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Decoding Beats with Pahua: 10 Tracks That Define Her Musical Universe.

Kono Vidovic April 29, 2024 33 4

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Welcome to another electrifying edition of Track Talk! Today, we’re featuring the incredible Pahua, a trailblazer in electronic Latin music and former lead of the acclaimed Mexican band Sotomayor. Since embarking on her solo journey in 2020, Pahua has been sculpting her unique sound through a series of EPs, culminating in the standout ‘Habita LP’ released on Nacional Records in 2023. Now, Razor-N-Tape elevates her music to global dance floors with a remix package that not only honors the essence of her original work but transforms it with quintessential RNT club-ready flair. Join us as Pahua delves into ten tracks that have profoundly shaped her musical landscape, revealing the inspirations behind her dynamic sound.

1. Bocanada – Gustavo Cerati

I love all of the album, but this song changed my life because it was the perfect vibe between calm and mystery in one song. I love the way Gustavo sings without thinking too much. Moreover, it’s all from the soul. 

2. Bosque – Bomba Estereo 

This song makes me feel so inspired to make music. It was also a song that started a new wave of music in Latin America. Bomba Estereo have songs that are now part of music history. 

3. Tú si sabes quererme – NATALIA LAFOURCADE

It’s a Latin American hit that can make a lot of new generations felt proud of their Mexican roots and heritage. I love the way these songs connect with love and the bohemian life. 

4. Preludio – Luiz Bonfá  

It’s the father of bossa and a really amazing composer that was working with Cesaria Évora, Elis Regina and Joao Gilberto. This song is pure guitar and trumpet that flows in the wind. It goes fast and then slowly. It is a pure feeling of nostalgia, and it is also melancholic.

5. Ghost Symbol – Zero 7 

A song that opens the bridge for me to dedicate my life to music and composition. I remember that this was for me, a gift. I understood the textures, that warm feeling and happiness that I felt just with the instruments, with voices and processing the music.

6. Isobel – Björk 

Björk was my life soundtrack for a long time! This album I remember it like music with no time in space. This song is magical, orchestral, organic, makes you feel so alive. 

7. Tijuana Sound Machine – Nortec Collective 

A masterpiece by one of the most amazing Mexican projects and pioneers of this fusion of regional music – norteño sound – from Tijuana with electronic beats and shiny, wind elements. 

8. On Time – Sussie 4 

This band also changed the history of house music in México and was one of the few Mexican projects making something like this at that time. ‘On time’ was one of the songs I learned to start singing in English on.

9. Malamente – Rosalia 

Our new generational inspiration is this woman. That fusion of so much stuff that now is one of the founders of experimental pop. I guess this song for me elevates how contemporary music has this whole new body. 

10. Pa’lante – Pahua feat. Acid Coco (Tigerbalm Remix)

I am entirely sure that this remix is a hit for the dancefloor and it’s amazing how your sound starts changing when other people get involved in the process! Tigerbalm created a new vibe for this Cumbia song of mine, and it is one of my favourite tracks of the Habita Remixes. 

Last words.

Thanks for tuning in to this special session with the incomparable Pahua. Her passion and unique sound are truly mesmerizing. Don’t forget to check out her latest offering, ‘Habita (Remixes),’ available now on Razor-N-Tape. This collection features groundbreaking remixes that reinvent her iconic tracks, ensuring that Pahua’s voice continues to resonate across dance floors around the world. Listen, enjoy, and let the rhythms take you on an unforgettable journey. Thanks again, Pahua, for sharing your musical world with us!

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