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Petals In Sound’s ‘Caipirinha’ EP: A Soulful Deep House Journey Review.

Kono Vidovic February 18, 2024 99 15 5

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Welcome to another hand-picked musical journey presented by your dedicated curator and DJ at Dirty Disco. Today, we’re stepping into a world where deep house meets soulful synths and atmospheric pads, all brought to life by the talented Petals In Sound in her latest release, ‘Caipirinha’. This release is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a voyage into the heart of deep house, courtesy of Paille Records. Prepare to be mesmerized by the blend of rhythmic foundations, spacey vocals, and soul-stirring synths that define this exceptional offering.

Petals In Sound – Caipirinha EP review.

From the moment ‘Always Be’ kicks off, it’s clear that Petals In Sound, aka Louise Baldwin, isn’t just making music; she’s crafting experiences. The Liverpool-based maestro of deep house has outdone herself with a driving four-tracker that’s poised to become the heartbeat of dance floors worldwide. The track receives a dynamic facelift from Tree Threes, amplifying the energy while retaining the soulful essence that Petals In Sound is renowned for. It’s a seamless blend of strength and depth, perfectly balanced for any setting where the deep house is revered.

Caipirinha’: A journey beyond the dance floor.

‘Caipirinha’, the title track, continues the journey with a groove so compelling it transports you to another realm. The spacey top-end and smokey vocals intertwine to create a track that’s not just heard but felt. It’s a testament to Petals In Sound’s ability to blend hazy, jazzy house with deep, electronic textures, drawing on her diverse musical influences from disco to shoegaze.

A harmonic fusion: ‘Always Be’ including Tree Threes remix.

In her debut on Paille Records, Petals In Sound introduces us to ‘Always Be’, a track that immediately sets the tone for what’s to be an unforgettable journey into the depths of deep house. With its solid rhythmic foundation and soulful synth chords, ‘Always Be’ stretches the boundaries of the soundscape, inviting listeners into a realm where every beat and note is meticulously crafted for the soul.

The beauty of ‘Always Be’ is magnified with an exceptional facelift by Tree Threes. This remix takes the original’s essence and injects it with a vigor that’s hard to ignore. From the get-go, the drums hit harder, elevating the energy levels without sacrificing the soulful elements that make ‘Always Be’ stand out. It’s a remarkable balance of intensity and depth, creating a version of the track that’s not only ready for the dance floors but also retains the emotional resonance of Petals In Sound’s original work.

This remix by Tree Threes is not just an addition to the EP; it’s a testament to the versatility and depth of ‘Always Be’. It showcases how a great track can be reimagined, bringing new dimensions to the music while respecting the core of what made it special in the first place. The collaboration between Petals In Sound and Tree Threes exemplifies the beautiful synergy that can exist between artists, culminating in a remix that’s as captivating as it is energizing, perfectly suited for any setting that reveres straight and deep house music.

Floating through sound with ‘Our Place’.

‘Our Place’ is where atmospheric pads and synth chords meet beautifully masked vocals, creating a sense of floating through sound. Each track on this release contributes to a narrative of musical exploration and emotional depth, showcasing Petals In Sound’s unique sound palette that draws from her love of various music genres and her admiration for artists like Daniel Avery, Space Ghost, and Retromigration.

A few final words.

As we conclude this sonic exploration of ‘Caipirinha’ by Petals In Sound, it’s clear that this release is more than just music; it’s a deep house odyssey that resonates with the soul. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the enchanting world of Petals In Sound, this release promises to be a staple in your musical collection. Dive into the deep, soulful grooves of ‘Caipirinha’ and let Petals In Sound guide you through a journey unlike any other. Available from the 23rd of February on Paille Records, don’t miss out on this exceptional deep house delight.

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