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Pedro Bertho – Le Lien: A Melting Pot of Cultured Sounds, Featuring Mariana Gehring and Remixes from Romain FX and My Friend Dario.

Kono Vidovic April 4, 2023 128 2 5

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Hell Yeah Recordings heads to Brazil and the cultured sounds of Pedro Bertho – Le Lien for a hot new 12″ that features Mariana Gehring and remixes from Romain FX and My Friend Dario. Now based in France, party promoter Pedro Bertho’s music is a melting pot of sound that draws on his own personal heritage and a life spent digging for records. Afro rhythms, Italo melodies, rolling reggae, deep house and plenty more all get mixed up into something totally new. With releases on Cracki Records, Pedro Bertho’s music is a constant innovation designed to bring surging euphoria to dance floors. We ask to talk us through his latest offering ‘Le Lien’

pedro bertho - le lien

Tornei Ft. Mariana Gehring (Original Mix).

Tornei is the synthesis of this EP. It brings together all the emotions that I tried to put into it. Something for the dance floor but also deep and reflexive. This song has some 80’s drums sounds with these dreamy Italian vibes from the 90’s. You can definitely notice my love for drum machines and for the Roland SH-101. Mariana’s voice here takes us by the hand to another place while she plays with the music. I really do love her voice and the mood that she put us in.

Tornei Ft. Mariana Gehreing (Romain Fx Remix).

Romain magics never fails! I think that he put this track in to a different vibe bringing a new groove and rhythm without losing this deep dance-floor energy from the original. I love the way that he plays with the claps and the “gated voices”. It’s definitely a version that I’ll be playing myself!

Elephants Au 5eme (Original Mix).

The Éléphants au 5eme brings this chaotic energy between organic and electronic sounds. I like the way that the song builds up in a very progressive way creating a solid track. Éléphants au 5eme has a lot of things going on. Different patterns of basses, pads, synths. I really had fun making these woodwind instruments sound like elephants. I would say that it’s like a DJ mix in one song. I really enjoyed doing it. 

Elephants Au 5eme (My Friend Dario Remix).

Wow Dario! I did not expect this turnaround with Éléphants au 5eme. Thanks!  My Friend Dario brought the song to a whole other approach. It’s less into the percussion and more into the synths and baselines playing around. It’s a dance floor trap for any time!

Chez Botallico.

Here it’s my ode to tribal house! I’ve been listening and digging “tribal songs” since I started to DJ. Chez Botallico brings these crazy percussion sounds with once again, my love for drum machines timbres. I tried to blend together some 80’s drum sounds with these different tribal rhythms. There’s also this flute playing around somehow “inviting people to dance”. You can also hear my TB 303 bringing an acid touch to the track too.

Tornei Ft. Mariana Gehring (Dub).

Tornei Dub version is about putting more emphases into instrumental but without losing all the power of Mariana’s voice. Different from the original you can find two different synths playing around creating some new dynamics in the song. The Roland SH-101 still makes the same bassline of the original.

pedro bertho - le lien

Our end conclusion.

Thank you for taking the time to read my interview with Pedro Bertho about his latest EP ‘Le Lien’. It was a pleasure to delve into his creative process and learn about the cultural influences that inspire his music. We hope you enjoyed learning about his unique approach to music production and are excited to experience the EP for yourself. Don’t forget to check out the EP featuring Mariana Gehring and remixes by Romain FX and My Friend Dario. Once again, thank you for reading and supporting the music industry.

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