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Kono Vidovic August 10, 2020 282 9 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – New Music Monday | introduction to music show episode #368.
  • fast_forward 00:02:29 – – Mint Jams – Mintology Feature on Better Listen Records
  • fast_forward 00:15:59 – – Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop Feature in Dirty Disco.
  • fast_forward 00:29:56 – – Hot Summer Disco on the Mintology EP | KX9000 & Tour-Maubourg
  • fast_forward 00:31:05 – – Music Promo by Lazarusman – The Signal on Suol Records
  • fast_forward 00:46:50 – – South West Seven – Mels Pockets (JT Donaldson Remix)
  • fast_forward 00:48:46 – – Romare | Home Feature | Ninja Tune | The River
  • fast_forward 01:00:44 – – Rhythmic beats by Ron Trent / Indigo Tracks | Rites & Rituals
  • fast_forward 01:01:52 – – Tiptoes Ruffcut EP Feature on Moment Cinetique
  • fast_forward 01:15:20 – – Tiptoes – Ruffcut EP Feature | Viecoxx Fruta Dragon on Bleam Music
  • fast_forward 01:26:12 – – Music Promo: Viecoxx – Fruta Dragon on Bleam Music Feature
  • fast_forward 01:26:44 – – Music Promo: Matthieu Faubourg – Infinity EP on STRCTR
  • fast_forward 01:32:32 – – Newzs & Dormidontov – Shelter on Mask Sexy
  • fast_forward 01:39:12 – – Honey Dijon – Not About You Ft Hadiya George | CMC
  • fast_forward 01:46:36 – – Man Without A Clue – Predictable on Clueless Music
  • fast_forward 01:57:36 – – New Music Monday | Dirty Disco 368 Outro speech by Kono Vidovic

New Music Monday at Dirty Disco.

Here at the Dirty Disco online radio show and electronic music blog i present you new music every week with a new show always being released on Monday. Therefore the so called hashtag ‘New Music Monday’ #newmusicmonday you’ll find on all social channels fits perfectly with what happens here. The new music i play for you and talk about in my music shows is not older than 3 or 4 weeks, most of them just came in or are still promo’s forthcoming on selected record companies.

With this i aim and try to deliver music for two sides. The listeners (music lovers) who love to hear new electronic music in various sub-genres as House, Deep, Nu Disco and Electronica. But i also hope to inspire many DJ’s with new music for use in their sets so that they on their own can inspire their audience as well. If you are keen to look for new music Monday, i sincerely hope i can satisfy you with my weekly music mix selection here in my presented music shows.

Music show #368 contents.

In this week’s new music Monday Dirty Disco episode 368 i’m giving you another new music Monday with a selection of 23 new tracks ranging from slow downtempo-ed Disco, lazy Hip Hop beats and breaks sitting around the 98 and 105 beats per minute. Slowly building up the tempo from here with Deep and soulful Disco House, Deep African infected beats and percussion, hazy synths, cosmic patterns to finally bring you a bit of that dance floor ready banging House music.

To give you a clear view of what you can expect in this 368th installment of Dirty Disco check the list below:

  • Date of recording this episode is 10-8-20.
  • 23 new tracks from the electronic music scene.
  • 12 tracks in the selection are available on wax (12”) see the tracklist below.
  • 5 tracks are on the date of recording still promo’s and will be released later this month (August).
  • Among the 23 tracks in this mix selection, there are also 2 new albums listed.
  • All of this in a 2 hour mixed and hosted music session. Which is also available as a DJ / Music only mix (without me talking). here on Mixcloud.

Music highlights for this week.

I love music and really respect the creators. Giving DJ’s and producers their credits is a part of being a DJ who wants to bring music to the people and inspire them with new tracks. Informing you about the artists and labels behind each piece of music is in my view a part of that than simply just play music for your own benefits.

So whether you are a reader, listener or both. You can hear me talking about the music in my show or read the small reviews i write on a few selected releases in each episode blog or check the full in depth music reviews on the blog. Here below are a few highlights from this week’s selection you may want to check out.

Mint Jams - Mintology EP | new music Monday

Mint Jams – Mintology EP | Better Listen Records.

I actually play you three tracks from this 5-tracker EP in this week’s mix, with 2 of them as the openers of the show. When i say ‘Mint Jams’ that might not yet ring a bell, but when i say ‘KX9000 and Tour-Maubourg’ you know i’m talking about the two talented rising French producers that collaborate under their ‘Mint Jams’ monniker to bring you quality fine Disco.

There latest Mintology EP is a perfect set of tracks sounding a bit like a mini LP when you look at the variety it brings in music. From slow downtempo beach and summer sunset infused Disco beats in Sade Not Sade and Pristine Clean, to the more up-tempo but still sunshine infused cosmic disco vibes on Buenos Notches.

Luke Vibert - Rave Hop | new music Monday

Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop | Hypercolour.

If you love a lot of sample chopping combined with lazy Hip-Hop beats and booming basslines, this 3rd album from the British producer Luke Vibert is setting of fire.

