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Behind the Music: The Creative Genesis of ‘Take Control’ with Pawas, Sitara & Non Solo.

Kono Vidovic March 14, 2024 48 11 5

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Hello music lovers! Today, we’re diving deep into the harmonious world of Pawas, Sitara, and Non Solo, the trio behind the captivating track “Take Control.” This song isn’t just a melody; it’s a journey, a fusion of individual artistry that paints a picture both vivid and profoundly touching. I had the privilege to chat with these incredible artists, unraveling the story behind their collaboration, the magic in their music, and the creative flames that fuel their collective genius. So, join me as we explore the depths of their musical minds and the soulful synergy that brought “Take Control” to life.

How did the idea for “Take Control” come about, and what inspired you all to collaborate on this project?

SITARA: It all started when I sent the stems of an old song of mine to Pawas and he got inspired by one line (I am falling) which took him to create a totally new arrangement. This we started to send forth and back and I grabbed some other poem I wrote to add in the verse and then found a new chorus to match. So its really a fusion of the past and the now. I had some violin recordings in the original which Pawas integrated like samples which then inspired him to add flute as well. So Non Solo was invited to cooperate. Here vibes from India melt with Stockholm, Berlin and Cologne. 

PAWAS: Sitara has already answered the question 🙂 I had a sketch and her vocals and the instruments fit in effortlessly. Once you are hooked and it’s grooving, there is no looking back.

Can you describe the process of blending your diverse musical styles and influences to create the unique sound of “Take Control”?

PAWAS: Randomness is the key ! Maybe that´s how I have managed to create my way of producing music. I am a big fan of 2step / garage sound and always wanted to produce one track.

Like I said previously, the instruments and Sitara’s vocals fit right into the basic 2step drums I had programmed. Later on she decided to change the lyrics a bit but keep the melody. During the process I felt that there was something missing, and as strange as this may sound, I was browsing through Anurag’s / our Non Solo project’s old flute recordings from 2010, and they happen to be in the same key which brought it all together.

What themes and experiences inspired the lyrics of “Take Control,” and how did you work together to develop its narrative?

SITARA: This is taking me back many years when I traveled the world free of binding circumstances and I always had my book with me to write down ideas. Actually these lyrics came together by 3 different poems. I love to play with words and feel the vibe when I sing them. Sometimes they just pour out of me when I start with one word… Or I get hooked on combinations of words like “Sigh sigh to the endless sky”.

The original song that we started with was inspired by the story of a seagull who wants to learn to fly faster and faster and he experiences that falling is giving him this sensation what he was looking for. I combined this idea with the topic of coming close to each other without fear of showing your desires (secret spaces) and feeling free to be just who you are… Sometimes a song is just there but in this case it was more like a puzzle – putting pieces together. So I presented my ideas to Pawas and from there we developed a fresh story and flow together.

Since coming together for this project, how do you feel your individual and collective musical styles have evolved?

PAWAS: It`s too early to say that, but we have definitely explored some unknown territory and found something that we were not looking for 🙂 Let’s see how this will help us find the next adventure.

“Take Control” has been described as a nostalgic masterpiece. How did you collectively approach creating such an emotive and relatable track?

PAWAS: Certain tracks are created without any intention (refer to question 2) There was no planned or calculated approach to making this into a “nostalgic masterpiece”. My style of music has always been very deep and melancholic, which one can also hear in this track as well. Bansuri or the indian bamboo flute has that character & sound which creates its own space and a special mood. 

Non Solo (Anurag): When I first heard the song and observed how Pawas integrated my old flute samples, it sparked my creative process. Particularly, in the stanza where Sitara sings, “let’s fly in your space…sigh sigh to the endless sky…” – it provided the ideal mood and opportunity for additional flute overdubs, seamlessly intertwining with her centered yet powerful voice. The flute, being the closest link between breath and voice, allowed me to connect with Sitara’s vocals and Pawas’s grooves. It was a matter of closing my eyes and letting the flute fill the gaps and spaces where needed.

