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Unveiling Noema: 10 Tracks That Define DJ David Benjamin’s Musical Journey.

Kono Vidovic July 10, 2024 33 2 5

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Afro disco series African Shaketown is back with four outstanding remixes and edits of ultra rare gems that without a doubt will make your summer move with two funky disco weapons.

Main man, David Benjamin (Noema, Magic Jams) is a DJ, producer, guitarist, and label head from Berlin. He’s released and worked with Apparat, Dj Dixon, and Basement Jaxx as well as underground heroes Lauer, Kalabrese, Shubostar, O/Y, Acid Pauli, Auntie Flo, Dreems, Khidja, Panthera Krause and Mehmet Aslan!

Noema David Benjamin Track Talk

Over 25 years of DJing, he has mastered the art, refining his craft during his 10-year residency at Berlin institution, Wilde Renate. David also runs the intriguing Magic Movement and label and has released music by artists Nicola Cruz, Axel Boman, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Xique-Xique, and Eddie C.

Here we ask this fascinating artist to talk us through ten tracks that make him, him.

J.S. Bach – Chaconne from Partita 02 in D 

I have a background in classical music, which started with guitar lessons when I was six years old. One of my favourite composers is J.S. Bach. He composed most of his music in the “praise of god”. I don’t believe in religion, since the one thing it does the most is dividing people, but I always felt a strong connection to music that is in service of the “devine”.

Esbjörn Svensson Trio – The Return of Mohammed

When I was 12 I picked up electrical guitar lessons as well and got introduced to Jazz which I got heavily into.  It was kinda funny, since all my class mates where more into boy bands.
It started with Ella, Miles, Coltrane etc and then went onto more contemporary areas. I can easily say that the way Esbjörn Svensson played the piano changed my life. I had the pleasure of seeing him live a few times. Unfortunately, he died way too early in a diving accident. I was heartbroken.

Astor Piazolla – Milonga del Angel

I had a pretty intense phase diving into Astor Piazzola. The mixture of classical music, Jazz, Folk, songwriting, virtuosity really spoke to me.

Pharcyde – Drop

I also had an intense phase listening to Hip Hop. I was strongly into Dilla, Tribe called Quest, KRS One, Redman, Mobb Deep etc.

This song by Pharcyde was the first 12” hip hop record I bought. The whole album, and especially this video by Spike Jonze is sick!

Marvin Gaye – I want you

One of my top 3 singers of all times. His voice shakes my entire being. This rehearsal video of  “I want you” is sooo good. Crazy stuff!

Ali Çetin – Bir Denede Bak 

I spent many years in Istanbul. This cover version of “Give Me The Night” symbolises this intense and inspiring time.

Chico Buarque – Construção

One of my top 5 songs of all times. I’m strongly into Brazilian music, but this one….oh boy! The lyrics are other wordly. The instrumentation and production are unbelievable.
A true masterpiece.

Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place 

Probably my number one song of all times. It pretty much sums up my life, at least so far. At the risk of the sounding creepy, the people closest to me know that my very last decision as a DJ will be that this song will play at my funeral. It will be truly beautiful

Mr. Fingers – Can you feel it

Unfortunately the singer Chuck Roberts just passed away. I heard this track for the first time around 1999 and it was a real epiphany. It was one of the moments where I understood what house music really is about.

Noema – ONE (Section I)

This is the first section of my last album, which was the biggest project I realized so far and a milestone in my artistic work. The music is a 45min minimal music composition and part of a comprehensive art piece that includes an interactive choreography, stage design, theatre, videos and costumes. In ONE, I tell the story of the four interdimensional space explorers, which became trapped in our dimension because of the energetic state of humanity and now put on performances to re-power their portal, so that we can all be interdimensional again! 

During the interactive performance five actors invite up to 120 people from the audience to join the action. Sun Ra meets Steve Reich meets Larry Levan – imagine it as a “happening” from the 70s.


Thank you so much, David, for sharing your incredible journey and these amazing tracks with us. It’s been an absolute pleasure to delve into the music that has influenced and inspired you over the years. To all our listeners, don’t forget to check out Noema’s latest release and immerse yourself in his unique soundscapes. You can support his work and grab your copy here: BUY LINK.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes, and as always, keep the music alive! Please make sure to follow Noema on his social media platforms for more updates and music:

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