Luke Vibert presents Rave Hop on the Hypercolour label after he has been releasing music on other big label names like: Ninja Tune and Warp Records among many others.

While i was selecting music for this week’s mix i found it hard to choose a few tracks from this album as i really loved many of them. To not exaggerate i chose 3 tracks that i found fitting perfect in the mix and the sunny weather from the last days, which i played in a row and mixed together in the first part of Dirty Disco 368.

Matthieu Faubourg - Infinity EP | STRCTR

Matthieu Faubourg – Infinity EP | STRCTR.

A simple search on the website proves that Matthieu Faubourg is no stranger in the weekly Dirty Disco music shows. Today i’m proud to play and present you his forthcoming Infinity EP on STRCTR music.

This release on STRCT follows up on his in 2017 released summer anthem: Please Stay. Which got over 4 million views on YouTube. With his new Infinity EP he brings 4 new tracks to the scene with 2 of them being originals and the two remixes from Amsterdam house music guru Frits Wentink on the main title track ‘Infinity’ and the remix on the other original ‘Far’ from Parisian Leo Pol.

Matthieu Faubourg’s Infinity EP is set for release on 28-8-20 on STRCTR music and will also come as a 12”.

Honey Dijon - Not About You | Classic Music Company

Honey Dijon – Not About You Ft Hadiya George | Classic Music Company.

Honey Dijon is probably one of the finest female DJs and producers in the House music scene. Her dedication for music is hearable trough her productions as well as her DJ sets.

Her latest track ‘Not About You’ is also the first record you’ll hear that comes from her forthcoming album ‘Black Girl Magic’.

For ‘Not About You’ Honey Dijon collaborated with emerging talent singer and songwriter Hadiya George from Atlanta U.S. The track shows a bit of a new darker sound by Honey while it maintains her signature dance floor ready house music style.

Man Without A Clue - Predictable | Clueless Music

Man Without A Clue – Predictable | Clueless Music.

The Dutch House Master Man Without A Clue is no stranger here at Dirty Disco. When you surf around the websites you’ll notice various posts i have written that feature his music. For example these 3 free tracks from MWAC you might want to add to your collection. Or the remixes EP on his Defected Record House Banger ‘When I Play This Record‘ he released back in 2014.

Now the man who hasn’t got a clue but delivers quality House music is back with a brand new banger called ‘Predictable’ on his own music label “Clueless Music’

Even though ‘Predictable’s’ drop that comes after the break is quite pre……, the rest of the track’s arrangement is just anything but that. A dope sampled vocal, including a fat rolling through the track bass groove and the uplifting House piano make this track a summer ready (hopefully dance floor filling House music hit.

The EP comes with both a radio edit as an extended mix. And can be ordered here.

Track listing.

The track listing here below is intended to guide you through this new music Monday selection so you can easily find the music you like. Feel free to use it as you please, to buy the music or to find it on your preferred music streaming service where you can add the selection to your own playlists and music library. To make things easy i update the Dirty Disco Spotify playlist every week so you can find them and add them easily.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelRel DateVinyl?
Mint JamsSade Not SadeMintologyBetter Listen Records15-7-2012”
Mint JamsPristine CleanMintologyBetter Listen Records15-7-2012”
Luke VibertHot FingersLuke Vibert presents Rave HopHypercolour17-7-202×12”
Luke VibertSikker BeatsLuke Vibert presents Rave HopHypercolour17-7-202×12”
Luke VibertLoverLuke Vibert presents Rave HopHypercolour17-7-202×12”
BordoLockdown GrooveLockdown GrooveV-Dogg24-7-20
Mint JamsBuenos NotchesMintologyBetter Listen Records15-7-2012”
LazarusmanThe SignalThe SignalSuol21-8-20
TiptoesWhat Kenny SaidRuffcutMoment Cinetique31-7-20
South West SevenMels Pockets (JT Donaldson Remix)Mels Pockets RemixesSeven Music28-8-20
RomareThe RiverHomeNinja Tune31-7-202×12”
Indigo TracksRites & Rituals (Remaster 1)Rites & RitualsPrescription Underground12-3-2012”
TiptoesWavesRuffcutMoment Cinetique31-7-20
Explorer Of The HumankindDefinitely Something (Byron The Aquarius Dub)Where Did Ya’ll GoBlaq Numbers5-8-2012”
TiptoesRuffcutRuffcutMoment Cinetique31-7-20
ViecoxxFruta DragonFruta DragonBleam Music19-8-20
ViecoxxEternalFruta DragonBleam Music19-8-20
Matthieu FaubourgInfinityInfinitySTRCTR28-8-2012”
Newzs & DormidontovShelterShelterMask Sexy3-8-20
Honey DijonNot About You Ft Hadiya George (Extended Mix)Not About YouClassic Music Company31-7-20
Man Without A CluePredictable (Extended Mix)PredictableClueless Music7-8-20
KettamaAnniversaryLone X KettamaR&S Records27-7-2012”
Explorer Of The Humankind2 YoungWhere Did Ya’ll GoBlaq Numbers5-8-2012”

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