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Kono Vidovic June 1, 2020 403 31 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Intro to Online Electronic Music Radio | Dirty Disco #358
  • fast_forward 00:14:40 – – Moodymann – Taken Away | LTDBLBL007 | Music Reviews
  • fast_forward 00:26:00 – – Music Emotions Talk back to 1991 | 2 Free Music Downloads
  • fast_forward 00:32:25 – – Cosmonection & Madcat – Ibizenko | Kono Vidovic Remix on Tentar
  • fast_forward 00:36:00 – – 2 Free Downloads & How to grab them | Swoose – Smile
  • fast_forward 00:46:00 – – Col Lawton on Lisztomania | Digging Deeper Vol. 3 – Mole Music
  • fast_forward 00:57:05 – – DJ Only (no presentation) Mix | Aemone – Diving | Everybody In
  • fast_forward 01:00:30 – – Aemone – Hold You Music Feature | Jeff The Fool – Can You
  • fast_forward 01:04:50 – – Jeff The Fool on Happy House Vol. 1 | Who Sampled?
  • fast_forward 01:12:00 – – elkka – Compromise… for what | The Anti Virus by Derek Carr
  • fast_forward 01:28:20 – – Nomadic Sampling | Hermetics – Samsara | Active Surplus – Yaye
  • fast_forward 01:39:00 – – Goosebump Happiness | Johannes Albert on Renate Schallplatten
  • fast_forward 01:51:00 – – Kölsch – Remind You on Kompakt Digital | Banger Alert!
  • fast_forward 01:51:55 – – Catz 'N Dogz – Inner Revolution on DFTD (Defected Records)
  • fast_forward 01:56:03 – – Catz 'N Dogz Euphoric Banger Feature! | Long Dirty Disco Outro…

Online Electronic Music Radio Episode Introduction.

Welcome to a new music blog and online electronic music radio episode of Dirty Disco 358. Last week i curated 23 new releases, the same amount of music like in the dance music show from last week. The only difference is that these are 23 different tracks.

This time among the 23 new releases there are 2 free downloads. With one of them being the standard weekly new free download and the other is because the vocal in first track reminded me of a remix i did a few years ago.

10 vinyl releases | 12 inches.

You will find 10 tracks that you can buy as a vinyl record with the 2×12” from Moodymann’s latest album here below as one of the highlighted reviews. The LTDBLBL007 release is like always a hand-stamped wax and limited white label edition (see tracklist).

10 forthcoming promo releases.

From these 23 great musical pieces 10 are forthcoming promoreleases on the moment of this writing and recording the online electronic music radio show. Most of the promo’s will come out in the following days and or weeks.

Featured music selection.

If you are new to the weekly Dirty Disco electronic music shows. Let me make clear that the key elements of the show are that every show is a two hour mix session containing the latest and forthcoming releases from the electronic dance music scene. The show is carefully curated and crafted with me as your host guiding you through the featured music selection.

Every online electronic music radio show / podcast has it’s own accompanying music blog like this one. Where i add all the necessary information in like the tracklist where you can see the music labels, artists and which are available on vinyl. I also randomly hand pick a few of the selection for an extra feature here in the blog.

Moodymann – Taken Away Album | KDJ Records.

Kenny Dixon Jr is already a living legend within the electronic music scene that doesn’t really need an introduction. Detroit’s finest Moodymann’s latest 8 tracker album ‘Taken Away’ just dropped and is as expected full of quality music.

To give you a decent impression if what to expect and hear on this new music album i will start this weeks music show 358 with 3 tracks from it. Opening up with ‘Do Wrong’ a track that is heavily inspired by Al Greens elements and you can even find a sample from Love & Happiness in the track.

Next to ‘Do Wrong’ i will feature the tracks Slow Down and Let Me Show You Love. The album was dropped on Moodymann’s own label KDJ Records (which stands for Kenny Dixon Jr Records) and is also available as a double 12” record.

Digging Deeper Vol. 3 V.A. Album compilation | Mole Music.

I’m proud to be on the promolist of the Lisztomania and Sundries music network which also includes other labels like See Saw, Magpie and the Russian Mole Music. Every week there is so much great music being released on them that there is always something that fits the music show so i can play it for you.

This week volume 3 of the Digging Deeper various artists compilation album on Mole Music is dropping and it’s full of great Deep House and Disco influenced House music. The compilation os so dope that i decided to play at least 3 tracks from it. You’ll find me playing tracks from Damian Rauch, Kleur and Tony Madrid.

Release date is set for 5-6-20 on Mole Music | Get it here.

Aemone - Diving | Everybody In Records

Aemone – Diving | Everybody In Records.

As far as i can remember it was in this House Music Podcast 356 i played Aemone’s music for the very first time. Recently he dropped his Fatcat EP on GLBDOM. And now he is already dropping another fantastic EP on the London based Everybody In record label.

Belgium’s Aemone is releasing his new Diving EP which includes 4 new Deep House tracks with a classic sound but modern twist. I will feature the track ‘Hold You’ which is a deep dreamy but dance floor focused track.

