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Kono Vidovic May 11, 2020 316 16 5

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  • fast_forward 00:00:00 – – Introduction Dirty Disco 355 | Music Talks & Mix Selection
  • fast_forward 00:14:03 – – Andy Buchan | KX9000 & Tour-Maubourg | Pont Neuf Recordings
  • fast_forward 00:29:35 – – Romaan Kultan | Razor N Tape | Fifty Discos Deep
  • fast_forward 00:40:50 – – Fifty Discos Deep 3x 12'' | Goshawk on Collective Sounds Vol 2
  • fast_forward 00:51:10 – – Naux New Aahsside EP | Chk Chk Chk on Warp Records
  • fast_forward 00:54:40 – – So We Can F*ck | Habibi Grooves | Social Networks
  • fast_forward 01:02:05 – – Mixcloud Live | Moskalus Records + Henrik Villard EP Feature
  • fast_forward 01:12:35 – – Henrik Villard On Moskalus | Harvey Touch + theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:23:20 – – Harvey Touch Poca Broma EP | G.Markus | Feedasoul Records
  • fast_forward 01:35:22 – – Inhale Exhale Records Feature | Interview theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:41:33 – – Harvey Touch & theBasement Discos record label interview
  • fast_forward 01:50:50 – – Chapter Four Edits – Free Download | theBasement Discos
  • fast_forward 01:55:40 – – Basement Jaxx – Lost Tracks Feature | Igor Gonya – Nostalgia
  • fast_forward 02:00:05 – – Igor Gonya | Jet Boot Jack
  • fast_forward 02:07:03 – – Jet Boot Jack Feature | Outro Dirty Disco 355

Nothing gives me a bigger pleasure than seeing you tuning in here so i can play you all these new releases i find every week for my online electronic music radio show. This week we are at episode 355 of Dirty Disco and there is a lot in it want to share with you.

What’s going on in this weeks music selection?

Let me begin with the amount of new tracks that i found last week. I curated 168 electronic music tracks within a wide variety of sub-genres. I loaded them all up into Pioneer Rekordbox so i could work on the final selection of 23 tracks for this week’s episode of my weekly online electronic music radio show.

6 free tracks to download.

Among the 23 tracks are 3 free downloads. What?! 3 free downloads? Yes, 3! But i will only play you 2 of them, give you 3 and if you listen carefully you will end up with 6 free downloads. So basically there are 6 free music downloads in this episode for you to grab. And i did an interview with upcoming house music label theBasement Discos and one of the creative minds behind it Carlos Alandí.

Vinyl, 12” and a triple twelve incher.

Next among the 23 new tracks in my selection there are also 5 of them available on vinyl with one of the new album releases as a triple twelve incher. And 2 releases are still forthcoming on the time of recordings this weeks online electronic music radio show.

6 various artists album compilations.

Last but not least this week includes also the tracks from 6 different electronic music compilation albums. So if you use the information given to you together with the tracklist listed below in the most efficient way you will be able to find much more great music than just these 23 tracks.

Like always everything is mixed together in to this 2 hour essentials mix by me. Let’s get to it and let me highlight just a few of the many great releases in no particular order from this weeks music show.

Harvey Touch | Forthcoming on theBasement Discos

Harvey Touch – Poca Broma EP | theBasement Discos.

As i recently got to pleasure to interview Carlos Alandí from theBasement Discos. I also got the privilege to listen to their latest and forthcoming new music release from Harvey Touch – Poca Broma EP, which is the 20th release on the young House music label and the follow-up on their previous successor by Jazzman Wax which i featured here.

The EP features 4 tracks ranging within the Disco House vibe and one of the track a bit more to that Deep Disco vibe, but all with that perfect long hot summer nights vibe. I will play you at least 2 of them in this weeks music podcast so just hit that play button and hear this EP in the mix.

Release date is set for the 12th of May.

Henrik Villard – I Wanna Stay EP | Moskalus Records.

It’s most likely that you know this skilled Deep House producer Henrik Villard from his tracks we play here in Dirty Disco. We really love his pure Deep House vibes. It may also be that you know the Moskalus YouTube Music Channel as it is one of the bigger channels out there. We recently featured Moskalus and the track by Kontu – I Don’t Really Wanna Stay in this music mix session.

Now there is another reason to feature Moskalus as they now officially started a label called ‘Moskalus Records’ with the new Henrik Villard – I Wanna Stay EP as their very first release. Check out these 4 beautiful designed Deep House tracks as i will play you at least 2 of them in a row in the mix in this weeks online electronic music radio show, Dirty Disco 355.

Chapter Four Edits EP | theBasement Discos | Free Download.

As i was explaining in the 3rd alinea of this music podcast blog. If you listen and read carefully you are able to grab 6 free downloads this week. Not just free music, but a few of the dopest ones currently available.

