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Our House Music – Dirty Disco 306

Kono Vidovic May 13, 2019 544

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Music is for everybody, the music played in each Dirty Disco installment is our house music. Nobody owns house music, as nobody owns music, and yet they do. After last weeks back to basics episode I’m back with a new show filled with new electronic music gems.

Our House Music

Our House Music.

People that make music, such as artists have the intellectual ownership on that musical piece. You can’t buy it and resell it, or copy and share it without their permission. You can’t even use pieces of it in your YouTube video or even in a Podcast without their permission. Yet it’s for everybody to listen to and get inspired by. Even the people who own music were once inspired to create a particular piece of music. So music is a difficult thing when you think of it. Therefor let’s look at something more generic in music than just a track. Let’s look at genres and in this case House music. You see nobody owns house music, this is simply said my house and once you enter it it then becomes our house and our house music. Which are the famous words by Chuck Roberts in Jack had a groove.

It’s true. Nobody owns house music, it’s our house music. Why? Because if we don’t listen to your music, it simply wouldn’t exist or mean anything anymore. So music industry don’t be such a bitch with music. We understand why it’s needed to protect the intellectual ownership. But your policy also keeps the music from evolving and people from creating creative ideas.

Dirty Disco 306 Artwork featured EP's

Dirty Disco 306.

Back to the music, we own this we are house and electronic music. So this is our house music. In Dirty Disco we don’t make a difference, everybody is welcome in our house to listen to our house music. No matter where you are from, which believe or culture you have. We are all equal here at Dirty Disco. In this weeks installment i present to you a few new releases on labels such as: Roots For Bloom, Unknown To The Unknown, Nervous Records, Classic Music Company, Super Tuff, Esuoh White with it’s 2nd installment vinyl only series. Omena Records from Sweden with a new release by Tooli.

Our House Music - Dirty Disco EP artworks

More artists are being played such as: Cody Currie and his debut release on the Classic Music Compant imprint. G. Markus (Ben Gomori) with a very tight and dope release on Gator Boots. Baltra is Ahead Of Time in a very beautiful piece of music. Ben Hauke, Roy Vision are presenting you some prooper Deep House music to groove to. See Other and Akyra are making us guess which original samples they used in their works. And Nachtbraker sended us his promo EP Leonardo Ceviche.

Crabsticks EP Artwork

I do not want to dive to deep into the music matter. I want you to tune in and get into to groove as i will guide you through it in this weeks music installment of Dirty Disco. Welcome to our house music! Did you missed the 6 hour long installment with 77 dope tracks? Check out the mega-mix here.

Full play-list.

Like always most tracks are also available as a 12” on vinyl format. Many of them are limited presses so make sure to get them fast when you like what you hear. Most of them are findable trough the portal or on the Bandcamp pages from the artists and labels themselves. If you bought anything because of this episode or the previous ones. Make sure to make a video or picture of you playing your 12” or digital release for Dirty Disco and sending it to us.

Track title Artist EP / Album Record Label
Tompkins Square Park (Ft Mark Hand – NY-AK Remix) Tooli Tompkins Square Park (EP) Omena Records
Sunspear O’Flynn Sunspear (EP) Bandcamp
Tru Dancing O’Flynn Sunspear (EP) Bandcamp
Lovin’ G Markus Bimma / Lovin (EP) Gator Boots
You’ve Changed XXXY Super Tuff 004 Super Tuff
Ahead Of Time Baltra Ahead Of Time (EP) 96 and forever
Never Alone Codie Currie Ode To Eddy (EP) Classic Music Company
Ode To Eddy Codie Currie Ode To Eddy (EP) Classic Music Company
Funeral Song Whodat & Viola Klein Workshop 26 (EP) Workshop
Right On Ben Hauke Gettin Twisted (EP) Nervous Records
The Way Roy Vision Meander Line (EP) Roots For Bloom
The Way They Rep Ben Hauke Gettin Twisted (EP) Nervous Records
Sideways Struttin’ (The Path) Roy Vision Meander Line (EP) Roots For Bloom
Steel True Roy Vision Meander Line (EP) Roots For Bloom
Street Life Akyra Esuoh White 002 Esuoh White
Miss You See Other Super Tuff 004 Super Tuff
T.S.O.N. Tom Jay Esuoh White 002 Esuoh White
Signs Of Love Cassettes For Kids Esuoh White 002 Esuoh White
Leonardo Cheviche Nachtbraker Leonardo Ceviche (EP) Bandcamp
Sundays in the Sky Crabsticks Siempre En Domingo (EP) Unknown To The Unknown

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