A combination of deep layered pads, a dreamy synth together with vocal FX and rolling bass line and the rhythmic percussion make this track pretty much stand out for me and very usable in my online mix sets.

Derek Carr – The Anti Virus | Love Notes From Brooklyn.

While music is not the anti virus it proved that it helps many people in terms of happiness, good feelings, laughter and getting together in more than just physical ways. While we are still waiting for the real anti virus for the Corona problem Derek Carr delivers you his Anti Virus on the very appropriate ‘Love Notes From Brooklyn’ label.

If you are a real Deep House lover you most probably don’t need an introduction to Derek Carr as he is a real underground powerhouse creator. Pumping out one great record after the other in his very own distinguished Detroit House Music influenced style. His Anti Virus EP on Love Notes From Brooklyn is the second time he releases an EP on the label, and at the same time is the 20th & vinyl release of the label.

Kölsch – The Great Consumer / Remind You | Kompakt Digital.

Now more than ever producers need to rely on their music creation skills to keep pushing out new music and making themselves known with the public. With this new release on Kompakt Digital, Kölsch shows his high level of music production skills.

His newest EP ‘The Great Consumer / Remind You’ is a quality 2 tracker that bangs hard at you. His signature progressive rhythmic melodic house sound shows what he is capable of on this dope EP. My favorite from this one is ‘Remind You’ which is shows his soul side in music, a dope Detroit House sound, trumpet samples, vocals and a catchy rhythm make these sunny days even hotter.

Catz ‘N Dogz – Inner Revolution EP | DFTD.

If you frequently listen to Dirty Disco, you know that Catz ‘N Dogz are no strangers here. You probably also know that the Defected Records sub label ‘DFTD’ also gets plays by me occasionally. If you like both then this comes is as good news for you.

The Polish duo just released their second EP ‘Inner Revolution on the imprint. After their ‘Force‘ debut in 2019 that raised attention and plays by artists like Skream, The Black Madonna and Demuir. This new release likely will do to as the two tracks are massive house bangers.

For both tracks they collaborated with two different Nick’s. On ‘Revolution’ you can find the collab with Nick Maurer, and on ‘Inside’ you can hear Nick Monaco on the vocals.

Cosmonection & Madcat – Ibizenko | Free D/L.

In last week’s music review with free track i featured the regular guests Cosmonection and Madcat with their track Ibizenko, which they had lying around for years in the studio and due to the Covid-19 situation finally managed to finish. Without going to deep in it, and as you can read in the music review. The vocal in the track reminded me of a remix i did a couple of years ago on the track Tentar (Seduce Her) which was and still is a free download. I do not want to hold that one away from you so therefore you can grab two free downloads this week.

Tracklist & music credentials.

I hope you liked the featured music highlight here above. If you are looking for the full track listing on this online electronic music radio episode don’t look any further as i always display it on the bottom of the music blog that goes with the current episode. Find everything you need to know to find the music you like and see what labels are released on and which 10 vinyl productions are also available as 12 inches.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelVinyl?
MoodymannDo WrongTaken AwayKDJ Records2×12”
MoodymannSlow DownTaken AwayKDJ Records2×12”
MoodymannLet Me Show You LoveTaken AwayKDJ Records2×12”
A Most Wanted ManDance To ForgetLTDBLBL007Ltd, B/Lbl12”
A Most Wanted ManPrima Donna FeelsLTDBLBL007Ltd, B/Lbl12”
Cosmonection & MadcatIbizenkoFree DownloadFree Download
Daniel Robson Ft MC SherlockTentar (Seduce Her) (Kono Vidovic Remix)Free DownloadFree Download
SwooseSmileIntrospectiveLost Palms12”
Col LawtonBe AmazingBe AmazingLisztomania Records
Damian RauchBody MissionDigging Deeper Vol. 3Mole Music
KleurNight LightDigging Deeper Vol. 3Mole Music
AemoneHold YouDivingEverybody In Records
Jeff The FoolCan YouHappy House Vol. 1Happiness Therapy
elkkaCompromise… for what (Ilana Bryne’s ‘Stupid’ Remix)Every Body Is Welcome (Remixes)Femme Culture
Derek CarrVirusThe Anti VirusLove Notes From Brooklyn12”
HermeticsEscaping SamsaraRV Trax Vol. 5R&S Records
Active SurplusYayePR009Pacific Rhythm12”
Tony MadridHouse VibesDigging Deeper Vol. 3Mole Music
Johannes Albert1-800 PianoYoga At The Dream HausRenate Schallplatten12”
Catz ‘n DogzRevolution (Ft Nick Maurer)Inner RevolutionDFTD
KölschRemind YouThe Great Consumer / Remind YouKompakt Digital
Catz ‘n DogzInside (Ft Nick Monaco)Inner RevolutionDFTD
AndersonSunbeamViral Syndicate Vol. 6Haws

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