neuf recordsAlbum15-12-2012”
Bella Boo - Let's Get OutBella BooTogether We’ll Be FineLet’s Go OutRunning BackAlbum14-12-2012”
Byron The Aquarius - What Up Doe Vol 2Byron The AquariusCosmic RaindanceWhat Up Doe Vol 2Shall Not FAdeAlbum7-12-2012”

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