In the interview from last week with Carlos from theBasement Discos, we also discussed their new EP release ‘Chapter Four Edits’ which includes 5 very nicely done edits and is completely free to download through their Bandcamp account.

theBasement Discos know how to throw a party (you will see if you read our interview). So they do also know how to work edits in a way that they are perfect party starters. These 5 free party starters bring in a lot of positive energy and we can’t wait play them anytime soon on a party somewhere. Grab them for free and make sure to lookout for next week’s free download as i have something good from this label for you in my sleeve.

Fifty Discos Deep LP | Razor ‘N Tape | 3×12”

While i’m giving you a lot of new Disco music in the form of edits, Nu Disco and Disco House. Let’s add another layer to it with the all new various artists music album compilation ‘Fifty Discos Deep’ from the Razor ‘N Tape Records label.

This is a very special one as it’s available as an triple 12 inch vinyl collection including a bunch of very dope Disco tracks from artists like: Disco Edit King & Huge Vinyl Collection Owner ‘Joey Negro’. But also JKriv, Superprince, French Disco Legend ‘Jacques Renault’, New York Based House producer Eli Escobar who often delivers his intensified Disco works and Dimitri From Brooklyn. The 2 last i played in this week’s mix selection and deliver that real Disco vibe.

Check out all 10 tracks from the compilation, as they will satisfy your inner Disco soul.

Basement Jaxx – The Lost Tracks (1999 – 2009) | XL Recordings.

Not too long ago the Basement Jaxx duo took a deep dive into their music archives and made a selection for their ‘Lost Dubs’ collection which i featured in episode 353. This week and only two weeks after they took another even deeper dive into their archives to bring you another album this time called: Lost Tracks (1999 – 2009).

While both albums do not contain new music and are selected fast after each other there is no to little crossover between the two compilations as there is only one track which is on both albums. While real Basement Jaxx lovers are waiting over 6 years since the last album they now can enjoy their music with these tracks from the vaults and once again witness the versatility in music producing of the UK based duo.

Patrick Podage – Equinox | Free download of the week.

Let me be clear about this one from the very beginning so there aren’t any misconceptions. This is the official free download of this week, which i selected for the ‘free download occasion‘. But i did not included it in this weeks mix selection simply due to the fact it didn’t really fitted the music vibe. Do not get me wrong in hits track, i really love it and think it’s dope (otherwise i would not have chosen to feature it) but when making the mix i always want to save the harmony between tracks and in the overall mix show. So now you know that this weeks wasn’t a mistake like the week before where i actually forgot the include the free download of that week from SanFranDisko on the Disko Knights label.

Back tho this week where i featured the free track from Patrick Podage – Equinox, which is a real astronomic event. If you know what an Equinox is you will understand and get a visual taste of how the music will feel. Whether you know about the Equinox or not you should def check out this weeks laidback Deep House track in the music review here below.

Track listing & Music EP & LP information.

That’s about it for this week and this weeks online electronic music radio show Dirty Disco 355. Lastly and like every time i included the track listing so you can find all the details on every track i played for you in this music show. Enjoy the music and please let me know what you think of the radio show this week. Stay strong, positive and healthy!

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelVinyl?
Andy BuchanCome My Way (Paper Street Soul Remix)KosmickCitizens Of Vice
Ed LeighAttenbroCollective Sounds Vol 2Boogie Cafe
KX9000 & Tour-MaubourgFinal FrontierBaie De Room Vol 3Pont Neuf Records
NicodemoRadio MeccanicaRadio MeccanicaAlzaya Records
Romaan KultanWhy NotEverlasting RomanceTiff’s Joints12”
Eli EscobarI Love RochelleFifty Discos DeepRazor N Tape3×12”
Dimitri From BrooklynHooked on This Feelin’Fifty Discos DeepRazor N Tape3×12”
GoshawkGot You Up All NightCollective Sounds Vol 2Boogie Cafe
NauxSpace CateAahsside
Chk Chk ChkSo We Can FuckI’m Sick Of ThisWarp Records
Habibi GroovesSweetnessFeelingsBeing All Here
Henrik VillardGet The FeelI Wanna StayMoskalus Records
Henrik VillardThere For YouI Wanna StayMoskalus Records
Harvey TouchNothing To Worry AboutPoca BromatheBasement Discos
G. MarkusSundays At Congo SquareThe Lost Tapes Vol 1Monologues
Harvey TouchDespacioHouse For The SoulFeedasoul Records12”
Embezzlement SocietyDoe Or Cry ’953 Year Anniversary Inhale Exhale RecordsInhale Exhale Records2×12”
Harvey TouchLove Always WinsPoca BromatheBasement Discos
KayroyOn Silver Wings I FlyChapter Four EditstheBasement Discos
Ayo’BCollateral BurnaChapter Four EditstheBasement Discos
Basement JaxxOne More ChanceLost Tracks (1999 – 2009)XL Recordings
Igor GonyaNostalgiaNostalgiaMango Sounds
Jet Boot JackJet StreamDebut EPHot Digits Music

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