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Peletronic’s ‘Hazy Jane’ EP: A Deep Dive into Deep House Brilliance.

Kono Vidovic December 11, 2023 131 16 5

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Hey fellow music enthusiasts and groove lovers! I’m excited to share my thoughts on an EP that’s been spinning non-stop on my deck. As a seasoned DJ and curator for Dirty Disco, I’ve had my fair share of beats pass through my headphones, but it’s not often that an EP strikes a chord like Peletronic’s ‘Hazy Jane’. Released on the innovative Fortunea Records, this EP is a sonic journey worth embarking on. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Who is Peletronic?

Peletronic, a name that resonates with diversity and quality in the world of electronic music. Known for his eclectic productions, Peletronic has made a mark on several international labels, with his works gracing both vinyl and digital platforms. But Peletronic is more than just a producer; he’s an integral part of the vibrant Vienna music scene, co-hosting Acid Lambada events and showcasing his talent on Bloop London Radio. His presence is felt not just in the clubs but across social media platforms, connecting with fans and fellow artists alike.

Hazy Jane EP Review: Track by Track.

“The Highest Chance” ft. M-Jane.

Starting with ‘The Highest Chance’, this track is a personal favorite. M-Jane’s vocals are a perfect match for the cold, engaging pads and simple yet effective rhythmic structures. It’s a piece that stands out in today’s deep house scene, and it reminds me of early mornings watching sunrises after a long night of DJing – pure bliss!

“Hazy Jane”.

The title track, ‘Hazy Jane’, brings back memories of packed dancefloors and the euphoria of old school house tunes. Its soulful Rhodes and supple bassline are ingredients for a timeless classic. This is the kind of track that I can see myself dropping at peak time, sending the crowd into a frenzy.


Flipping to the B-side, ‘Utopia’ takes us on an electro journey. It’s like stepping into a futuristic realm where beats dictate the pace of life. As a DJ, I find the impactful electro beats in ‘Utopia’ perfect for transitioning the mood in a set.

Paradiso Rhythm’s Remix of “The Highest Chance”.

Lastly, the remix of ‘The Highest Chance’ by Paradiso Rhythm wraps up the EP beautifully. It’s a nostalgic trip to the 90s warehouse scene, and it resonates with my early days of exploring electronic music.

Peletronic Press pic

A few last words about this EP.

In conclusion, ‘Hazy Jane’ by Peletronic is a masterful blend of deep house and electro, a warm and deep journey that I highly recommend. As a DJ, I appreciate the artistry in each track and can’t wait to share these gems in my upcoming sets.

Don’t just take my word for it, dive into the ‘Hazy Jane’ experience yourself. Available on Bandcamp from December 15, 2023, and on general release from December 22. Get your hands on this limited vinyl release and let Peletronic’s beats captivate your soul. Let’s keep the groove alive!


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