During the production of “Take Control,” what were some of the challenges you faced and the most memorable moments you experienced?

SITARA: The first moment when Pawas sent me the idea and it was just like – wow it all fits!!! He took my “old” recordings of a song and put it into a totally new coat which then led me to overdo my vocals again taking on his new vibe. Sometimes productions just flow and one leads to the other as if it was meant to be. 

PAWAS: It´s never easy to blend organic / acoustic instruments, especially Indian instruments (due to tonal differences) with modern electronic music. It´s a challenge to make them sound like they all belong together, doesn’t matter from which era or ethnicity they were created in. Working with Sitara is always a pleasure, this time she was kind enough to invite to co-write / help her with the lyrics, which opened up some hidden vaults in my head 🙂

The track is said to touch upon universal themes. Why are these themes significant to you, and how did you incorporate them into the music?

SITARA: As a Songwriter I am struggling sometimes because in a way everything is said a million times. And watching the huge output of content in this digital universe, it became more and more important for me to connect to the feeling of music rather than the logical aspects. I miss sensuality in my life and moments of letting go. I am not always connected to my soul where I roam free like in the days when I was traveling the world and meeting the people in dance and celebration. So “leaving the dance to the night” is a very beautiful picture for me.

It is letting the vibe take over and your body and soul is carried by whatever is there at this moment. Maybe the words “Take Control” sound a bit hard for this emotion which is actually a very soft one. I find this song is really carrying this idea of “Exploring our senses” since the deepness of flute and voice join a playful and colourful rhythmic base with excellent toppings 😊. By joining the Bansuri the feeling of India comes into the song which represents the place where my soul feels home, so when I had the chance to visit India again just last month I took a lot of beautiful video footage from which I am now creating the music videos for the song and remix. 

How did the collaboration with Johannes Klingebiel for the remix come about, and what did you envision his unique touch would add to the track?

PAWAS: I have known Johannes for a while now and I am a big fan of his work as an individual artist + his band C.A.R. He recently asked me to remix a track of his new project “JKJK” together with Johanna Klein. It was a good opportunity to use the barter card and thats how it happened. I was pretty sure that something cool and fun would come out of the remix and it did !!

With the original, remix, and radio edit versions of “Take Control,” how do you see these different interpretations enhancing the listener’s experience?

PAWAS:  Well, we all know that we are all living at a rather faster pace of life, where people have less time and patience, hence the radio edit is tailored for the ones who want to get the full dose in a shorter period.. basically like a “shot” or “schnapps” instead of a long drink 🙂

How has the audience received “Take Control” since its release, and has the feedback influenced your view of the project or future collaborations?

PAWAS: Generally it has been well received, there is also a video in the making which might help us reach a wider audience. We will continue collaborating and exploring the possibilities of the crossover genre.

How do you navigate any creative differences that arise during the collaboration process to ensure a cohesive final product?

PAWAS: I don’t recall having any differences…:)

Could you give us a glimpse into a typical day in the studio while working on “Take Control”?

PAWAS: Computer / Machines on, world off.. rest I won’t be able to explain to you as it is more complex than String theory.

Following the release of “Take Control,” are there plans for more joint projects? What can your fans expect next from your collaboration?

PAWAS: I wish I knew how the next collaboration would sound like and what we can expect from ourselves…. stay tuned for a surprise 🙂

A few final words by me.

And there you have it, folks! A heartfelt thank you to Pawas, Sitara, and Non Solo for sharing their inspiring journey with us. “Take Control” is more than just a track; it’s a narrative of passion, collaboration, and musical exploration. If you haven’t yet experienced the beauty of their creation, I urge you to dive into the dreamy landscapes of their music. Their latest release, including the original, remix, and radio edit versions, is available on Electromantica. Let their melodies guide you through an emotional odyssey that promises to be both enlightening and utterly captivating. Don’t forget to follow these talented artists for more mesmerizing musical adventures!

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