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Patrick Podage – Equinox | Free Dreamy Deep House Track

Kono Vidovic May 4, 2020 347 39 5

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After featuring a couple of those real Disco edit gems in a row i figured that it would be a good time to ease the mind, body and soul with a bit deepness. So i stumbled up on this free dreamy deep house track from Patrick Podage – Equinox.

This piece of music is an astronomical event.

Kono Vidovic

Who is, and what is it that Patrick Podage does?

Before i jump into the music, i always look at the creator first as i believe this is an important part of understanding the music in this review. Next to that and because this is a free download that Patrick Podage is giving away, the least we could do is give him a bit of exposure and educate you about the producer behind the music.

Without taking up to much space and time, because in the end your are here for the free download let’s see who Patrick Podage is and what it is that he does?

Musical roots, inspirations and skills.

Patrick Podage is a DJ and music creator (producer) from Berne in Switzerland. Like many musicians his roots in music started already at a young age where he found the piano very interesting and started to learn it together with some other percussion instruments. Along the way he met the programming possibilities of keyboards and decided to practice this and use it to make music with.

From here his musical journey began and he explored many various styles and genres to gain experience and grow his skillset that you can hear is his nowadays music releases. He now brings his broad music knowledge together making beats in different ways and varied music.

Patrick Podage is now a often booked DJ and producer in the scene that travels the world to play at all kind of festivals, in clubs and other gigs. He has been releasing music on recording companies such as: Noir Music, Circle Music, Sony, Pleinvrees Records, Spirit Soul, Steyoyoke, Union Jack Records, Hed Kandi, Ministry Of Sound to just name a few of the more influential ones.

Check out Patrick Podage on:

Soundcloud | Beatport | Spotify

Patrick Podage – Equinox | Free download.

After all these beautiful releases on great music labels Patrick decided to treat his followers and fans with a special free give away track called Equinox, which is actually an astronomical event.

An equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane (extended indefinitely in all directions) of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun.


In fact when you listen to the track i would say that the sound describes the Equinox feeling the best. This happens twice a year in March and September, and to say this in a more simple way. It’s the moment when the center of the visible Sun aligns directly above the equator.

Now it’s time for you to close your eyes listen to the music as you will hear exactly this. Just a small moment away from todays miserable situation and dream away with these beautiful dreamy laidback deep house vibes from Patrick Podage.

Try to close your eyes and pretend along while your read this. The track opens up with the Sun in the form of a rich deep pad. The journey begins as soon as the first percussive elements come in. The kick drum creates the first mark of recognizable energy to take your spirit to higher levels. While the overall sound maintains a laid back vibe and this track could easily be used in any Chillout Deep House set, energy levels keep rising through the progress of the track.

Various beautiful elements such as delayed synth stabs, hi-end filtered bells, dreamy harp style strings. Dope percussion and much more all well arranged in a quality track like we are used to from Patrick Podage.

The best of all, the track is completely free and for yours to take. Feel free to express your feelings with this track in a DJ set of your own. Or when you are more of a music lover and listener than a DJ. Feel free to let other know what you feel when you listen to this quality piece of work.

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